The Cultural Enrichment Game

MissPiggy has translated an article from the Kronen Zeitung about propaganda workshops in a Vienna school that force children to role-play the experience of migrants when they apply for asylum.

The translator includes this note:

People need to know what kind of deviant vileness they are imposing our children WITHOUT permission. THEY ARE THE ENEMY. Those are tactics the enemy uses. Sneaky and perverted brainwashing.

The translated article:


CHILDREN BEING MARKED and the fuss made over “refugee games” in the Viennese School

by Michael Pommer
January 22, 2020

The suspicion sounds really unbelievable: Somewhere between breakfast and homework, children at a Viennese school are said to have been forced into a “refugee game” in order to experience first-hand what it feels like to be displaced. Asylum associations actually offer such workshops for educational institutions.

And this is how the story is supposed to have happened: Students at an educational institution were forced to play the game. As soon as they arrived in the building, so the accusation goes, they were treated like refugees, even being marked as such with coloured bands of fabric.

But the story goes even further: The 12- to 14-year-olds were made to wait a long time in a room. Apparently to simulate through first-hand experience the complexity and the psychological terror caused by an asylum application procedure.

Not discussed with parents

Sounds absurd, but such workshops really do exist. They are offered by the Asylum Coordination Austria, among others. “Has this been arranged with the parents?”, the Krone asks. “No, what for?” responds the employee Herbert Langthaler. “We’ve already had 10,000 students in such workshops.”

Department of Education audits

This “game” is advertised something like this: “The aim is to highlight the experiences of displaced people and the emotions associated with them, such as fear, loneliness and despair.” The Directorate of Education considers this to be problematic and is examining it.

Hat tip: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

6 thoughts on “The Cultural Enrichment Game

  1. @Miss Piggy re:Translator`s Note:
    thank you for your tireless work.

    you stress the word ENEMY twice in your Note. This may be a reference to the difference between GEGNER and FEIND as discussed already on the thread covering what Habeck said about Trump.

    Personally I do not disagree with your assessment that “they” as enemy are sneaky (because they do not ask parental permission) and perverted (inasmuch as they are aiming to destroy the instinct of self-preservation among young Indigenous Europeans in the face of mainly youngish male country-shopping welfare migrants, see German BAMF statistics)

    However, if your I believe quite erroneous stance on Habeck were to be applied to this text, you would have removed the Regressive Left polemical noun “Psychoterror/psychological terror”, which insinuates that any and all administration of illegals is an attack on them and replaced it with some milder phrase like “anxiety or boredom” .

    “Anxiety or boredom” will be more accurate in describing the mental state of migrants who know very well that even if not granted refugee status, they will not be ejected and instead, draw benefits that are a multiple of the average wage where they come from. That is hardly “Terror”.

    But if you had done that you would have falsified the devious journalism which is alternating between Gutmenschentum and a sort of patriotic realism/scepticism (eg. “Sounds absurd….”) throughout.

    In so doing, you would have given a wrong impression of the way this Austrian daily operates but thankfully you did not.

  2. Fair’s fair. There should also be a game called “How to behave while being beaten, mauled and raped”.

  3. Here is one for the work shop based on the game telephone (in name only). You give the kids cell phones. One or two kids are designated the “bad guys”. The rest are part of a cohesive community. One kid volunteers to have a confrontation with the bad guys until another kid calls and texts as many kids as they can to come deal with the “bad guys”. You win when you make the “bad guys” cry or they give you something. In the Swedish version you can throw a smoke bomb.

  4. Can a kid decide to apply for asylum somewere else instead of illegally crossing a border, or is that not part of this game?

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