Frick and Frack at Sea

To take your mind off the Chinese virus, here’s another inimitable pastiche by JLH.

Frick and Frack at Sea

by JLH (with apologies to Edward Lear)


Bernie and Biden were all at sea.
Their faces as green as the kelp.
They brought some money — but it was funny,
They both still needed more help.
Biden looked up at the stars above,
And sang to his mandolin:
“Oh Bernie my friend
You’re insane without end.
What an absolute kook you are.
You are,
What a nutcase from Vermont you are!”


Bernie said to old Joe, “It’s too bad that your Id
Is the only thing left of your mind.
If you’d done all the things you said that you did
We wouldn’t be in this bind.”
So they sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the money tree grows.
And there on a hill, a Hillary stood,
With a permanently out-of-joint nose.
A nose.
A permanently out-of-joint nose.


“Dear Hill are you willing to sell for big shillings
Your shot at the latest brass ring?”
“I am definitely not, you deplorable snot,
The two of you are less than one thing.”
So from dusk until dawn, she counted her yuan
And grievously mourned for her coup.
And wondered aloud, still upright and proud,
How to give Donald Trump the flu,
The flu,
How to give him the Chinese flu.

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