Solders of Allah

I find myself at a loss for words concerning this news story from Modern Multicultural Sweden. I can’t even think of something flip to say — and you all know how unusual that is for me.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Boys are circumcised with a soldering gun — “Doctor” is prosecuted

“Doctor’s” tool. Photo: Police

March 12, 2020

GÄVLE / SÖDERHAMN — A man in his 30s is now being prosecuted for having circumcised nine boys in Gävle and Söderhamn — without anesthetic and with a soldering gun as a tool. So reports Helahälsingland.

The man charged is said to have received nine months of medical training in Syria, and has had no such training in Sweden. The reason he used a soldering gun during the operations, he explains, is that it “has so much heat that all possible bacteria die”.

The man himself thinks he is good at performing circumcisions, but does not have the permits required to do so in Sweden.

According to the prosecution, he circumcised nine boys, seven of whom have had complications that in some cases may need to be corrected with surgical procedures.

The parents paid for the operation with Swish and were under the delusion that it was all legal and safe. They unanimously stated that the person who organized the circumcisions was in charge of the now-closed Muslim preschool Bilaal in Söderhamn, and that the man was perceived as reliable.

According to the parents, this man must have been active in the operations and held the children. He himself says that he only participated as an interpreter. He is not suspected of any crime.

“He did not know that this person did not have a permit, therefore it is not possible to prove that the suspect had the intent required for the procedure to be criminal,” the prosecutor Micael Dahlberg told Helahälsingland.

The “doctor” is charged with assault, causing grievous bodily harm, and violation of the law on circumcision of boys.

7 thoughts on “Solders of Allah

  1. Hopefully that “doctor” doesn’t decide to take up soldering; hate to see what kind of tool he chooses for that task. With any luck his patients will wind up sterile or impotent from the botched procedure and therefore reduce future muslim numbers by at least a couple hundred or so. That would certainly qualify him for an honorable mention in the Darwin Award Hall of Fame.

  2. The only thing medical about that guy is what’s wrong with his brain.

    Consider this: all this coronavirus BS is meant to distract people as the global economy slumps into a full-on depression. Once the globalist model fails completely, I imagine a lot of borders will be closing and a lot of interlopers will be kicked out or killed. That includes torture boy here. So the next couple of years are going to be tough, but ultimately beneficial to the west.

  3. There’s nothing new to say. Sweden is importing peoples with neither the cognitive nor educational ability to cope with modern concepts. They’re being ripped out of their native cultures, which is no favor to them. I seriously doubt if someone is circumcising boys in Syria anywhere but possibly one of the war zones still being financed by the US. I would hazard a guess that the tribal structure in Muslim countries is strong enough that a huckster of of that magnitude would not have a very high survivability factor after producing one or two injured victims. Especially since the victims were male, rather than female.

      • I think he means someone performing circumcisions with a soldering gun and without using anesthetics, as opposed to “proper” circumcisions. You know how Muslim society is, it’s the opposite of the west — where the males are the ones treated like queens and the females are the expendable ones(except suicide bombers, there is gender equality for that), even the nasty stuff girls usually get are often redirected towards men. Afghanistan anyone? Muslim men there actually prefer the boys to um… fool around with.

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