Three American Girls Raped by Culture-Enrichers in Spain

The following video is a brief news report about the gang-rape of three American sisters who were foolish in their choice of drinking companions when celebrating on New Year’s Eve. The accompanying article identifies the three alleged perps as Afghans.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from El Mundo, also translated by Fousesquawk:

Three young men arrested for rape of three American sisters in Murcia

The arrested men of Afghan nationality are between 20 and 25 years of age and spent the night at the lockup of the police station.

This Thursday the National Police arrested three young men who are accused of the rapes reported by three American sisters on New Years Eve in their residence in the Murcia neighborhood of Santa Eulalia.

According to government and police sources, the arrested men are between the ages of 20 and 25 and spent the night in the lockup at the police station.

No statement will be taken until tomorrow, while the investigation continues tracking the recordings from the security cameras in the vicinity of the cocktail bar in which the girls, aged 18, 20 and 23, celebrated the end of the year making friends with the Afghan men, and the path to their home on the third floor of number 10 on the square of Candelaria.

Upon making the accusations, the protocol was activated that led them to take a medical examination before making a statement to the agents of the incident police of the San Andres police station, which passed the case this morning to the unit dedicated to families and women.

On his Twitter account, the third secretary of the Bureau of Congress, Javier Sanchez Serna, deputy of Podemos in Murcia, said that, “a few days ago some were making fun of the women who went out on the streets of Murcia and shouted, ‘The rapist is you’. Today they say nothing. It takes action by a determined government to make it clear that only yes is yes.”

Video transcript:

00:03   Three American sisters report they were raped on New Year’s Eve.
00:08   The suspected aggressors and the victims met each other in a bar in the city
00:13   The party continued in the home of one of the young ladies,
00:17   and on arriving at the residence, they were cornered by these three men.
00:22   The sisters, aged 23, 20 and 18 years,
00:26   were forced to have sexual relations.
00:31   The girls had to pass a medical examination before making their statement.

13 thoughts on “Three American Girls Raped by Culture-Enrichers in Spain

  1. American men, real heroes, have only been fighting a war in Afghanistan for most of their blindered lives; likely the three were oblivious to that fact before choosing to dally in a bar and then invite to their apartment the three Afghani love jihadis.

  2. The best thing we can do for our females is educate them on the wisdom of having absolutely nothing to do with these people. Do not socialise with them, or drink with them, they see that as an open invitation to take what they want.

  3. Hopefully they actually do something as it is bad for tourism. It’s OK to subject your own citizens to this appalling treatment as they can’t leave and have to put up with it. Changing countries is a big process. However, tourists can choose not to go there as they are outside the country to start with. As a tourist myself I would give it a miss and not bother going there. Tourists read trip adviser etc and can be quite well informed.

    • The problem is that most tourists will only find this info on sites like Gates of Vienna. I saw a forum on Trip Advisor asking whether Stockholm was safe for a single female traveler. A resident of that city responded with the usual garbage about oppressed youth with no jobs (but hey no worries because the disenfranchised are away from the tourist areas). Unfortunately most of the travel blogs and forums are filled with the usual PC multi culti garbage. Just try reading discussion boards (Frommers etc.) about refugees!

  4. But they made the choice to be in the company of these three Afghani gentlemen, what did they expect?

    I wonder if the girls’ parents will plead for forgiveness?

  5. They must have fell for the one world one race agitprop bravo sierra. Believing in fairy tales has real world consequences and should be avoided.

  6. That`s what you get for being told not to be “waycist” and open to every non-western culture.

  7. The major news organizations of the western world deliberately suppress any information regarding islam. They fear being called islamophobic, or worse, they fear being attacked as was the case with Charlie Hebdo.

  8. Stupid privileged liberal women that believe Trump is the number one problem in the world quickly find out Muslims really are the problem. Sorry for them, but the world is a rough place and karma is a bitch.

    • I wouldn’t expect them to learn such a lesson even after it smacked them squarely in the face. The fact that these females brought the Afghani trash back to the apartment with them tells me it is more likely remorse after the fact rather than true rape. Or maybe the love jihadis were a little frisky and forced the issue before the girls were willing to freely give what they took by force. Either way, their stupidity put them in such a situation and they shouldn’t have been surprised by the outcome.

  9. Recently the judge said that it was probably a faulse claim. The statements of the sistes were highly contradictory, there is a video of them from a security camera in a train station several hours after the supposed rape hapily saying goodbye to the afgans with kisses and hugs (the ones that supposedly had rapped them), and several other contradictions. Additionally, the sisters have refused to cooperate with Spanish justice and have not corroborated their judicial claim.

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