Indian Muslim Calls for Jihad Against Narendra Modi

Last week I posted a report on Muslim reactions to the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which the Indian parliament passed on December 11. The CAB allows members of specific persecuted religious minorities in neighboring countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) to gain Indian citizenship if they entered the country before the end of 2014. Muslims are specifically excluded, and I don’t have to tell you how outraged they are by this fact.

The following video shows a speech given by a Muslim in India about the CAB. In its general aspect, his shtick seems to be a bizarre hybrid of the Third Reich and Louis Farrakhan. In his rant he calls for jihad against Hindus in India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular. He justifies his demands by referring to the CAB as “oppression”: Islam considers even the mildest opposition to its agenda as oppression, and jihad as its means of self-defense.

Many thanks to Janya for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You have made a law that Muslims will not get citizenship.
00:05   Running away is not a solution. Why we should run away?
00:10   Will you kick us out of India? Will you throw us out of India?
00:15   Our Sharia Law has suggested a final way…
00:20   It is “Jihad”.
00:25   This is what our SHARIA says… Modi … Takale (Amit Shah)
00:30   Listen, Modi…
00:35   “Mote” (Fat Man Amit Shah) Listen:
00:40   Do you think we will run away from the country because of the law?
00:45   We are not afraid of your father. Nobody can kick us out of India
00:50   You will leave the country.
00:55   Why should we leave? We have made this country independent.
01:00   We have shed blood… and you are asking whether we are Indians?
01:05   The country is in the hands of the wrong people.
01:10   Is the prime minister of the country educated?
01:15   The PM said that I am Bachelor of Arts; Arvind Kejeriwal (CM-Delhi) has told us he is a liar.
01:20   He (PM) is a liar, he failed high school.
01:25   Not even a tenth standard pass.
01:35   Running away is not a solution of the issue. We will not run away.
01:40   If you try to drive us out forcibly, our Sharia has given us a last resort.
01:45   Sharia has guided us to do Jihad.
01:50   Waging war against the country. We will die to save our identity.
01:55   We will fight till the last breath. We will kill or be killed.
02:00   If we kill, we will gain fame. If we get killed, we will become martyrs.
02:10   …Going to make a law.
02:15   They don’t know the ABCD of law but want to make law.
02:20   The whole world is laughing. An American congressman has said…
02:25   …Ban this “Mota” Amit Shah’s entry into the US.
02:30   He is playing with fire.
02:35   Amit Shah…You are playing with fire.
02:40   You don’t know what a big mistake you have made.
02:45   You have invited trouble.
02:50   If you doubt our patriotism…
02:55   If you doubt our Indianness…
03:00   Please remember that if our house burns, you will also not be saved.
03:05   Your house also will not saved.
03:10   Have you seen it in Assam?
03:15   The deputy CM’s HQ was burnt
03:20   His house was surrounded, and he has called for help from everywhere.
03:25   Now all networks were stopped and social media banned for 24 hours.
03:30   This is only a sample of fire.
03:35   If you stick to that bill, then you should remember:
03:40   Nobody will be spared.
03:45   Now what is the purpose of life…
03:50   You want to snatch everything. What is left out…
03:55   Running away from the situation is not the solution of any problem.
04:00   We will not run away, Allah…
04:05   We have seen people with swords, and still did not run away.
04:10   Why I should leave? This is a 56″ chest.
04:15   Not like the impotent (Narendra Modi)?
04:20   A man with a sword has come before Allah’s follower…
04:30   And asked, “Who will spare you from death now?”
04:40   Allah’s follower has said… “Allah.”
04:45   All small kids studying in the madrassa…
04:50   …also replied, “Allah will save us.”
04:55   Did not say anything…
05:00   …Just said, “Allah.”
05:05   Hearing … Allah…
05:10   The person with the sword is just frightened …O Muslims…
05:15   In old era also Kuffar (Non-Muslims) were so uh afraid of Allah…
05:20   …Hearing the word Allah, the sword fell and he was,
05:25   Allah’s follower has taken the sword and asked, “Now tell me who will save you?”
05:30   The situation changed now that the sword was in the hand of the Muslim.
05:35   Now the Muslim was asking… “Who will save you?”
05:40   Now the situation changed…
05:45   Who will save you, “Amit Shah”, “Modi”
05:50   Now the game is in your hand.
05:55   Situation will change anytime…
06:00   Tomorrow we will ask Amit Shah where are you from.
06:05   Tomorrow we will ask who has measured your 56″ chest.
06:10   Nature’s law…
06:15   Afraid of God, Modi. God will dispense justice silently.
06:20   Lord Ram and Lord Krishna also said not to oppress anybody.
06:25   Allah’s Rasool has also forbidden … Sharia also…
06:30   … Says, “Do not oppress other community…”
06:35   Poor people’s curse…
06:40   Angels do not take the curse from poor people.
06:45   When the poor say, “Allah, I am in trouble,” Allah will listen him first.
06:50   Allah will come to his rescue.
06:55   The poor person is cursing somebody. An angel will open the door
07:00   …of the first heaven and the curse of the poor man reaches to the second heaven.
07:05   Allah will say, “Angels, it is a curse from a poor, troubled man.”
07:10   “…You go away; let the poor person’s curse come to me.”
07:15   The poor man’s curse reaches the third heaven.
07:20   …It passes through the fourth heaven also.
07:25   It passes through the fifth, sixth, and seventh heavens.
07:30   Allah listens directly to poor people’s complaints.
07:35   And Allah says today nobody will come between us.
07:40   …Hey, my follower, your curse has reached me.
07:45   I have made a decision and…
07:50   At my place justice may delayed but not denied.
07:55   I will give you justice; you will get justice in the world.
08:00   …It may be delayed, but you will surely get justice.
08:05   …Now I am giving him a chance to apologise to you.
08:10   If he agrees, then well and good, otherwise…

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  1. Should we be surprised that India don’t want Muslims? Of course not-Islam, its Ideology crushes any scale of freedom, civility, understanding or goodwill towards man-its only aim is to destroy, and destroy it will if Europe continues to allow its nations to be invaded by the Muslim. Over 75 million now residing in Europe-such conflicts as in Iran and other parts of the Middle East will encourage the Islamic sleepers to wake up and bring terror to Western Europe. Be assured.

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