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Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), caused outrage when he appeared on state TV and declared that all of Sweden was a no-go zone.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Åkesson: “All of Sweden Is a Ghetto”

January 28, 2020

There are not only “vulnerable areas” in certain places in Sweden. The whole country is such an area, says Sweden Democrat (SD) leader Jimmie Åkesson on SVT [Swedish Television] Aktuellt on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday evening, Justice and Migration Minister Morgon Johansson (S) and Sweden Democrat party leader Jimmy Åkesson (SD) met in a debate on SVT Aktuellt 21.

The topic was so-called “quota refugees”.

Johansson wants Sweden to continue filling the country with thousands of people from the Third World. Sweden accepts about 5,000 quota refugees every year, mostly from Africa and the Middle East.

Åkesson held the opposite view.

“Sweden is full,” he explained.

Morgon Johansson believes that Jimmie Åkesson lacks empathy because he doesn’t want quota refugees. We are talking about the “most vulnerable” people imaginable, he [Johansson] argued. The minister went so far as to suggest that the SD leader is racist and really doesn’t want people in the country who don’t look like typical Swedes.

“Don’t talk to me about compassion. You chose to prioritize 9,000 adult Afghan men without asylum. Year after year, you prioritize people who should not be here. Where is the compassion for the elderly people who cannot access the welfare they are entitled to? Where is the compassion for all those who cannot get the care they need? People are dying in health care queues today in Sweden, and you want even more to come here and share the welfare? There isn’t any room for that,” answered Åkesson.

Johansson made a weak effort at a comeback and repeatedly appeared anxious and unsure. He trembled as he spoke.

“My opinion is that all of Sweden is a vulnerable area today,” the SD leader maintained.

That statement made Annika Strandhäll (S) go through the roof. Sweden is the best country in the world. That is a fact, she believes.

“Åkesson stands there in Aktuellt and says that all of Sweden is a vulnerable area today. He should get a counter-question. Thus, Sweden is the land that has the highest reputation in the world. When will the ‘black-painting’ SD and right-wing movements subject themselves to factual examination,” Strandhäll writes on Twitter.

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  1. The cognitive dissonance in those morons is so complete that they will still be spouting the same idiocy as the unkempt bearded, man-jammy wearing, goat molesting New Swede cuts their head off with a machete.

  2. does morgon Johansson have any empathy for Swedish citizens? does johannsson have the right to take the Swedish citizens country away from them even if he has the power.

  3. If I’m not mistaken Sweden is the rape capitol of Europe because of Muslim degenerates.

  4. Is it not possible that he ment that all of Sweden is vulnerable because Swedish people are having vital services cut and extended waiting times to health care.
    Just a thought

  5. For those interested in watching “a major war to end all wars” develop. Next step will be? Assassins? Mutinies? Foreign armies? New capitol cities?

  6. Perhaps Jimmie should have asked how it is anything but madness to allow hundreds of thousands of people into the country who have a mass murdering rapist “prophet” as their role model? After all, it just guarantees ( absolutely guarantees) that the host nation will get religiously sanctioned terror attacks and a religiously sanctioned rape epidemic. It really is utter madness to let Muslims settle in non-Muslim countries.

    • Japanese, Korean, Chinese Asians and Fred who lives on the corner Camel Dung Street and Trafalgar would share that piece of valuable survival intelligence for free.

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