Erdogan: The Migrant Horde is Islam’s Last Army

In the following video Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses a cheering throng about the ongoing attempted invasion of Greece by the horde of migrants he has released from Turkish prisons and refugee camps. Mr. Erdogan’s ringing words of victory are a mixture of Turkish nationalism and Islamic supremacism.

When the would-be Caliph mentions “Islam’s last army”, he is referring to the end times, which will come after the soldiers of Allah have defeated the unbelievers in the final battle. Then Issa (the Islamic Jesus) will emerge to kill any remaining infidels who have not submitted, and thereby usher in the global reign of the perfect Islamic state.

Many thanks to Luke Montgomery for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “This storm that is breaking out is the Turkish horde, my Lord!
00:06   The horde that will die for your sake, O Lord!
00:10   Until the glory of your name rises with the call to prayer
00:15   Win the victory because this is Islam’s last army.”
00:20   [Cheers]
00:26   Yes, this storm that breaks is our army.
00:32   Allah stands behind it along with the prayers of millions of our friends.
00:39   This storm is the heart of our nation. Everyone sees or will see what it is capable of.

14 thoughts on “Erdogan: The Migrant Horde is Islam’s Last Army

  1. Turkish President Erdogan has overextended Turkish strength and made new enemies. Not a sound strategic combination.

    • Until the glory of your name rises with the call to prayer
      Win the victory because this is Islam’s last army.”

      Victory against whom? Do those against who the victory is looming think that, and consider turkey their enemy. ?

      When are they going to realize who their deadly enemy is?

      Just a few years ago this conversation took place after dismembering Yugoslavia. We have extensive domains, dominions, and possessions in Europe. Now we are reconquesting them successfully. This is our tradition.

      He said that in front of the Little British Foreign minister when they went to bosnia congratualing themselves about achieving the dream of the beginning of colonizing Europe.

      There was a cat there and the Brit minister. The cat frowned in anger. The minister smiled stupidly.

      Erdogan thought that stupidity has helped us over the last 1441 years.

  2. Issa, or THEIR Jesus, is the Christian anti-Christ. They deny that Jesus was born of the holy spirit through a virgin named Mary. They also deny that Jesus is the Son of God. I got this information from a young Muslim years ago at my local coffee shop.
    They also use rosaries like the Catholics.

    These people are servants of Satan.

    • They use beads of a sort. But rosaries they ain’t.

      With the exception of his words of enticement to idolatry – Allah is not the God whose Name is the LORD – Erdogan is absolutely right.

      “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

      “Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory is won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.”

      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      They’ve done it. This time the Muslims have done it. It’s just a mopping-up operation from now on. Unless we can count on the Coronavirus to kill them.

      • Really? Now why do you think that? I think Erdogan has destroyed himself with over ambition. “Nullus avaritia sine poene est!” ….The man is a loony. Do you think the US and Russia will allow this man and his bands of Wahabist nutcases to possess nuclear weapons? Yes we are now in the opening stages of another World War and probably in the Great Tribulation as prophesied in John but don’t be so defeatist. Iran has been hit badly by Covid19-Nobody is exempt…..Not even Moslems.

        Allah is no the Lord God but Satan.
        Erdogan is forming an alliance with Pakistan in a Joint Citizenship Project. That means all Moslems in the UK and Europe now or will shortly have British-Pakistani-Turkish citizenship. Go figure and what that means for all of us. “Islam ad Portas!” but it is already inside the gates as I and other s have long warned. Listen to Erdogan’s words.

        This combined with Wuhan virus is nothing less than a coordinated takedown of the West in a Red Green Satanic alliance of evil. China can afford to lose a couple of hundred millions-Europe cannot. We can still stop this but the clock is ticking past the Midnight Hour. It will take steel determination and absolute refusal to compromise. Then we must also immediately close all borders and mobilise.

        The Wuhan Virus is a B4 NBC weapon of war that allied to 5g (G5) technology combines radiowave frequency that weakens DNA so that the virus can kill off the host. This is 21st Century warfare.

        • your last paragraph is intriguing. Do you have a source to verify your claim?

      • They’ve done nothing. Look up what happened to Spain, the Balkans, or even Hungary in the past and see how they’ve recovered. This is merely another fight for Europe’s freedom. One that we are undoubtedly going to win again!

      • I am in agreement with the Good Bishop, for you really have no idea of what the western man is truly capable of. Despite the years of leftist indoctrination, despite the jamming of tolerance down our throats till we have choked on it, despite telling us that diversity is good for us and that we must accept it at any price, despite the rise of feminism, the western man is starting to stir from his long sleep and he does not like what he sees, what he hears and what he knows to be false. Once the western man rises to his great anger, his wrath is going to be real old testament in its carrying it out. These 3rd worlders, feminists, so called ruling elites and all muslim invaders will truly know horror and fear and it won’t stop until all that have vexed us are Purged. Take to the bank, those days are now here.

  3. The amoral dregs of the low life. Mosques incubating hatred of humankind. Why are these mental, physical and social disease carriers tolerated? Oozing around loose unchecked doing all in their demographic scrounge to force feed and spread more of the same. Not exactly natural herbs. At what point is intent to mass murder or convert get the attention it deserves? At least get the facts out there so that when anyone is in the proximity of one or more of these savages – you have no doubt and know who you are dealing with?

  4. So obviously a statement of malice, of planned aggression, equal to anything Hitler said. It seems the lure of war-mongering has entered his soul, and, as with Hitler, it is also his death sentence.

  5. The Catholics used the prayer beads of Islam as the inspiration for the rosary. That is what we were taught years ago. I understand the rosary postdated the Islamic prayer beads by some years.

    • Wrong, as a Catholic in poor standing myself, the Rosary started with the first Apostils. The bloody muslims started their worry beads long after the devils false profit Mo was poisoned by a Jewish woman(Praise God).

  6. Some who used to be true believers may be waking up to the “woken up”. Get out while you can. Panic is in deep and should go off soon. Is that a little girls knickers I see leading the EU?

  7. His “army” of rabid koranimals didn’t achieve much. Now he can take his islamic supremacy and shove it up his [posterior orifice]

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