Migrant-“Rescue” NGOs Are Raring to Go

It appears that the flow of migrant-“rescue” ships into Italy has stopped not because of prohibitions by the Italians, but simply because it is logistically impossible to organize the ships’ putting out to sea.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this op-ed from Il Giornale:

The NGOs don’t want to stop: Ready to bring in more migrants

The NGOs are itching to return to sea. For them it doesn’t seem to be a problem that bringing migrants into Italy at this time would present further difficulties for our country, which is exhausted by the battle against the coronavirus.

by Mauro Indelicato
March 21, 2020

It is true that in Libya, the war has not stopped, true that the emergency has lasted almost a decade, but that does not detract from the fact that the Italian conflict, in which our country is fighting against Covid-19, is also causing pain and suffering in the population.

This is a principle perhaps almost banal to mention, but not for some representatives of NGOs, which are chomping at the bit to get back to sea and bring in dozens more migrants into Italy. The words of Riccardo Gatti, president of Open Arms, from a few days ago, seem rather eloquent: “In Libya there are still men, women and children risking their lives every day,” declared the head of the Spanish NGO. “In Libya, the coronavirus is not the only problem; their lives are being violated. Every day.”

“The young men of Open Arms consider themselves missionaries of immigration, brave paladins of the weakest, modern-day Robin Hoods,” underlined Maurizio Belpietro in La Verita [The Truth]. They want to return to Libya; for them it almost seems that the only suffering of note is that of those who live on the Mediterranean shore of Africa.

It is not so important to them, therefore, whether Italy today is not able to accept even one more person, considering the thousands who, with difficulty and not a few risks, are confined within the reception centers.

Not only Gatti and not only Open Arms, but the members of the French NGO, SOS Méditerranée are clawing to get out, who yesterday declared that they have docked the Ocean Viking at Marseilles and are respecting the anti-virus regulations in force also in France. “But we are working to return to sea as soon as possible,” they wanted to report.

You remain inside the port because you are forced to do so by circumstances, not to avoid worsening the condition of a country such as ours, exhausted and tested by an unexpected public health emergency, and therefore even more terrible to live in. All of Italy is under pressure from what is happening: not only the citizens, but especially the doctors and volunteers in the ward who have not seen their own families for weeks in order to give the hope of life to all those people who no longer have the strength to breathe on their own.

Based on the words of members of the NGO, there doesn’t seem to be much compassion for Italy and for the Italians. When we are the ones who fall in the chasm of war, there is no humanity to show or maintain. And therefore it matters little that every single disembarkation in our country would amount to stealing the forces of security rescue destined for our war, which we are fighting against the virus.

A single landing of migrants in Italy today could mean dealing a very hard blow at the organizational level, and not only for all those prefectures already engulfed in work to better coordinate logistical interventions relative to the battle against the virus.

An NGO representative who stresses the need to return to the Mediterranean perhaps ignores the emergency on land; perhaps he has not seen the images of Bergamo cemeteries where dozens of people cannot be buried because the necessary plots are lacking, and has no idea of the hell that has descended on the entire peninsula.

Perhaps it is not understood that Italy for now is not a secure port, also that there is a war, and it is not possible to guarantee every ordinary assistance. It is said that, precisely, because in war one would avoid all polemics; still it is impossible not to think of the silence of the governor. The NGOs are not returning to sea only because they cannot organize themselves logistically, but when the conditions permit, the boats will again arrive to engage in reception as in times of peace. Nobody will prohibit them with the same firmness, in which Italians, justly, are asked not to do any outside physical activity.

And in the meantime Europe, for its part, today still contributes in making this situation paradoxical: In Brussels, they are saying they have reinforced the external border, but the asylum-seekers will still be able to come in with no problem. A position that seems almost a wedding invitation for those NGOs, according to whom the Italian war is a secondary problem and the suffering of our country, perhaps, not even worth taking into consideration.

21 thoughts on “Migrant-“Rescue” NGOs Are Raring to Go

  1. If the current Italian leaders weren’t a bunch of girlie-men at best, they would have the ships towed out to sea and the seacocks opened then dare the EU and the NGOs to do something about it. It is not as if there has been much EU solidarity with Italy over its current plight. Right now, for the EU there are much more pressing concerns than the distressed bleatings of a bunch of deprived importers of african savages. Such a move would also go a long way to disarming Salvini whenever elections are eventually held.

    • The EU and the left are scared to death that Salvini gets elected, and they should be.

      As for these NGO ships and crew? I would catch them out in the open sea and deal with them with expedient measures and be done with them.

    • The op-ed from Il Giornale is crying about the fact that the NGOs don’t care about the Italian plight.

      It’s hard to sympathize too strongly with someone who cries that an outsider doesn’t sympathize enough with his troubles. In other words, if the Italians are not willing to get their hands dirty to protect themselves, why should someone else be concerned with their well-being?

      The reaction doesn’t even have to be that draconian: seize the ship and sell it for scrap. Charge the crew with human trafficking in Italian courts and make it clear any reversal by an international court will not be recognized. In other words, any resistance at all by Italian authorities is likely to be highly effective. They are not even like Greece, which is facing an armed invasion by Turkey.

  2. This criminals NGO belongs to prison , no more no less , this is obviously crime against European people, who are suffering the most not only from this virus but from 7th. Century savages, criminals, who wants destroy and finish this beautiful continent, , speechless, totally speechless, this Pope Francis is another criminal for all the Christians in Europe, !! He should be removed from Vatican of the name CATHOLIC ,period, stop this madness, stop this freaking NGO’S, Soros and the other criminal organizations, to destroy our civilization..

    • Pfffft! These NGO traitors need to be hanged from their own ships yardarms and made an example of, then ships towed out to sea and used as target practice.

  3. It always makes me remember how the Communists forced compassion with the poor upon the whole population behind the Iron Curtain, and ended up with a population of self-serving petty thieves who adhered to rules like: “Who doesn’t steal steals from his family…” or “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work…”

    On the other hand, the individualistic capitalistic imperialists in the west ended up not only richer by orders of magnitude, but they would also be charitable and willing to help to strangers – even though it was not required of them.

    Strange how these things work. I bet that if someone forced population mixing, they will end up with clear lines in the sand.

    • Enforced population mixing is precisely why leftist governments are failing at ballot boxes across Europe. It is one thing to talk about diversity and not being racist and virtue signaling at the office; another thing entirely when one has an invader palace imposed next door and thus must run the gauntlet of african savages dealing drugs and stealing purses on every streetcorner and public bus when they aren’t busy looking to molest or rape anyone with an available orifice.

      • …and then there is that – The Noble Savage TM.

        I also remember my surprise when I appeared in Scotland and Norway – how they didn’t lock their houses, didn’t lock their bicycles, the Norwegians would even go to supermarket and leave their expensive cars running to keep them warm…

        Here behind the Iron Curtain, such behavior was inconceivable: People would lock everything behind multiple locks, because bikes would get stolen, houses broken into… cars? what cars?

        It has changed for the better in Eastern Europe – it is definitely not as bad as it used to be, although Eastern EU is still corrupted from the years of Communism – the further east you go, the worse it gets. People steal and stuff…

        Yet, you still got songs like these:


        And since we really want capitalism here in eastern Europe, now the Noble savages are coming to the rescue! They are just not so much into petty crimes like stealing your wallet, so that they can drink themselves into oblivion. They’ve got “higher standards”.

        • “…the Norwegians would even go to supermarket and leave their expensive cars running to keep them warm…”

          In 1975 Oslo I would see unattended baby carriages, with the baby still in it, parked in front of stores while the mother was inside shopping. As an American that seemed insane. The Norwegians assured me it was normal. Talk about a homogeneous high trust society. But with population mixing all that trust disappears.

  4. Not too long from now the leftists will start calling for the homes, vacated by the dead and dying, to be handed over to their ‘refugees’

  5. Why doesn’t Italy have the NGOs haul the immigrants that they brought back to where they took them, than have them wait a month while the NGOs clean the ships so they comply with Euro Health Standards and then have the NGOs reload the immigrants and bring them back, then repeat the whole process after one month. That should keep the NGOs busy so they don’t complain.

    • I would prefer they were sunk at sea with all hands lost, it fixes everyone’s problem.

  6. People shoud have gone to ports, and confronted these nazi leftist people smugglers!

    And sorted them out! Those soro funded ships there using as taxi service to destroy europe, should of been scuttled long ago,

    Like the misleadingly self named antifa, these ngo crimminals are falsly portaying themselves as good samaritans, when in fact they are knowingly assisting the destructionnof all europe, and its peoples and cultures!!!

    They are left wing communists, implementing communist ideology, we must apprehend them, and confront them, find out there names, addresses,
    And deal with them.

    Get photos of them, and put there names and photos online, to out these leftist lieing traitors!!!

    Salvini next time must arrest them all, jail them, trie them for high treason!!’
    Bring back the death sentence for these vile vile traitors, who brought in these
    Murderous hoardes, savages, to break down our systems, destroy us all from within.

  7. These NGOs really do have a lot of confidence/arrogance. They act as though they hace authority and the suppost of the majority and it appears not to cross their minds just how vulnerable they are. The worm is turning and yet this fact just doesn’t register with them. It’s time for the NGOs and their handlers to face the music.

  8. Remember when Gaddaffi warned that this would happen.
    It was allowed to happen because it is part of the plan.
    Hillary cackled like Cruella over Gaddafi’s demise. Even a bad guy deserves a day in court.

    • Gaddafi was a (illegitimate child) but he was a predictable and controllable (illegitimate child). Libya, like most muslim countries, required a strong leader to control, and Gaddafi was certainly not a friend of the islamists. In my opinion, he was a lot like Kim Jong Un, and there was not any good reason to remove him from power. His removal served only globalist and elitist goals to facilitate more islamism and the importation of savages from Africa into Europe. The manner of his death was particularly humiliating and distasteful for a leader of a country, and my most fervent hope is that Hillary is sent off to Hell in the same manner.

      • The comparison with Kim seems odd; if his regime were toppled, and the South Koreans (maybe with help from us) absorbed the North, the reunited peninsula could be a successful capitatist economy.

        • The comparison had to do with the fact that after having been slapped down hard for promoting actual terrorist acts, he reverted to obedience and occasional attention seeking. For the most part he was harmless. I remember reading about him paying Beyonce a small fortune to perform a private concert for a birthday party for his son and thinking how pathetic he was that he had to pay for such attention since no one would give him respect for free.

  9. If I only had a few S-Boats with a good rough crew, I would put the fear of God into these NGO’s and people smugglers in short order. I would do it with pleasure.

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