Refugees Flee in Panic From Lombardy

The following video was recorded last weekend in the Milan railway station, the day before the lockdown of Lombardy was to take effect. Someone in government had leaked the plans for the lockdown, causing a rush to leave the province as public panic set in, thereby working against the purpose of the lockdown and helping to spread the coronavirus beyond Northern Italy.

It makes you wonder what leaker’s purpose was. Was it for financial gain — paid by a media outlet, perhaps? Or sheer maliciousness?

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   I’ve told you that there are no more seats. I don’t know what to say to you.
00:13   I’m feeling like a refugee at this moment.
00:16   A refugee — why? —We are escaping
00:20   We are escaping.
00:26   After the announcement of the closure of Lombardy, hundreds of people rushed to the station
00:34   They storm the last Intercity night train leaving at 11:20pm from Milano Porta Garibaldi Station.
00:50   I’m leaving because later I can’t return home.
00:53   You live in Milan? —Yes. And where to you have to go? —To Rome.
00:57   And have you found room? —Yes because I took it immediately, as soon as I saw everything…
01:01   I grabbed the ticket… I had the ticket for next Friday, but actually I preferred to leave now.
01:07   Are you a bit frightened?
01:10   Yes, well, it’s obvious.
01:13   The fear is of not being able to return.
01:17   Is your family in Rome? Yes.
01:31   I have told you there are no more seats. I don’t know what to say to you.
01:36   Where can we put you? You can’t stand — it’s for security.
01:39   If not, I go to jail. It’s not the fine, where do we put you? The train doesn’t leave,
01:45   the train is already full [unintelligible]. Call the minister and tell him to send another train.
01:51   Can I leave with his ticket? He is not leaving.
01:56   Hurry. Down to the line.
02:02   Are you getting out? —I have to return to Rome.
02:06   Did you just hear the news? —I’ve been looking for a ticket to Rome to return home.
02:11   I got the ticket this evening, I got it this evening.
02:15   In this climate of anxiety, of indecision, of uncertainty,
02:22   I prefer to be close to my girlfriend, and then, we’ll see.
02:26   I’m leaving my work behind. Do you work in Milan? —Yes.
02:31   And have you communicated this decision to your superiors? —Not yet.
02:35   I haven’t had the time, I just packed my bags.
02:39   Did you make a decision out of instinct? —From instinct, immediate.
02:46   I feel like a refugee at this moment A refugee? Why? —We are escaping.
02:52   We are escaping.
02:57   Thanks. Be well.

5 thoughts on “Refugees Flee in Panic From Lombardy

  1. Thee are not only refugees. They are all the people that wanted to escape quarantine
    Don’t lie

    • Actually these people is trying to flee from their own fear (which is not possible). Most of them are young students… There has been no one death because of the virus infection below 50 years age… there has not been any single death due only to the virus: there is not a direct cause effect bond between the virus and death.

  2. Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Government employee and stupid go together like peas and carrots.

  3. Wonder what will happen to Lesbos Greece and “No Go” zones plus areas like Calais France where the Jungle camp exists? And also the back streets of Paris that hold illegal migrants with no papers, passports and who were told to leave Europe but refused to go? They will be breaking into homes and stores for medicines, food & water. Same thing will happen in other Western countries that allows squatters & illegal migrants to live in the shadows of legality. See how quickly the “do gooders”, volunteers and charity groups behave when it becomes survival of the fittest and home quarantines! Citizens, and green card, & passport holders will be able to get out first from contaminated areas. Bonus points if you speak the local languages & can read directional signs.

    Globalists have created open borders that stressed national healthcare systems to burdensome, non-sustainable levels with huge shortages of medical personnel! The U.K. has approximately 66 million residents but only 4,500 intensive care beds that were almost filled to capacity (4000 occupied) before the Coronavirus pandemic hit! During the past 10 years, the NHS has missed key target treatment times! What do you expect allowing unfettered migration with no real strategy for increasing doctor to patient ratios and hospitals with intensive care units? Millennials & snowflakes will now see first hand…when you overload already full lifeboats, expect long wait times followed by a capsized boat and/or infrastructure! Many will die waiting for treatment! Ventilators are like gold this week in Italy with severe cases of bilateral lung disease (pneumonia) so bad that infected people are bleeding out of their mouths and cannot breath without intubation!! Sources:

    • It’s an interesting ‘coincidence’ that this ‘migrant’ crisis should occur at the same time as the virus crisis. I’m going to put my neck on the line and say that both are preparations for the European ‘intifada’ when Muslim enclaves in the West rise up to attack the West. Prepare yourselves Western men. The S is about to hit ther fan.

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