Killing While Crazy

In the following interview from French TV, a woman named Nicole Belloubet discusses the possibility that “lone wolf” Islamic terrorists may be mentally ill.

From Wikipedia:

Nicole Belloubet (born 15 June 1955) is a French jurist and politician serving as Minister of Justice since 2017. She was appointed by President Emmanuel Macron after the resignation of François Bayrou. She previously was appointed to the Constitutional Council in 2013 by Jean-Pierre Bel, President of the Senate.

If I follow her reasoning in this clip, people who attack others with knives or guns while shouting “Allahu Akhbar” are mentally ill; therefore they are not criminally responsible for their actions, and can’t be prosecuted.

If France is like most of the rest of Western Europe, these mujahideen who evade prosecution due to being crazy will be sent for a brief stint in a loony bin before being declared “rehabilitated” and released back into society.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   When one kills, the question is asked by some,
00:03   and I understand it, when one kills in the name of Allah,
00:06   as on Friday with a knife, does the excuse of mental imbalance pertain?
00:11   Frankly, I ask you the question.
00:15   Things are a bit more complicated if you are talking about
00:19   the incident in… —What happened in Villejuif —in Metz…
00:22   And Villejuif. —As well as in Villejuif.
00:25   We live in a nation with the rule of law. We have the rule of law,
00:29   and within the rule of law we don’t judge people who are criminally not responsible.
00:34   I think that is very important within the rule of law.
00:38   As for the definition of criminal irresponsibility,
00:42   it is a definition that is presented by judges in public hearings
00:46   where the civil parties can express themselves.
00:49   And so these procedural guarantees are, I believe, the mark of respect for the rule of law.
00:56   But if we take, for example, the case of Sarah Halimi, and I follow your show,
01:05   I received the Chief Rabbi to discuss these subjects.
01:09   There, the recognition of what it is, an anti-Semitic crime, has been made by the judges.

18 thoughts on “Killing While Crazy

  1. Just wait until some French patriot slashes her or some other political figure responsible for the islamic invasion to death while praising allah. Maybe even wearing some man-jammies while sporting an unkempt overgrown beard; what would the reaction be to such a defense then?

    • You beat me.

      But you are right.
      I do not wish anybody to die (our politicians – even the traitor ones, should live long and healthy lives – just in a muslim state where nobody hears their conversion and they are forever slaves) but just imagine for one second what would happen if all the nazis would do what you wrote?

      I think the heads of all the media people would explode when the all praise Allah and kill in his Name.

  2. Are they saying that being Muslim is a mental illness?
    At some level, this is the implication.

    I wonder what to make of that…

    • Being Muslim involves the psychotic delusion that a camel piss drinking sex maniac is the messenger of God.

    • There are claims out there that the trauma of MGM can lead to irreparable brain damage. If you search you you’ll probably find the report. Personally I haven’t bothered looking into it, since I’m of the opinion that the practice needs to be outlawed altogether – brain damage or not.

      • Well, I was circumcised as a toddler because I’d got sand in my foreskin on a beach, and it became infected, yet I’m COMPLETELY NORMAL (well, almost).

        More seriously, and leaving aside such cases, male circumcision, like any such radical alteration (eg gender reassignment) should not be allowed until the individual concerned is sufficiently mature to decide for themselves: eighteen at least.

  3. ” within the rule of law we don’t judge people who are criminally not responsible.” Shall we modernize this sentence? Shall we bring truth to this sentence? Shall we bring honesty and reality to this sentence, thereby showing a cowering fraud at work? Yes, by changing “crimminally”, to “islamically” not responsible. Habitual liar about saracens.

  4. The amount of denial, delusion and deceit from this dreadful woman is absolutely bloody stunning! I cannot wait until all this denial of reality on the ground blows up in the smug faces. Oh what an epic site it is going to be!

  5. So how to defeat Macron and elect LePen when:

    25 to 28% of the French work for the government
    8 to 10% are Muslim (yes some under the voting age)

    So that’s 33% to 38% in the bag for the Left of which lets say removing Muslim kids 30% vote Left.

    Last election was 66% Macron and 33% LePen

    Then look at this and see the richer and more educated you are the more you vote Macron along with other demographics especially Macron getting like 90% of old people.

    France to me is lost. Hope I am dead wrong.

  6. I don’t care about the intentions of the murderer. I don’t care if his intentions are sane or crazy. All I care about are the effects a person has on the outside world, the real world, where we all live and interact with each other. That is what our laws are based upon.

    If some idiot attacks others because his god told him to kill, then his behavior is criminal and he is a burden on society. The dangerous burden must be lifted if society is to thrive. Any argument to this view is unnatural and is supporting the further weakening and sickening of our society. This kind of thing is how we can tell immediately, without explanation, that globalists are working to tear down our nations.

  7. Nicole belloubet wants to make sure that the colonists can continue to be able to kill her fellow citizens. afterall the colonists are just doing what the communists brought them to germany to do.

  8. I will never understand how an American, at 18 yrs of age, is mature enough to join the military and be placed in charge of maintaining equipment worth millions of dollars or travel halfway around the world to kill those he is ordered to kill, yet is somehow not mature enough to enter a bar after a weeks-long field exercise and enjoy a beer.

    If a child is not mature enough and responsible enough to join the military, drink, legally have sex, drive a car, enter into marriage, be unsupervised at home etc, in what universe are they competent enough to give informed consent and have their bodies radically altered for life? And who is paying for this bovine excrement? Where does a 10 yr old come up with $100,000+ for an elective surgery?

    • Replying to Mark H; my comment somehow wound up not getting attached to his remark.

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