Viktor Orbán: “A Liberal is Nothing More Than a Communist With a Degree”

Update: Vlad accidentally left part of the speech out in the video originally posted. He has restored the missing section, and the new longer version is now embedded here.

Every year Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gives a State of the Nation address to the Hungarian people. Below are excerpts from this year’s speech, which he gave yesterday. In his remarks Mr. Viktor Orbán talked about the EU migration crisis, the new National Consultation, and attempts by George Soros to undermine Hungary’s independence and sovereignty.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

07:46   We do not know how many are desperate and
07:50   how many are hopeful, but when the flood comes,
07:54   this may not be important at all. The important thing
07:58   is to convince the people not to give up, but to act.
08:02   Believe me, there is meaning in starting again,
08:06   and it’s worth it to mobilize our remaining strength.
08:10   This is the secret of all crisis management.
08:14   In the decades I’ve spent in politics, I’ve observed
08:18   that every success story, every
08:22   success story of an ascending nation
08:26   begins with the strengthening of self-esteem.
08:30   Think about the two latest Western examples:
08:34   Trump’s America and the success of Boris Johnson.
08:38   And I also observed that among the citizens of troubled countries,
08:42   personal self-respect can only be restored with
08:46   their nation’s self-esteem.
08:50   So the key to ascendance is the restoration of national self-esteem.
12:26   They do not want to accept that in this part of the world,
12:30   without any liberal sophistry,
12:34   we can deduce our freedom from
12:38   three simple Christian laws. We have received the ability
12:42   to differentiate and choose between
12:46   good and bad. The Good Lord
12:50   created us in his own image, so,
12:54   regardless of origin and skin color, we are all equal,
12:58   and Christianity teaches us that
13:02   we must do to others what we want to receive from them.
13:06   Europe has already forgotten
13:10   that from these laws one could construct
13:14   a world of political freedom, too. In the liberal
13:18   Brusselite Euro-blah-blah language we can’t even talk about what is happening,
13:22   and what happened to Hungary.
13:26   In the language of Brussels it cannot be explained that the Hungarians
13:30   have not just laid our ax to a big tree, but to a jungle,
13:34   and successfully emerged on the other side.
13:38   With an IMF brain one could not understand that we were in the hands of
13:42   international financial capitals, the banks were at our throats,
13:46   we were swimming in debt, and while the world’s experts
13:50   on international capital, who were proudly straining in nice business suits,
13:54   groaningly demanded budget austerity,
13:58   we were brave enough to say no.
14:02   Within the mindset of Brussels or Washington, one can’t even comprehend
14:06   that on the Eastern border of the EU lives a down-at-the-heels country
14:10   that was forced to its knees,
14:14   which only represents only 2% of the entire European Union.
14:18   But it may still be said that one thing for sure will not happen:
14:22   budgetary restrictions. But instead it will have its own Hungarian way:
14:26   tax reductions instead of loans; it will have production instead of social aid;
14:30   it will have work instead of hackery; it will have enterprise instead of Globalist dealings;
14:34   it will have a patriotic economy instead of bowing; it will have national self-esteem and
14:38   outlook instead of migrants; it will have
14:42   its own Hungarian children.
15:30   The loudest ones who tried to scare us were the
15:34   ones from before 2010, who dragged the country into bankruptcy.
15:38   An interesting correlation, that Hungary was ruined by the post-Communist
15:42   [socialist] government, with its [neo-]liberal policies.
15:46   This example strengthens the assumption
15:50   that a thing such as a [neo-]liberal does not even exist.
15:54   The [neo-]liberal is nothing more than a Communist with a degree.
16:06   …If we had taken their advice,
16:10   then Hungary would now be lying in a hospital room.
16:14   Tubes of IMF and EU Brussels loans would hang above
16:18   every extremity, and it would be the hand
16:22   of George Soros on all the taps of those loans.
16:26   And there is NO EXAGGERATION at all in this.
16:30   I have been in the “politician business” for more than thirty years.
16:34   I have seen with my own eyes that George Soros
16:38   tried three times to plunder Hungary.
16:42   The first time was at the beginning of the 1990s, when he wanted to buy up
16:46   the total Hungarian public debt. The total Hungarian
16:50   public debt in one hand. The fate of every Hungarian
16:54   in George Soros’ hand. Even just thinking about it is creepy,
16:58   what we managed to escape. Gratitude
17:02   and acknowledgment to Prime Minister József Antal, who blocked this.
17:14   And I also remember 1994,
17:18   when Soros wanted to rob us a second time.
17:22   He tried to acquire the OTP Bank, which at the time
17:26   was the only bank available to the population.
17:30   Almost all of Hungarians’ money in a single hand.
17:34   That is a no less creepy vision.
17:38   Thanks and gratitude to Gyula Horn [Socialist PM at the time]
17:42   who did not allow this. The present elevated position of the OTP Bank
17:46   is proof that he was correct.
17:50   The third attempt even the young ones can remember:
17:54   in 2015 the networks of human smugglers, who
17:58   slipped into the skin of human rights NGOs,
18:02   brought migrants by the hundreds of thousands to the Hungarian borders.
18:06   And when Europe was already crumbling under the weight of migration,
18:10   Soros announced that he was ready to finance loans
18:14   for the settlement of one million migrants per year in the EU.
18:18   Please do not forget: the Soros Plan,
18:22   the settlement of a foreign population,
18:26   is still on the agenda; the operation is ongoing,
18:30   and we must defend ourselves
18:34   with sustained force and bravery.
20:20   Slowly we get used to the fact that whoever does not dance
20:24   in the political ball as the [neo-]liberals expect
20:28   will be branded immediately as a populist. That’s the new name
20:31   for “Class Enemy” [in Communist terms], but my dear friends, my dear friends,
20:36   the populist is the one…
20:44   The populist is the one who makes promises to the voters, while he knows
20:48   he will never be able to keep them. He who makes promises
20:52   and fulfills them is not a populist,
20:56   but a democrat [NOTE: not the US party!], and we Hungarians calmly include ourselves
21:00   in this category. Now once again we prepare
21:04   a National Consultation. Again, we are forced to do this.
21:08   In Europe a situation has emerged
21:12   where, for the decision-makers, the rights of violent criminals
21:16   have become more important than the rights of law-abiding citizens.
21:20   They make a mockery of justice and truth, the healthy instincts of honest citizens,
21:24   and instead of the victims,
21:28   they defend the perpetrators. That is a dangerous phenomenon,
21:32   and it has reached Hungary, too.
21:36   We expect serious debates and an international test of strength.
21:40   That is why we need to create points of agreement,
21:44   on which the government can stand, and from where
21:48   it can gain a foothold. Financed from abroad,
21:52   of course, organizations connected to the Soros network
21:56   and their hired lawyers have abused their legal protections
22:00   and initiated a myriad of lawsuits against the government,
22:04   to pay compensation from the money of Hungarian taxpayers
22:08   for violent criminals, and of course themselves.
22:12   The multitude of lawsuits [12,000 lawsuits]
22:16   costs billions. We can no longer watch this idly;
22:20   that is why we are relaunching the National Consultation.
34:56   We learned also, that Europe is not in Brussels.
35:00   We are Europe, and we
35:04   do not need to be aligned with the tired elite of Brussels,
35:08   who are slowly disillusioning even themselves.
35:12   Earlier we believed that Europe is our future;
35:16   now we know that we are the future of Europe.
35:20   We did learn that if we get threatened by Brussels,
35:24   if they try to chasten us, it’s not the end of the world.
35:28   We did learn that we can withstand much more than
35:32   we earlier thought. We can take much more, because from the
35:36   Carpathian Basin today, strength radiates.
35:40   This strength stems from the recognition that being Hungarian
35:44   is a good, uplifting and promising thing.
35:48   We no longer fall for all kinds of liberal folktales
35:52   about self-controlling markets,
35:56   the goodness of capitalism, the European Union and
36:00   the beautiful Global World Order. We live in our own way,
36:04   by our own rules and according to our own decisions.
36:08   Our nation knows
36:12   Hungary First! Whoever disputes that
36:16   also should tell us that if not Hungary, then
36:20   what the heck could be first? For this there is no
36:24   meaningful answer; let’s leave it at that, that Hungary
36:28   is above all else.

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  1. “In the decades I’ve spent in politics, I’ve observed that every success story, every success story of an ascending nation begins with the strengthening of self-esteem.”

    Words of wisdom from a GREAT MAN! Bravo, wonderful speech!

    • As stirring as Orban’s comments are in some ways, I do believe the product of free minds and free markets are self-regulating. Accordingly, I can take no satisfaction in his comment, “We no longer fall for all kinds of liberal folktales
      about self-controlling markets …”.

      As for the Global World Order, one based on the concept of individual liberty coupled with free minds and free markets would be exciting. An inherent problem exists, however, if a bunch of tyrannical, statist thieves can plunder the intellectual property of those free[r?] minds and markets while selling inexpensive consumer goods to them.

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