Örebro Party: “This is About What Sweden Will Become”

The following video shows excerpts from a debate in the regional parliament in Örebro, in southern Sweden. The featured speaker is an MP from the local Örebro Party. The debate concerns a bill proposed by the Sweden Democrats that would ban the Islamic call to prayer from being publicly broadcast in Örebro.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:07   This is not about freedom of religion as proposed by Lennart Bondeson [Christian Democrat MP]
00:13   or an abstract discussion about “sound.”
00:18   This is an amazing example which depicts
00:24   The way Swedish politics has fallen behind developments in society.
00:30   We are twenty to thirty steps behind what has happened!
00:34   You chat here about “What about the Church bells?”
00:37   And this argument of
00:40   “Is there a difference between the Christian practice of Church bells sounds,
00:46   and the [Islamic] call to prayer?” Okay, then!
00:49   Is there are any difference between painting Jesus or painting Muhammad,
00:53   in regards to how many times I’ll get threatened?
00:56   Is there any difference between criticizing Hinduism and Islam?
01:00   There is a difference! Sweden is in a new situation, and it’s time for Sweden to catch up with it.
01:07   We are thirty steps behind! And the other argument:
01:11   “But there isn’t yet an application requesting for an [Islamic] call to prayer?” So what?
01:15   Then it’s good to prevent it already! Prohibit something just once!
01:19   This is more than just a call to prayer.
01:22   This is part of a bigger conflict! This is about what Sweden will become.
01:26   Shall we stand with the people who have fled from Islamist oppression?
01:32   Or shall we stand with the apologists, the stupid naïfs,
01:36   and shill for the Islamists?
01:39   Over and over again allowing them to advance their positions.
01:43   This is the conflict! You stand with them!
01:48   But we stand with the people who escaped and came here
01:51   and don’t want to hear the goddamned “Allahu Akhbar” call.
01:55   This is Örebro Party’s position regarding this case. I don’t know why
01:59   the Moderate Party is aligning itself with them,
02:02   or what the Sweden Democrats’ position is. But we are totally determined about this.
02:05   This is our principle, and there is absolutely no chat about this. I’m really tired of this.
02:09   You always dull the intellectual aspects of this discussion.
02:12   This is a much bigger subject! This is not just about sound, this is about what Sweden will become.
02:19   And what is has become! What has Sweden become because of the position you have adopted?
02:25   A month ago, you, Lennart, you stood here and defended our paying tax money to Ibin Rushid.
02:30   And you, somehow, claim that you are worried
02:33   that Islamists are moving their positions forward.
02:36   What ARE YOU doing? Do you think we are stupid or what?
02:42   The Muslim Brotherhood is working to infiltrate the entire apparatus of society;
02:47   it is not a small cozy and secular organization.
02:51   This is not an insignificant actor to play with in Sweden.
02:55   We aren’t talking about a Bosnian Cultural Association.
02:59   This is something radical.
03:02   I think we shouldn’t just prohibit the [Islamic] call to prayer if someone
03:09   tries to proclaim that Örebro’s territory belongs to Islam…
03:14   No! Not even one millimeter of this country will belong to Islam!
03:18   This is the message! You are very welcome in Sweden
03:21   to live here according to our customs and standards.
03:25   But acting as certain [political and religious] powers are doing right nowadays,
03:29   we should notice that. We cannot be thirty steps behind all the time.
03:33   And we pretend to be idiots, and “we’ll pay Ibin Rushid.”
03:38   Also, fight against the Örebro Party when we want to close down the Islamists’ kindergarten.
03:42   Always playing dumb!
03:45   I don’t think you’re idiots; you know exactly what you’re doing!
03:48   More and more people are opening their eyes to what’s happening.
03:52   Having such discussion about the call to prayer
03:56   and claiming that it’s merely about abstract sound!
04:01   This is insane! We absolutely clear about our position [regarding the bill].
04:07   Thank you, Speaker, and the listener.
04:15   I think everybody here is healthy.
04:20   None of us has been in a rehabilitation center
04:25   to take sedative drugs to be able to be here.
04:28   We are healthy. I get worried when some politicians say that all the others are stupid;
04:36   this is scary. This is not North Korea!
04:39   This is the world’s most beautiful country.
04:42   Sweden, where I came to.
04:45   There is respect, love and care [here].
04:49   Johan, thank you for your nice words!
04:54   You should become a teacher.
04:58   Wonderful! I’ll remember the lesson you gave when I leave this place.
05:03   We avoid the subject as much as possible.
05:11   I agree with you completely, about what you said before.
05:17   I meet many youths who want to pay attention to this.
05:24   We are working [on this]!
05:28   As Abbe said, we cannot…
05:34   counter… honor culture and people who [practice it] by prohibiting
05:43   a fellow or some person who will shout out…
05:46   No! The work should start with you, Markus Allard,
05:52   about how you meet me in the city and the MPs here.
05:58   And the casual (?) in the city with respect,
06:04   then we can achieve a progress (?)
06:07   I might be wrong, but if you call the MPs here idiots,
06:13   how is it then when you are in the city?
06:19   Thanks! The floor goes to Markus Allard, Örebro Party.
06:22   I didn’t understand even one word of what you just said!
06:25   What do you mean by “being in the city”? I think you’re dizzy and dodging!
06:29   Shouldn’t it be all right to say it here?!
06:32   I have never seen you at the speaker’s platform except for thanking others!
06:40   And you are saying… what?
06:44   I didn’t get it… you should explain! What do you mean? What are you DOING?
06:54   Floor goes to Seydou Bahngoura, the Center Party.
06:59   Thanks Markus! I meant…
07:05   we talked about integration in November or December [2019],
07:12   And I said back then: if there are any people in Sweden who need to integrate in Sweden,
07:19   you must examine yourself first! Thanks!
07:25   Markus Allard, Örebro Party, go ahead. Thanks for explaining!
07:30   What we have here is a Center Party representative in Örebro Municipal Parliament
07:33   saying that Örebro Party is not integrated!
07:36   Because we stood against the “Iron Apple” case.
07:40   The discussion is about the [Islamic] call to prayer,
07:43   and I’m trying to explain that your party, among others, when the other guys were leading,
07:49   you are guilty of why the Islamists are advancing their positions!
07:53   You and choose not to take it seriously,
07:56   and instead are saying that I’m not integrated in my own country!
07:59   I am the majority of Swedes and I AM integrated!
08:04   This is how it is! What ARE YOU DOING?! What are you doing?
08:10   This is a serious subject.
08:13   The way this is developing is a serious threat and a risk.
08:17   Take this seriously! And the Center Party! What IS THIS?!
08:22   What are you doing?

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  1. Sweden made a big mistake letting Muslims into their country. They should start deporting them as soon as possible otherwise they will have no country. A country that does not defend its borders is no country at all.

    • Realistically, thanks to the European Union’s Schengen Area, there are no actual country borders to defend.

      • That’s what all this [ordure] “no borders “ was created, to destroy all our beloved Europe, 😢 , this EU. Have to collapse with Merkel, Macron , and all this traitors elite, otherwise game over , Merkel is a cancer , communism propaganda old rug , it’s time to get rid of Her pronto ..

    • Too late Sweden, your society is doomed unless you expel all of them, which is impossible. You are weak, and will be dominated by Islam. The US, China, and Russia may survive, but it is doubtful.

  2. Sweden should start deporting Muslims as soon as possible. A country that does not defend its borders is no country at all.

  3. A country that does not defend its borders is no country at all. Sweden should start deporting Muslims as fast as possible. They will NEVER assimilate.

  4. Sweden is not alone. Just slightly faster in the mean. Been to ANY Western European city, town or village? I imagine the future challenge lies more with the Muslim majority. Read the Koran? Listened and observed the hatred expressed and implied hourly for the indigenous? Do the math. Two plus two equals what?

  5. To be conquered by a superior foe is no shame, to just give it all away and disgrace your ancestors is the definition of shameful.

  6. “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” — Robert A. Heinlein

    • Political tags — such as …, liberal, conservative, … are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.

      Robert A. Heinlein

    • “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue — and — thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.” — Robert A. Heinlein

  7. .
    This is a nullity, not worth mentioning

    Örebropartiet (ÖP) is a local party operating in Örebro municipality and region. Since the 2018 election, they have two seats of 65 in the Örebro municipal council, which is owned by party leader Markus Allard (communist) and Peter Springare (uknown socio-liberal.)

    Among the party’s core issues are r
    educed politician salaries,
    tightened migration policies and
    the introduction of toll-free dental care in Örebro County.

    The party was founded in the spring of 2014, mainly by former members of the Left Party and the Young Left. They ran in the Örebro regional and municipal elections shortly thereafter, without winning any seats.

    By contrast, the 2018 election resulted in two municipal council seats. They were owned by leftist Markus Allard and police officer Peter Springare, who was made famous in the national media in 2017 after writing a Facebook post claiming that people with foreign backgrounds are over-represented as perpetrators of serious crimes.
    He lost his job and became an early pensionist at age 64.

    The party regularly draws attention to municipal issues by posting clips on Facebook with Allard’s speeches in the council. Many of these clips have gone viral and debated in media. He is an outsoken figure

  8. .
    Somali says:

    I think everybody here is healthy.
    None of us has been in a rehabilitation center
    to take sedative drugs to be able to be here.

    We are healthy.
    I get worried when some politicians say that
    all the others are stupid;
    this is scary. This is not North Korea!

    This is the world’s most beautiful country.
    Sweden, where I came to.
    There is respect, love and care [here].
    Johan, thank you for your nice words!
    You should become a teacher.

    Wonderful! I’ll remember the lesson you
    gave when I leave this place.
    We avoid the subject as much as possible.
    I agree with you completely, about what you said before.
    I meet many youths who want to pay attention to this.
    We are working [on this]!

    What are you doing there?

    Go home, Somali!


    Intern – deport – repatriate!

    No! Out!

  9. Is Seydou Bahngoura of the Center Party a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? It would explain a lot. His taqiyyah, his slow steady, imminent lying about not seeing things as a problem. The ‘center’ party… he wants islam in the center.

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