Mutti is in Quarantine

The German government announced today that Chancellor Angela Merkel had come into contact with someone who tested positive with the ChiCom virus, so she has entered voluntary quarantine.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Welcome to our NTV news summary. Considering the current circumstance,
00:03   the most recent news, we are a little early.
00:06   The German Chancellor has announced she will self-quarantine at her home. That is what
00:10   the government spokesperson, Stephan Seibert shared at a press conference,
00:14   and that Mrs. Merkel had contact with a doctor who has now tested positive for the coronavirus.
00:17   Before that, Mrs. Merkel had announced the new federal and state regulations
00:21   for combating the spread of the virus.

13 thoughts on “Mutti is in Quarantine

  1. Ching-Chong-virus is truly a double edged sword: saving the west while screwing it at the same time.

  2. Wouldn’t it be almost perfect justice if the leader of the 4th Reich were to contract and assume room temperature from a disease spread all over Germany by her feral africa and muslim pets, and indirectly as a result of her globalist elite views and actions!

    Perfect justice would be to be drawn, quartered, and beheaded, which is I believe, the traditional punishment for treason.

    • I prefer the other punishment for treason – ‘breaking’. An iron bar is commissioned and then put to use by a suitably beefy bloke on ‘breaking’ the major joints of the traitor.

  3. Karma!

    If this evil communist diktator woman gets taken out by the virus, then this will be an incredible act of deliverance from god’

    this evil woman, who has destroyed europe, and and is responsible for ongoing rapes, murders, violence, and depletion of our social security, health and housing, she opened europes borders, in collusion with communists abd globalists, lieing to us all, that millions of arab muslims are refugees,
    When it is part of their so called, “kalergi plan” to flood europe, replace us with brown people, givevthem voting rights, and who will then always vote
    for communist leftwing nazi partys.

    Shes done more damage than hitler to europe, and beyond.

    I have feeling she probably already has the virus, these stasi people are liars, it will come out later, shes infected.
    and shes the right age group to die from it.

    I prey god will deliver the final justice to this evil evil evil woman,
    And free us all, and in turn save millions of lives, that are going be lost if she is not taken out.

    And she will be going to Hell!

    • Am I evil if I wish that her death will be long and drawn out?
      You know that before she dies she suffers the same pain that all the victims of her policies (opening the borders to get thugs, rapists and murderers into Europe) had to suffer.

      You know, Justice like in the Bible: You reap what you sow.

  4. Can’t she invite her dear friend Erdogan in Germany and shake hands with him?

  5. I’m very suspicious about this news , I think they are lying to make it looks like is very real and dangerous, even that monster put Her self to “ quarantine “ to give a example to German or not German people she is part of this insanity.. very very suspicious this Whole fiasco Corona is , it will be economic crash , that’s is all about it

  6. I dont like to wish harm on someone,

    but in this case, this fat old [epithet] of woman, a merkel, this communist murderer, esst german stasi operative,
    shes a
    National Socialist-commieNazi!!!

    The destroyer of all europe and its peoples!!! This ugly fat [epithet] who has brought genocide upon us white european people, and others,
    Christians, all non believers of the relidgeon of death!!

    I prey to almighty GoD,

    A. Merkel has or gets the corona-covid virus and dies!!!!
    And that she will [grisly details of death redacted], just like the thousands of others have now died, and are still dieing,
    because of her actions to wipe out europe and europeans,
    she illegally, without any debate, broke the law, and opened the outer borders of the eu schengen area, and has flooded all if europe with millions, of arab african muslim, anti christian, jihadi isis killers!!!

    And forcing us, and our countries to finance our own genocide!!!
    At the hands of these muslim savages, rapists, paedophilesband murderers!!

    This will be an incredible fitting retribution that merkel catches the corkna virus, and cant be saved, and dies a horrifying death!!!

    • Yes exactly!!, she is responsible for lots of life’s of German people, I don’t just understand why she still in the office!!, why they don’t put Her to prison !!, She hate own country and own people, she is a evil beyond my imagination, I wish She can just die , We are Europeans can’t suffer anymore under Her regime ..

  7. Poetic justice. A communist infected by a Chine communist regime’s manufactured virus in a Wuhan germ warfare lab.

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