Brother Antony Silenced on Breitbart

Regular readers are familiar with the work of our English correspondent Seneca III, who has been contributing essays to Gates of Vienna for more than twelve years. In recent years he has also been commenting on various sites under the name “Brother Antony”, and has just been banned from Breitbart News Network under that soubriquet. Below is his account of what happened.

Banned and be damned

by Seneca III

For a long time now I’ve been fighting our battle on other fronts under my other handle ‘Brother Antony’ which I suspect you are aware of.

My primary vehicle has been Breitbart London, now under the little-publicised Managing Editorship of one James Delingpole (according to Dr. Steve Turley) since Raheem Khassam left.

I’ve made many like-minded friends there, but today [26 March 2020] I’ve been summarily banned by ‘Breitbart News Network’ without even the courtesy of an explanation. Their prerogative, of course, but rather uncivil of them nonetheless. However, as there is nothing I can do about it, I would be grateful if you could just let the guys and gals from the BB comments section (those who also follow GoV, that is) and with whom I’ve had so many interesting and heart-warming conversations over the years know that I’m sorry I could not say goodbye in person, and I thank them for the memories. I will not be returning there even if given the opportunity, for I will not accept being chastised for speaking truth freely to power. Nor will I ever again offer my neck to the jackboot of those particular censors.

This is the offending post:

As I sit here drinking Corona in the time of Covid, the sun is still coming up in the morning and as far as I can determine, planet Earth is still in its elliptical orbit around a minor star in the outer arm of a minor galaxy.

Sheltering in place has changed my life little, other than I can no longer indulge in my regular evening visit to the pub for a couple of pints and a chat with my friends. My usage rate of toilet paper is unchanged, and my neighbour’s yappy little dog is still yapping incessantly.

Foot and particularly vehicular traffic down my street have diminished considerably, to a mere trickle in fact, and consequently the normal non-stop background noise (other than that damned dog) that is the hallmark of life on this small, overcrowded island in the North Atlantic is barely discernable. That goes easy on my soul.

I occupy my time planning and preparing for the future; when this plague has passed, as it will, the enemy within will remain. They, the global effluent of virtually every failed socio-economic entity on the planet will still be here in vast numbers — parasites and predators all, primitives of every melanin tinge with their small crippled minds incapable of anything constructive and assimilative, but only consumed by an intent to seize what is ours, not theirs, either by milking our suicidal altruism or, as is their first instinct, by the threat or use of unmitigated violence.

That is their way and we must accept that. We in our way must respond in kind by several orders of magnitude. Or cease to be.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

58 thoughts on “Brother Antony Silenced on Breitbart

  1. I’ve seen stuff WAY more “offensive” than that on BB.

    I wonder what the real story is.

  2. What happened to Breitbard News, no longer our friends? I read it rather sporadically, what did I miss?

    • Perhaps Delingpole is under the censorship of Great Britain rules. No problem here in U.S. It is sad to see the difference between our countries but I can tell you that U.S. media not so much censor as more like print only what they want us to believe (propaganda). I speak to print and news organizations but social media like Facebook and Twitter black list. I so far have not seen Breitbart in U.S. dissapoint.

  3. I thought breitbart was a conservative right leaning entity,

    Seems not, ill have to terminate my subscriotion, delete all there emails.

    I advise everyone else on here to stop using, breitbart!

    James delingpole? Hes a homosecual isnt he? He should move to qatar,

  4. Thank you and a heartfelt BRAVO! Not only for this work, but the years of good thinking and sharing I have enjoyed. Thank you!

  5. Seneca, I really do enjoy your sharing of your thoughts. We who think the way we do and see what is coming are not alone, for every voice, there are thousands who think the same. When the time comes, and I absolutely truly believe it will, the pent up anger of years of having to take what our so called betters have heaped upon us, will come suddenly and without warning, then the day of the angry Saxon, and those of every European extraction for that matter, will come unleashed in horrific terrible retribution, wrath and bloody revenge. The Great Red Day is a lot closer( I truly believe) than anyone could have ever possibly imagined. So take heart, you are not alone.

    I leave you with this quote, that for some reason has stuck with me since the 5th grade.

    Today they silence our voices, tomorrow, they shall hear the sound of rifles in response.

    • ..”then the day of the angry Saxon, and those of every European extraction for that matter, will come unleashed in horrific terrible retribution “..
      Hihihihi You Germans are pathetic comedians as well :-))
      Will never happen..For that ,Courage ,guts ,Social Cohesion needed and you are deprived all those ..
      Interestingly enough, your spell is showing what’s really lays in German heads today ..Haven’t you learn anything from II World War ?

      • We already know the average Wojciech and Krzystof cannot hide the contempt for Germans, Czehcs, Russians and Ukrainians. Show me a nation that do not humiliate their bad bad bad neighbours.

        But we are not here for personal sentiments, though sometimes it shows through. The main goal is to stop the totalitarian government that this world is heading toward and Islam is one of its pillars. Let’s concentrate on counter-jihad stuff and things that may help resolve the situation.

        • ..”Wojciech and Krzystof cannot hide the contempt for Germans, Czehcs, Russians and Ukrainians.”
          You are [epithet].
          I sugest ,update yours source of info :-))
          Contempt for Germans sure :-)) and “Khazars” from Iran as well..Rest of your list is confabulation and nasty piece of propaganda… There is a fine line of contempt against State political elites and ordinary people..
          Have you heard of V4 ? or 4 mln.Ukrainian people who find refuge in Poland recently ?
          For young Russian,Belorussian,Moldavian ,Poland is nr 1 and only one choice of destination for decent life in Europe..and we in our “heaters mind”accommodate i find a place for them among us.. So [redacted]..
          They are some certain political entities which skillfully re-brandish them self in new Labels..but content and targets remains the same.. So they call themselves in nova time The “Globalist”..We know who they are..
          Poland and V4 has no problem with Islam..
          Simply because it’s present here and NEVER will be..
          We are Christian People..following ethics and morality based on 10 Commandments and New Testament..There is NO power who is able to deprived us of it.Our Christian Faith is a Cornerstone of our life and his was ones upon a time in the “West”
          You don’t understand this of course..
          I think “westerners” didn’t know who they are anymore..That’s theirs problems not Ours..
          They have rediscover themselves and find lost identity or end up forgotten in the Dustbin of History..
          There will NOT be another Gate of Vienna or Crusade..

          • ..”because it’s present here ”
            I want to say”because is NOT present here “ mistake..

      • Maria, It never fails to amuse me to no end when people such as yourself refuse to learn the lessons of history. If you think Poland is going to be immune from the coming bloodshed, you are greatly deluding yourself sweetheart. Once the Great Purge begins, and I truly believe it will, you [Poles] are going to get sucked into the fun and games as well, and guess what my [Polish] friend? Your people will be siding with the rest of us, including us damn Germans. So wake up and direct your ire at those of the 3rd world and those who wrought this upon us, for you are fighting in the wrong direction and wrong front.

        • My dear..We learned from History :
          1)..” good ……. is a ……dead ”
          2) Do NOT attempt to Save the World..Save yourself..
          3) As week is your neighbor ( Germano-Russia) that much you become stronger.
          4) NEVER trust Germans !
          5) EU is German created political tool to colonize CEE and built IV Reich
          6) Germans own Poland 1,5 Trillion US $ for destruction of Poland and killing 6 mln Polish citizen in II World War
          7) There will be Peace in Europe until USA military bases are present in Germany
          8) When “west” ask you for a help..look another way

  6. Londonistan. That was all I needed to read.
    Keep calm and Allahu Ackbar comrades.
    Be careful of controlled opposition.
    Nothing is as it seems in Clown World.

  7. He is a bigoted as—ole. Very well. Never forgot how xenophobic [epithet] he is.

    — a Romanian

  8. …”Somewhere in the same area is Romania, a net exporter of murderous criminals and gangsters to the rest of the EUSSR, but which otherwise is neither of any substance nor use whatsoever“
    Do you remember your own ,words not long ago ?
    There is no much sympathy and respect for you and likes you in CEE countries..
    Yours Superiority like species are destine for deserved and over due extinction..
    I find very ironic and fun ,you were ban by British social network..Signs pf the time to come..
    ..”are Poland, Hungary, the rest of the Visegrad Four and the Baltic States who are just realising that the days of sucking at the over-generous Euroteat, mostly funded by the UK, are coming to an end “..
    Hmmmm looks like you have a prophetic abilities when it come to the predictions of certain “ends”…
    I have to say ,the historical time for yours like, never end…life of Seneca’s is the same serve and obey a Master :-))
    You will be fine..There is a growing market and demand in Poland for culpable Butlers .. you may consider ?

    • Maria,

      I see an advantage and a problem in your posts.

      The benefit is that you display a strong group consciousness and identity necessary to assert your own interests, and the interests of your group, against aliens and invaders.

      The problem is that you (I presume you represent not only yourself, but Polish thinking) think yourself as stronger and more important than you really are. If the Visograd countries and their cohorts play their cards right, they can maintain kind of an independence and protect their people from hoards of invaders. But, these countries have traditionally navigated between two powers in a kind of balancing act. Granted, the Polish army saved Europe from Turkish/Muslim invasion in 1683, but traditionally Poland, like Hungary, has had to navigate itself through troubled waters, rather than shoot its way through.

      A prime example is at the beginning of World War II. The Polish government believed the guarantees of the British government, and stood up to Hitler’s demand for a land corridor for German sections of Poland. Bad mistake. Britain went to war over the German move, but totally threw Poland to the wolves for Russia.

      So, if Poland thinks it can exist through saber-rattling rather than through diplomacy, you’re putting yourself in great danger. Orban of Hungary has the right idea, which is not adhering to EU demands, while not explicitly challenging it either.

      • RonalB ,appreciate you find time to read my “piece of mind ”
        Our CEE view on recent political development are ignored..and “glass ceiling ” mechanism applied by “western” Europeans ..mostly German and Dutch people..
        As you knowm this is no accidental behavior.. Herrenvolk mentality, is still strongly present in theirs daily life..For them we are inferior species.worthy to be abuse and used as they please..There is a strong evidence to support our opinion in regards..
        Today’s EU problems has roots in in this set of mind in the West..
        Islam problems in Europe ,was created by “west” EU states..
        Knowing what Islam is from our Historical perspective ,we do our CEE best ,to keep Muslim hordes at the bay..
        Hungary,Poland Macedonia ,Czechs,Romania with small resources we have ..
        We in CEE know by now, if Europe has to be save “west europe” has to change approach toward Us from predatory opportunism to respected partners.
        As you know i t doesn’t take Us long time to show “old europe” our potential and capabilities..
        Instead it anger and frustrate them..We CEE become again main “danger” for theirs geopolitical and economical interest..No t Islam !..but Us CEE..
        West Europe still believe they can bully us ..They are not able to understand that “iron curtain” they created for own benefits is no more .. West doesn’t accept we don’t feel or see our self inferior to them..West trying to project own fears on Us..but it will not work..because we know who we are and we believe in our self..and we know there is a GOOD future for Us..
        West become powerless and useless..lost own identity..making mistakes after mistakes..and if they want to survive they need our help..and we know that..But this time we need to have certainties..not like the last time..
        There is a ZERO Trust in CEE toward West..but i/m sure we can reach political and economical arrangements and agreements ..based on interest of each side ..
        Just to remand you we are NOT “walk overs” population of CEE up to today is 115 mln people. If we add Ukraine ( 50 mln) we are 165 mln..and we can FIGHT as we prove time after time..
        So watch out West ! a Friend or else..Your choice to make..

  9. Well, I don’t hold with dismissing entire classes of people as beyond redemption. Nor do I hold with retaliatory violence out of all proportion to the offense. Even in the Old Testament, the law is one eye for an eye, not both.

    The editors were right. The post was beyond the pale.

    • “Well, I don’t hold with dismissing entire classes of people as beyond redemption.”

      I do – I am from Ukraine in 1935
      I do – I am a Jew in Nazi Germany
      I do – I am a Christian in Constantinople in 1453
      and on and on and on……………

      Nice to have your pure principles in a Western Democracy. What branch of the military did you serve your country in and if so, did learn anything from that whatsoever?

    • What exactly is “beyond the pale”? There’s certain hyperbole, certain offense of certain people – yeah, I can see that.

      And a lot of truth, as inconvenient it may be.

      Beyond the pale?

      • Pale = ‘restricted area’ as in Pale of Settlement (the only place where Jews were allowed to line in Czarist Russia, a sort of rural ghetto)

        So ‘beyond the pale’ is really ‘beyond derrogatory’ in that the pale is a nasty place, but beyond the pale is nastier than nasty.

        • I was not asking about semantics of the saying “beyond the pale” – I meant to cast doubt on what was deemed as being beyond the pale …

    • Really? Don’t you hold Nazis as beyond the pale?
      Don’t you hold KKK members as beyond the pale?
      And after having seen numerous videos of Chinese eating and cooking animals alive, I’m certainly ready to hold that entire culture as beyond the pale.

      If we don’t make these sweeping condemnations, we enable atrocities. What do you not get about that?

      • We don’t get it ,because we know empirically this is one end Stick design by “west” to discipline an “inferior species”..
        Accept. game is over..and there is nothing in your hand just a bluff..
        Have you ever consider “beyond the pale”as a place of destiny for your Masters Race ?
        Every passing day it’s more look like..and this time you wont weasel out..”West” is done ..

          • MARIA, you sound ready to give up.
            What you say is true, PLUM, we are ready, willing and able to fight all comers. I am a 62 year-old ex-Airman, but I can still load and fire a rifle. or carry water and ammunition.
            But where are our leaders? Where are the men who will step into enemy fire shouting “Follow me!” and advance without looking back because he does not doubt his men’s courage? We have many men and women who will fight, but we need LEADERS to say “Now is the time”.

        • West is not done, [epithet]. Every passing day the treachery of ones wanting to destroy the West is becoming more and more obvious.

          We will be victorious as always – at very high price as always.

          • hmmm i have doubts in your “western “capabilities.
            Last time you need Russian,Americans to shake off you German fist from your trout..
            USA is no “west” Us is Us..for itself..and own speak for “western European” yourself..
            When it come to “treachery” i will remind you Tehran and spear me your fake “western” morality..

    • I am reminded quite often that those who take the high moral ground are always buried in it. It is this bloody thinking that we find ourselves in this mess in the first place. Instead of nipping this 3rd world invasion in the bud when it was manageable, we are now going to have to get every bit Medieval now that it is completely out of anyone’s control.

      • Wasn’t this “mess” you mentioned “German Made ” again ?
        You own it..Why We have to clean up your “mess” again and again and again ? When it will end this “German” nonsense ?
        just asking..

        • Why aren’t you bitching at MUSLIMS instead of Germans? Didn’t it start with muslims over a thousand years ago?
          “Just asking”.

        • I dunno what you are talking about. What we own? Who is those we in “we have to clean up …” ?
          Just asking …

        • Maria, My little [Polish] friend! Let me remind you darling that it isn’t us Germans or French or everyday Brits that have made a mess, though we are responsible, because the leaders that fooled the general public are not being held to account for their treachery. Well that is going to change soon, and when it does, it will be sudden and blindside everyone concerned, and then it will be far to late. As for that commie Merkel(may you spit mentioning it’s treacherous name), she was a commie then and she is a commie now, her days are numbered. With that being said, you [Poles] cannot handle the coming fun alone, history has demonstrated this too many times to mention here, so get on board and be an ally or get consumed by the coming fire thinking that you are untouchable to the coming Great Purge. Your choice.

          • “Great Purge” ..ok..we are waiting for this spectacle..When it will happen? let me know i have time to turn TV on..
            Poor Merkel Fuhrer-in..only to blame..Like Hitler after all..
            As i remember Germans where so enthusiastic to see Muslim hordes in EU to the point they invented so call WILKAMMEN Culture :-))
            CEE European fulfilling Dublin accord and duties were branded by Germans as a Enemies of Humanity :-)) You Germans have particularly twisted memory and sens of reality..But as a Pole i/m not surprise..Last time you murdered 6 mln of our people and destroy totally Poland..Now you claiming it wasn’t you ,but “nazi” did it :-))

  10. I dropped Breitbart from my reading list long ago, I saw little of value as they seemed to have evolved into a Fox News Lite.
    No real loss here, keep chugging and godspeed

    • I was banned from Breitbart about six years ago. I don’t miss it. They have also banned comments with the name “Soros” in them. I do not know Why they banned me but now I find it really taxing to even scan their site because there is so much Popery nonsense and celebrity garbage. Something has happened to them I wonder?

  11. How would Andrew think about that? I followed him a while shortly before he died. According to his family of naturel causes. But it was strange he should paass away just before he was about to reveal something about non american born Barry Soetoro.

  12. That was a MARVELOUS post! Beautifully written and spot on! What’s the worst thing anyone could claim about it? That you unflinchingly detail the inadmirable traits of those people flooding your country?
    Big deal!

  13. Dear Sir,
    I stopped reading Breitbart news a long, long time ago.
    May I suggest you go and have a look at the virtual pub that is Going Postal (
    It is not a news outlet per se, but you get a feel of life in New Britain. Many get their news from the site, who do not trust any of the media, especially TV.
    What you posted was the truth, but the truth will get you ostracised in the EUSSR.
    All the best

  14. I wish Breitbart would have never used Andrew’s name. It has none of the many admirable traits that Andrew possessed and distorts the image of what a great man he was.
    The comment made was your opinion and that of millions of others and was made in a most inoffensive nature.
    The people coming into the country without the people’s express permission are nothing more than invaders and should be treated as such. These invaders are destroying all of European culture in their refusal to assimilate.

  15. I don’t see what’s offensive in the post. Is it because he isn’t panicking about the chicom virus? Drinking a Corona?

  16. It’s just as well. Breitbart has been a neocon rag for some time now. They insult the name of the man himself.

  17. …”destroying all of European culture “..
    There is no such a think all European culture”
    There is Latin ,Christian based Culture in Continental Europe,”Seneca” doesn’t represent..

  18. Brother Antony was banned because Steve Bannon is one of those parasitic predators of global effluent intent to seize what isn’t theirs from the rest of us. When Bannon was a Naval Officer at the Pentagon he took night courses at where else? Yes that’s right at Georgetown University where he was given his master’s degree in what else? Why of course National Security Studies.

    Then from the Pentagon he immediately became an investment banker for Goldman Sachs which he then left as its Vice President. Hey that Pentagon job really paid off didn’t it? I’m not kidding. Isn’t this the usual trajectory such people take? Then becoming an executive producer among the Hollywood elite before co-founding Breitbart News with Andrew Breitbart. Bannon continued producing 18 films up until 2016 when he became the Chief Executive Officer for then candidate Trump.

    Now all of this is the typical resume for any global effluent parasitic predator if I’ve ever seen one, and I have seen a few in my lifetime of almost six decades. You don’t become successful in Hollywood without being one of the good old boys with the likes of Weinstein and the whole gang. Therefore we know you for what you now have become.

    Especially how you told us that after Andrew Breitbart was taken out of the equation on the first day Obama and Holder’s NDAA took effect on 1 March 2012. That he then told everyone the information that Andrew possessed that would’ve destroyed President Obama’s chances of being re-elected didn’t exist was the moment everyone knew who Bannon really worked for. Instead you then just threw us some worthless scraps. Well you didn’t fool anyone worth fooling.

    I mean since your other co-founder of Breitbart News was taken out of the equation you really had it made as a member of the alt-right. That is as a member of the alt-right brand. Being that it really is just another brand for the global effluent parasitic predators. Which is why you had Brother Antony banished from Breitbart News Network. His description was too close to the brand Bannon now wears. Well. Thanks for finally confessing in a way I guess.

    • The problem with being super connected and super-up-to-date (at least in your own mind) is that communication becomes a matter of throwing jargon rather than really saying anything.

      I don’t know why you’re ragging on Steve Bannon. Bannon stepped down from his position at Breitbart years ago. What’s the connection between Brother Anthony getting kicked off Breitbart and Bannon? Not so clear, but it makes a great polemic.

      Another opportunity for a rather fuzzy polemic is the equation of Bannon with the alt-right. “Alt-right” is one of those interesting terms that has evolved greatly in a few years, and has different meanings for different people. For example, Ramsey Paul, a widely-popular YouTube blogger (while he can still stay on YouTube, but he’s also on BitChute) specifically disassociated himself from the alt-right label because Richard Spencer snapped off a Nazi-like salute. The term “federalist” or even “nationalist” has different meanings in different contexts. My point is, to really deal in ideas rather than polemics, you need to give more definition of your key concepts.

      By the way, Bannon was a prime factor in Trump getting elected. If you look at the book “Kushner, Inc.”, it shows how Bannon kept the America First campaign on track, when Ivanka and Jared Kushner were trying to pull it into a feminist advocacy direction. Bannon got booted out of the White House by the Ivanka alliance for his troubles.

      Also, if you follow Bannon’s videos, he was warning about Chinese power for years. This is not exactly establishment thinking; China, with its oceans of US dollars and treasuries stemming from US government deficit spending, is thoroughly enticing the US chattering classes and the US globalist and humongous business classes through generous infusions of money.

      I have no idea what happened to Breitbart itself. I don’t claim to. I know there is a tendency for successful enterprises to get taken over by unimaginative, unproductive bureaucrats, whose only real interest is a secure tenure and lots of money. Which is one reason why centralization of power of any kind should be fought on principle. There are too many people demanding the US government guarantee an end of technology censorship. Good luck with giving the US government the power to control and mandate communications content.

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