The Flood of Immigrants Into Italy Has Officially Resumed

Now that Matteo Salvini is no longer Interior Minister, and the Lega has no part in crafting policies on refugees, the Italian government is once again allowing the “rescue” ships belonging to NGOs — including some of the same ones interdicted by Mr. Salvini last year — to land in Italian ports.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Interior Ministry has announced that the ports of Messina and Taranto have been assigned
00:05   to the ships Open Arms and Sea Watch 3 respectively,
00:08   which had made requests to disembark. France, Germany, Portugal and Ireland
00:13   have already stated their willingness to accept the asylum-seekers on board
00:18   the two NGO ships on the basis of the start of the redistribution procedure of migrants
00:23   at the European level initiated by the EU Commission, and
00:27   on the basis of the preliminary agreement [on migrants] of Malta.
00:30   On board the Open Arms are 118 migrants who “have been living together
00:34   For four days on the bridge waiting to reach a port to disembark
00:38   and repair the engine breakdown,” stressed the NGO on Twitter
00:42   prior to the notification of Messina as a secure port.
00:46   On the Sea Watch 3, on the other hand, 119 migrants are authorized to disembark at Taranto
00:51   “The joy on board is indescribable, as is our relief,” the German NGO commented,
00:57   adding, “We hope to arrive quickly at a mechanism of disembarkation and
01:01   and automatic redistribution without doing shady deals with Libya.”

5 thoughts on “The Flood of Immigrants Into Italy Has Officially Resumed

  1. Honestly when are we all going to finally react against this deliberate destruction of Europe? It make my blood literally boil. It is insane. What have these sub-Saharans to offer us in Europe? These people are fit and healthy. These are simply more parasites on the European welfare teat. Even as a Bishop I can say this is sinful! Indeed this is absolutely evil.

    Are they going to be happy here? This is madness. It is time to impound the vessels and crews doing this. They should face prosecution for trafficking and even slavery but also piracy.

    • I still have trouble understanding how the present, uncontrolled migration, from one established society to another, can be good. If a migrant is good or a migrant is bad, one society or the other will suffer: by losing a good member or gaining a bad one. At present, it seems either the wrong ones leave or the wrong ones come.

  2. Absolutely agree Guy, Paradise or Pugatory? What is the European Union? A unique economic and poltical partnership betweeen 27 democratic countries? What were its aims? Peace, prosperity and freedom for over 500 million citizens-in a future safer world. Yet because, under the socialistic administration of the EU, mass third world immigration has been so far tolerated, Europe is now a continent of widespread economic misery, of financial collapse, of disappearing faith in mainstream political parties. Loss of sovereignty and thus of legitimacy and democratic control and the destruction of law both domestic and international by the larcenous European Court of Justice. The European Union is now at a decision point. 244 million migrants are assembling along the North African Coast to cross the Med. The Agreement to give 1.3 billion Euros to Morocco, of which 101.7 million euros goes to migration as part of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa-Millions more to foster the rights of migrants to legal assistance, to foster mutually beneficial legal migration and labour mobility, to fight against racism and xenophobia towards migrants-I could go on but I suggest the words are sufficient to see what is happening, the destruction of White Europeans with Christian values-racism is now against white people not the other way around. Duplicity abounds.

  3. Yes Tarien , that’s exactly what is happening, it’s just awful how thinks We Europeans used to love to do with our European values disappearing of front of Your eyes, You can’t be safe anymore walking on the streets in Western Europe, Our children and grandchildren will be suffering the most …

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