The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Still Grind Exceeding Fine

Life after Brexit — what will it be like for the European Union? Seneca III shares some thoughts on the matter.

The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Do Grind Exceeding Fine

by Seneca III

The chances of a British-EU Free Trade Deal are disappearing fast, thanks to the EU’s intransigent demands for preconditions to be established before any negotiations begin. The geopolitical myopia on their side of the ditch is morbidly fascinating to behold and does not bode well for them.

Essentially, the EU is finished. It is a dinosaur on its last legs controlled from behind the scenes by an elderly, sterile, unf***able tub of lard (as Silvio Berlusconi so indelicately put it) and a French shirtlifter with delusions of grandeur who can’t even govern his own country.

From our west we are being insulted on an almost daily basis by Macron’s non-Celtic doppelganger and mouthpiece in the Emerald Isle, the Prime Minister of an even smaller island economically, in population and physically, and a person of similar mindset and deviant inclinations to the posturing Frenchman.

Looking down south we see Greece and observe that it doesn’t appear to be run by anybody at all. Currently, Italy appears to be in the same mess, but I do have some hope for them after their forthcoming elections. Many of us wish Mr. Salvini a fair wind and a safe landfall.

To their west is Spain, which seems to have forgotten the lessons of the Reconquista. When it comes to Catalonia, and despite its clinging to what is left of its empire in Ceuta and Melilla, it is now also trying to renege on the Treaty of Utrecht. Franco’s ghost is still lurking in the olive groves.

In the north of the continental EU, on the borders of the Land of the Bear, are Poland, Hungary, the rest of the Visegrad Four and the Baltic States who are just realising that the days of sucking at the over-generous Euroteat, mostly funded by the UK, are coming to an end. This presents them with a problem and, soon, with seminal decisions to make.

Somewhere in the same area is Romania, a net exporter of murderous criminals and gangsters to the rest of the EUSSR, but which otherwise is neither of any substance nor use whatsoever.

Just over the ditch Denmark and Holland, having mortgaged their long history of courage and independence in exchange for a few ephemeral benefits from the apparatchiks in Brussels, have submitted to the Roper scourge and continue to sit on the fence, hoping to extract something of value out the chaos that lies ahead. Nothing will come out of that.

On the edge of the Arctic Circle we find Sweden, now in the final stages of becoming the first European Caliphate, a violent murderous basket case of a once lovely, prosperous country, an exemplar of all that is wrong with socialism, pathological altruism and multiculturalism.

In all, this is the EU, a crumbling construct that keeps telling us that it is in fine shape and will ascend to even greater heights and that we must obey its instructions.

Yeah, well, O.K — so try it again if you must, Barnier, von der Leyen, Tusk, Verhofstadt et al… this is another last battle for us, and the same answer will be forthcoming this time, as it has every other time.

Seneca III, in now free Middle England on the 4th day of February in this the year of our Lord 2020.

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31 thoughts on “The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Still Grind Exceeding Fine

  1. Thank you “Seneca III” I admire your skills and mind..
    As always ,this time you are also on the point..But on attached picture there is something missing..It is symbol of “Swastika” and Crescent..Symbol of Islam ..
    Those 3 symbols represent European Past.Present and Future..Thank you for effort and time..God Bless you..

  2. ..”by Macron’s non-Celtic doppelganger and mouthpiece in the Emerald Isle”..
    To bust your spirit i would like to inform you ,about gift hi received yesterday on official State visit from President of Poland Mr. Duda..
    ..It is a known book wrote by known Polish writer about Neron and his madness ..Book title Quo Vadis..Translatation from Latin “where you going ? ”
    Today all Poland have laugh of their life, from contemporary French Emperor :-))Story become known all over the World..:-))
    It was a little payback for his arrogance and Jupiter attitude toward Poles and Poland…. I hope this news may will chere you up a little..

  3. ”Somewhere in the same area is Romania, a net exporter of murderous criminals and gangsters to the rest of the EUSSR, but which otherwise is neither of any substance nor use whatsoever“
    SENECA [direct personal threat redacted]

    • If by chance you are Romanian i like to say this..
      What has been said by “seneca” about Romanian people wasn’t fair and Just..Knowing Baron ethical standards ,makes me very surprise hi let appear here ,this unjust insult comment about Romanian people ..
      I/m a Pole and i know and understand no less than Heroic struggle of your Nation and people for fair place in History and National Dignity.. There is nothing missing of quality in Romanian people ! Contrary to this prejudiced and offending statement by a person representing Anglo-Saxon race..i can assure you we Poles have Love and admiration for Romanians people ! We Poles having also ,first hand experience how is to be unjustly prosecuted by Anglo-Saxon World.. Pinnacle of their Hypocrisy and contempt for Poland was Yalta Treaty ..After we share blood and countless Life for England and USA & others all over Europe during II World War we were sold like cheep piece of meat to Communist Murderous regime of J.Stalin.. Until today in USA ..”Polack” is synonym of stupendous Stupidity and and worst Human quality..There is nothing worst than “Polack” not even Romanian..This expression is used on daily bases in major USA media..and life ordinary American citizens..
      Dear Romanian friend..i/m telling you this story so you know, disregarding what is said ,that we Poles are still Proud and Strong..Those slurs giving us a Strength and sens of Dignity and Self-worth .. We know who we are !! We know who you Romanian are as well..We know what you Romanian people went thru last 65 years ! what hunger and Crucifixions you experienced ! There is Great and shinny future for Romania..contrary to Anglo-Saxon World..They know that..This is the reason for their anger and envy..I have pity for them..With Love..ordinary “Polack” :-))

      • Thank you , God bless you my Polish friend.
        We suffered under the Turks, we suffered under the Austrian Hungarians, we suffered under the Russian communist regime.
        Generations upon generations of parents and grandparents and children that sacrificed over and over.
        I promised I will find who Seneca is and I will
        I was born in TRANSILVANIA and I know ways to find and revenge.

        • Was to prove his point, [epithet]. You are threatening to kill a man for a comment on the internet?

      • I think that is because, sadly criminals and con artists, and ladies of the night, seem to exclusively represent the Romanian people who have come to England.
        I for one acknowledge the help Polish airmen gave to our RAF, however we fought alone to rid Europe of the monster, until the US came along on board, so I think a little humility on both sides might be welcome.

  4. People often mock the French but at least they are out protesting the ruin of their nation.
    I think St. Greta as leader of the EU would be a perfect metaphor for Clown World.
    Zils and Trabants painted up in rainbow Benetton colors for all comrades of the EUCCP.
    Honk Honk!

    • I don’t think anybody mocks the Yellow Vests. If people mock the French then it’s because of their arrogance and lack of hygiene (either personal or out in the streets). To be fair though, I like the old republic and French humor. In other words: they’re just like any other nation in the world, they have good and bad traits and everybody should be able to handle some fun.

      • Mocking the French is fond mocking. Dem Frogs! 🙂
        Mocking puppet Macron, now there is a field to be tilled well. Maybe Kek will oversee that task.

      • Oh, come on! People mock the French because they’ve earned it–collaborators!!!
        But I’m an earnest Francophile, and cannot fathom what France has become. It is a genuine tragedy.

  5. Seneca has forgotten Bulgaria, a country not only lamentably poor and mismanaged, but also on its way to extinction. Over the last 30 years or so it lost more than 20% of its population. And continues to lose more.

    • Well anonymous why are you dragging the East under your nasty feet?
      Bulgarians where under ottomans for centuries , then under Russians,they suffer a great deal in history,they try to survive, like you anon8mus.
      The west Europe will go to hell and on those ashes the East will be the only to survive it.
      Barriers will be build ,this time to separate the western Muslim world from eastern will get a taste of what the east had for centuries and fought against .the Vlads that by their sacrifices protected the west all this centuries .
      I will be laughing …

  6. “…pathological altruism…” So true. It’s the sociological manifestation of a suicide gene.

  7. I can’t wait until the military coups happen overnight as things continue to slide into the abyss. These lefty’s are really in for one heck of cruel, bloody awaking. LOL

  8. Re: “On the edge of the Arctic Circle we find Sweden, now in the final stages of becoming the first European Caliphate, a violent murderous basket case of a once lovely, prosperous country, an exemplar of all that is wrong with socialism, pathological altruism and multiculturalism.”

    The death of old Sweden, if it actually does occur, will not have been due to natural causes or suicide, but will have been a cold-blooded murder. One committed by that nation’s ruling class and their globalist counterparts at the European Union.

    The Great Replacement of native Europeans by the diaspora of the Third World, including the soldiers of Allah – has been so-designed by its architects to look spontaneous – something which occurred by happenstance. That is precisely one-hundred eighty degrees opposite from the truth. This undertaking has been years in the making, and has required a level of commitment and attention to detail equivalent to any large-scale military invasion.

    When judging the success/failure of a national political leader, there is no greater duty than the protection of the country and its borders, culture, language and people. BY this standard, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of senior political leaders (and their associates and enablers) across Europe are guilty of gross dereliction of duty. Perhaps something even worse, such as treason.

    Although the term has origins in mid-20th century Norway, perhaps the Swedes should consider adopting that useful term – “Quisling” – from their fellow Scandinavians, to describe some of their own. It fits to a tee…

    • If only the citizens of the EU were heavily armed, as Americans are, things would be very different. Americas 2nd Amendment was included in their Constitution by the nations founders to give the citizens a fighting chance to overthrow their government should it dissolve into tyranny.
      Many think Americans have gun rights to hunt animals or target practice, which many gun owners partake in. But the only hunting the authors of the American 2nd Amendment had in mind was for the people to hunt the tyrants of an oppressive government that no longer served the people.

  9. You forgot to mention the architect of Europe’s destruction; Kudenhove-Kalergi, who wrote:

    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe.” (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)

  10. The EU is finished as long as they allow the uncontrolled entrance of non-white economic-refugees into the EU. (apart from its criminal distribution of EU funds into unproductive “blackhole” schemes).

    The brainwashed “woodstock/boomer/1968 generation” is dying out and been replaced by young people who are angry that they have had their country ruined by these soft-brained oldies. They are been told about the wonderful culture and customs of these invaders while they are denied their own culture and history of their family and successful nations.

    The damned “woodstock/boomer/1968 generation” was the one that brought in the EU and the greatest barrier to electoral change the last 40 years.

  11. I don’t believe that Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Baltics will fare badly. Their governments are highly cognizant of the Soviet oppression to jump in with the neo-Communist EU conglomerate. Russia and China are mafia-controlled states at this point, albeit with burgeoning military wannabes.

    The real challenge will be in ensuring that their kids are brought up in strong, family-centric, small-government communities so they stay on the straight and narrow. The rest of the west will have to be weaned back from their extended childhood into normalcy in their 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s and 50’s. Farage and Trump can only do so much on their own; the rest is up to the movements and renewals of faith that they spawned.

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