The Church of Sweden and the Muslim Brotherhood

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Swedish blog Ledarsidorna:

How the Church of Sweden’s Future Path is Being Prepared

The list of participants in the Church of Sweden’s conference “A world of neighbors” gives witness to the legacy Archbishop Antje Jackelen intends to leave behind in the form of a future path for the church. Beyond the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood organizational network, the conference also rested on another undercurrent: The Cairo Document.

At the conference “A world of neighbors” earlier this year, the Church of Sweden was represented not only by Antje Jackelen, but also by Gunilla Hallosten. Hallosten was until recently the Policy Director of the Church of Sweden’s international unit, but has an increased role today. Hallosten previously showed great sympathy for and has affirmed the Cairo Document, among others.

Annika Borg, doctor of theology and pastor in the Church of Sweden, has been one who early on and since has criticized the Church of Sweden’s path, as well as examined what the Cairo Document actually contains.

At the 2002 Church meeting, the document “God’s Path” was adopted, which stresses Jewish-Christian dialogue and rejects Replacement Theology. The document signified the beginning of a theological reflection, but would be supplemented and deepened by continued studies and conversations both with the Church of Sweden and with representatives of the Jewish faith. It was also intended to be a part of a necessary process of reconciliation since, “the largest portion of Europe’s Jews were destroyed on the continent where the Christian Church exercised influence from powerful positions.”

Today the Church is developing in another direction, which became even clearer at the Church of Sweden conference “A world of neighbors”. More of the inter-religious work has come to rest on the so-called Cairo Document, which was adopted at the 2012 Church meeting. The adoption of the Cairo Document in practice repealed the earlier decision made in 2002.

The Cairo Document is a basic document for the anti-Semitic BDS movement. Germany’s federal chancellor, Angela Merkel, is one of those who declared the movement to be anti-Semitic. It legitimizes terrorism, uses modern anti-Semitic rhetoric, is essentially Replacement Theology, and urges the total boycott of Israel. The document, together with other material from the Cairo-Palestine network, has been disseminated on the Church of Sweden’s website, shows up in study circles, and designs boycott packets for those who want to influence their local stores.

The Cairo Document is a document which basically is to be regarded as Replacement Theology

Replacement Theology is the theology which, in various ways, paints a black picture of Judaism and stresses Christianity as the bright, progressive alternative for the Church of Sweden and other Christian right alternatives. Either by considering Judaism obsolete, replaced by Christianity, or by painting Judaism as old and ossified as compared with Christianity, to be perceived as light, new and living.

Another variant is to make a hard contrast between the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible, the Jews’ holy scripture) as warlike with a hard image of God against the New Testament as peaceful and loving.

A third ingredient in Replacement Theology is to claim that Christian interpretations of the Old Testament are superior to that of the Jews. In practice, Replacement Theology means that the justification for Judaism’s existence is rejected, and thus, the very basis for the existence of the State of Israel. The result has been a movement which is based on a scale from enmity to anti-Judaism, wrapped in anti-Semitism.

The spirit of the Cairo Document has grown strongly in the Church of Sweden since the 2012 church meeting, when it was adopted under Antje Jackelen’s representative, Anders Wejryd. And two years before Jackelen has to lay down the bishop’s crosier for retirement, the next step in the transformation of the Church of Sweden’s future is being prepared.

Archbishop Antje Jackelen’s project “A world of neighbors” sums it up and is designed as a consolidating force with think tanks and others together with the Muslim Brotherhood’s organizational networks. A clear political power with clear political goals with a well-developed cooperation which shares the Brotherhood’s basic anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic ideas.

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  1. Sweden supplied millions of tons of iron ore and specialty steel products to the Reich, well knowing anti-semitism was one with their Lutheran heritage. it’s no surprise they’re flooding their lands with Moslems, not Jews.

    • Millions of tons of arms and ammo stored in the Sweden – and across Western Europe? Marked for redistribution that is. Only takes a few key converts,

    • They had little choice; the Nazis occupied Norway. The Swedes also supplied Britain with ball-bearings, which we collected in unarmed Mosquito aircraft in civilian markings, taking the opportunity to drop off secret agents who went to liaise with the Norwegian resistance; this could not have occurred without the (unofficial) connivance of the Swedish authorities.

      • The Swedes have chosen to embrace the vile anti-democratic Islam now. I imagine if the Nazis had won the war then they would have embraced them too,

  2. Somebody please nuke Sweden. All of Sweden is pleading: Kill us now. 10 million surrender monkeys just can’t stop in their abject cultural surrender to Islamism.

    • Naw! We would prefer that we arm the native Swedes who actually have a backbone and take their country back and then rule as they see fit. The strong and ruthless will rule, the weak and feckless shall be ruled and serve.

  3. Didn’t the Lord say to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Paul’s letter to the church at Laodicea that called them out on their pride and self-sufficiency portrayed church that had locked Him out with Jesus standing outside the church knocking on a door that could only be opened from the inside. He also said what He would do with such a church. I wouldn’t join them in their efforts to ‘Sweden’ the pot as the results are apt to be nauseating.

  4. Sweden, ah sweden, THOSE were the days….

    In 1978 i met a fair number of those blonde teen 17 year old swedish goddess, blonde abba lookalikes,
    They flooded england every summer, as au pairs, and language school students. They were in abundance on sth coast and west coast of england, and most went to that language school, EF.

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    And thats what eventually led me to sweden, curiosity killed the cat,
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    I arrived in sweden, in 1988, spending several months based in stockholm,
    Sweden was then, still sweden, though i remember seeing somalis, and africans hanging around, and there were lot yugoslavians in stockholm,
    There was a yugoslav mafia as i was told back then, who controlled stockholm.

    Its believed these balkan crims, were also involved in the murder of “olaf palme” (a swedish communist prime minister)

    Sweden was avvery strange place, beautiful, ice, freezing, and full of these beautiful looking manequinn like people.

    But you could never ever connect with them!!

    Forging any meanful friendships with swedes was seemingly impossible.
    In sweden, u were always going feel like, and be an outsider, no matter what.
    I coukd never quiet put my finger on it,

    But now in 2020, and watching whats been going on over past decade, i believe it was feminism,
    And socialism, that i was being exposed to.
    Swedes are a funny bunch, a sick race of people!!!
    I have no sympathy for them anymore, i hope they burn!!!
    Its those feminist blonde man hating bitches who voted to have islam destroy there country!!!

    Ask julian assange how he feels about swedish women??

    Later i eventually moved to finland,
    Were i lived 10 years (including estonia)

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    I saw a lot of sweden, a lot!!!

    Now its incredibly sad what i see, who would have thought back then,
    When i was there in 80s 90s, it would have come this??

    Communism, socialism, feminism, islam,

    These 4 ideologys WE ALL MUST DESTROY!!!!!

    Or we are doomed!!!

    • Those fools already ignore the Bible; they will also ignore the Koran. The only difference which they will find out much too late, is that their new masters most certainly do not, and a failure to obey will cause them to lose that useless empty appendage where in non-swedes the brains are kept.

  5. It seems that all of Western Europe is enjoying the good shagging it is getting from Islam. Otherwise why would they keep coming back for more. Lebanon is the new model. That’s an awful lot of territory to cede? Too much already. Then there is the feminist problem.

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