Girls Just Wanna Have Culturally Enriched Fun

The following video from Germany seems an appropriate follow-up to yesterday’s post about three American girls in Spain who may have falsely accused three Afghan culture-enrichers of rape as part of an insurance scam.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You have to rate how I look. A one means I’m totally ugly.
00:04   Ten means I’m an absolute pretty boy. What do you give me?
00:07   A seven. —A seven? Well, OK, I can live with that. That’s OK.
00:13   Four. —May I ask you why? —Yes, I prefer refugees.
00:20   Oh, OK, well that’s a very unusual taste.

9 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Culturally Enriched Fun

  1. It *IS* an unusual taste tho, otherwise they wouldn’t have to rape in virtually all cases. 99% of these type of women, like those brits that went to calais, are a bunch of rejected landwhales, rather than someone decent looking like her

    meanwhile the most beautiful MENA women, get secularized, at least Kurds and Turks, and get german and british boyfriends on their own accord

    but yeah, congrats muzzies, we got to [have carnal knowledge of] some uggos! Real manly with your raoes requiring 25 men…blah blah

    • Adam Never forget how important sexual currency is to women. The object for them is to find the best husband possible that can provide the most for them. You can only do that if you are allowed to display your “goods”. Being forced to wrap yourself up in a “letter box”, and being stuck inside a house does not allow for the best possible usage of their sexual currency. It would be interesting to see if they are actually practicing muslims, or muslims in name only. Kind of like the similar muslim woman that Milo interviewed in Australia, an attractive woman on full display, but one who could not even name the five pillars of islam, but still fiercely defended all muslims. What ends up however in the situation above, is in the short term you have husbands that are also sympathetic to islam, because their only exposure to it is through their non practicing wives.

    • This post only proves liberalism is the ethno religion of whites, and that despite all protestations it still serves its purpose.

      See this comment here:


      Our elites both Jewish and Shabbos want whites out of power and crushed, but that doesn’t mean they’re all in agreement about what the final phase of that will look like. Some I’m sure want whites completely bred out while others simply want us crushed politically& demographically.

      AMERICA FIRST NATIONALISTS™ also completely miss the boat when they think our elites want to “crush” the west. Our elites *are* the west. WESTERN VALUES© *are* our elite values. Our elites eagerly look forward to crushing 3rd world cultures and values. If they went to hard on eradicating and commercializing their culture they would suffer too much backlash, as the west still holds the majority of the worlds wealth, so we can buy more product in exchange for being the global whipping boy culturally. This exchange [malodorous] for any white person but obviously very [malodorous] for white working class who aren’t getting the pottery barn mcmansion in exchange their cultural suicide.

      When I’ve lived in majority states non-whites were allowed to be far reactionary in their views towards gays or women than in a state like california where if a black person calls someone a faggot a college educated high mestizo braud will pipe up to publicly shame the black persons homophobia.

      The establishment is going to pull a based civic nationalists headfake in the coming decades, but unlike trump it could easily arise out of the left. Where they will enforce globo-homo behavioral norms on all the citizens, regardless of color or their “marginalized” status.

  2. Going by how German men do not stand up for their women (although many likely do not deserve it), and seem to be ok with being displaced by more virile and bestial specimens from the festering sores of Africa and the Middle East, it should be no surprise that German females chasing their hypergamous natures are drawn to such masculine males. Before I get flamed by those who would say that German men cannot do anything about the invaders without running afoul of the law, well of course they can, but they would rather not pay the price. Something along the shades of preferable to being a live donkey to a dead lion or some such…

    • “May I ask you why? —Yes, I prefer refugees.”
      Ah yes, the fruits of indoctrination! Must’ve started early in this one.

    • Obey the law or protect your women. I protect my women. There is no excuse for allowing ANY thug to rape your women and then go unpunished or choosing NOT to take effective measures to protect them for fear of being labeled intolerant or Islamophobe. They deserve the mockery they receive. The thug refugees know they will do NOTHING and that Merkel has given the refugees the welcoming gift of German women.

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