Fascism is Alive and Doing Very Well

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends an overview of the current political situation in the Netherlands, and also the rest of the West.

Fascism is alive and doing very well

by H. Numan

It is very much alive, and thriving. In both the USA and the EU. It is not a lot different from the past, but they have learned many lessons. One of them is that uniforms and flags are out. The current uniforms are either tailored suits (Obama, Clinton) or filthy clothing and an unwashed appearance (Michael Moore). That supposedly gives them a workman’s appearance, or so they like to think. Sometimes they combine a tailored suit with a ragged appearance (Bernie Sanders). In the EU it’s more tailored suits if they work in the higher echelons of the EU. However, the really hardcore socialists wear filthy clothing as a badge of honor. It represents the working men they don’t represent.

Today very few people know that national socialists are just another branch of socialism. They lack the ‘inter prefix’. That’s all. Hitler was a socialist. He admired Mussolini, who also was a socialist. Mussolini was congratulated by Lenin himself when he took over the Italian government. A lot of Nazis and Fascists admired the Roosevelt administration. The feelings were mutual: the US Democrats of the day admired the Nazis and the Fascists. Hitler was particularly impressed by the racial policies of the Democrat party and its Jim Crow laws. He based his Nuremberg laws on those laws. Eugenics were thought up by Democrats, and ‘improved’ by the Nazis. Hitler was Man of the Year 1938 in Time Magazine. On the other side of the pond Mussolini was greatly admired as the guy who made the trains run on time. Socialism really works, and it rules!

Then came World War Two. Which was half-lost by socialism. The then-socialist nations of Germany and Italy were taken over by democracy; that was a win. But one-third of Germany and Eastern Europe was taken over by socialism. That was a severe loss. The socialists, in particular the US Democrats, had to dump (and dumb) their previous association with their old comrades. Admittedly, socialists didn’t know exactly what was going on in the concentration camps. Nobody outside Germany did. That’s not an excuse, mind you. Because the existence of concentration camps was common knowledge.

It was also well known those camps were horrible. What was not known was the scale of the horrors. Or that many were actually extermination camps. Socialists have no problem at all with camps. The USSR had them. China still has them. Those in North Korea are probably a bit worse than German concentration camps. I’m pretty sure Venezuela also has their never-return camps. All socialists states have them. They can’t live without camps. Even today. Some Bernie Sanders staffers (not adherents!) insinuated that camps will have to be set up for Trump supporters after the 2020 elections. Concentration camps are like smoking: highly addictive for socialists, and it’s difficult to kick the habit.

I specifically say “staffer”, because that is significant. If a rank-and-file socialist yearns for camps to lock up Trump supporters, well. Nothing to worry about. Lots of people do that. On both sides of the fence. But when one of Sanders’ ranking staffers says it, that is almost policy. Especially if he is not rebuked by his boss for it.

Is there a difference between national socialism, as practiced by Hitler and international socialism as practiced by Clinton, Sanders and the Euro socialists? Of course. Lots of differences. Bernie has a crummy haircut, for example. And modern socialists don’t run camps yet. But they will, eventually. Because socialism cannot work without concentration re-education camps.

They have changed their strategy seriously. At this moment the media, the courts and most of the government are firmly in progressive control. So much so that they can allow a few dissidents to speak their minds. In America you have conservative broadcasters and judges. In Europe hardly any. In The Netherlands I know of none. Dissidents are not officially harassed, but that most certainly does happen, unofficially.

For example, Gregorius Nekschot (pseudonym; Gregorius Shot-in-the-neck) drew cartoons that are far more offensive then the Charlie Hebdo and Danish cartoons combined. Have a look, and draw your own conclusions. The cartoon riots were simply a tryout to see if they could get away with it. (They could.) If they ignored the Nekschot cartoons but started rioting over the Danish cartoons, you know it was a provocation.

Now, Gregorius was arrested in the middle of the night by a ten-man heavily armed SWAT team. Thoroughly questioned. Where the police gleefully told him: now you are no longer anonymous. They now know who you are. Have a nice life! After that and a lot of public outcry, they let him go. There was no need to lock him up anymore. He had learned his lesson. Gregorius stopped drawing cartoons. At this moment he is back in the saddle drawing cartoons, after many years of silence.

Several friends of mine got visits from uniformed police officers. No, they weren’t doing anything illegal. Freedom of speech and all. The police were just interested in learning whether posts x, y, z made on the IP address 178.18.127 was theirs. Nothing more, mind you. We police are merely interested what is going on in the community. See it as our community outreach program, sir. Not enough to arrest them for, but more than enough to send uniformed police officers in a police car for a chat. So that their neighbors would know and hopefully make their lives miserable.

Mind you, there is not that much opposition in Holland. It’s one of the few countries in Europe where the opposition is completely muzzled. The PVV party, Geert Wilders’ party, you don’t hear anything about them in the media. Nothing good nor bad. It’s just like they don’t exist anymore. The media found out that tossing manure on the PVV only gave them more voters. So they barely report anything about them. Only when they really can’t avoid it. Yes, the PVV can post whatever they want. You’ll only see it when you subscribe to their mailing list. They have access to TV. Five minutes monthly, like any other party. See why there isn’t any need to censor them? We have freedom of speech! (As long as nobody can hear it.)

More or less the same thing goes for ‘the other’ conservative party, FvD or Forum for Freedom. This party started right after the last referendum. Thierry Baudet wanted to cash in on the fame and popularity he gained during the referendum. It’s a sort of PVV-lite party. Same topics, only better-formulated and much watered down. The establishment loved it. Every vote for Baudet was one less for Wilders. That really worked well. The FvD gained a lot of popularity at the expense of the PVV.

However, the two-man FvD faction gained too much popularity. That wasn’t the idea. So Baudet was — and still is — being vilified for anything progressives are themselves but call others: he’s a misogynist, fascist, has neo-Nazi friends, hates gays, uses too much upper-class language (Latin). You know the drill.

We’ll have to see if that strategy works this year or next year in elections. So far it hasn’t. The conservative VVD party is shrinking in support. In the polls they gradually decline. Losing only a few seats. I expect the cabinet to fall sometime this year, as both the Conservatives and the Christian Democrats start shouting very strong words about stopping migration. Usually that’s a giveaway that they themselves expect that something is coming. They never use strong words or solemn promises unless elections are coming soon.

At this moment we’ve lost the three really big parties (conservatives, Christian democrats and socialists). They used to be much bigger than all other parties, now they are on par with middle tier parties. At the moment the PvdA socialists have 9 seats, the CDA Christians have 19 and conservatives have 33 seats. The socialists are recovering from their loss, the CDA already has, and the VVD is going to lose massively. I doubt very much if they will get 20 seats, if that many. The PVV has 20 seats and FvD currently 2. It’s very likely the PVV will gain a few seats; the FvD is currently polled at 20 seats.

With these numbers and the knowledge that you need 76 seats in parliament you probably see that elections will not solve anything. Nobody will be able to form a cabinet with those kinds of results. Which is good news for socialists and progressives: at the moment we have a minority cabinet with support from GreenLeft (communists). In the last elections it was simply not possible to form a conservative/communist cabinet. Even if the PVV and FvD win a lot, they won’t be able to govern. The other parties simply won’t let them.

It’s highly likely we’ll have a lengthy period of negotiations which will result in a many-party ultra-left-wing coalition. Without support from the PvdA labor party, D66 (moderate socialists) and GL (communists) no cabinet can be formed.

Supposing that PVV and FvD both do well, and gain let’s say 22 seats each, that is 44, maybe 50 seats. They still need another 26. The Christian Democrats do not want to govern with either of them. The VVD perhaps, but if they score less than 26 seats — which they will — it is not enough. In other words: let democracy destroy itself. There is no need to rig elections, as in France (Macron) or Italy (pro-EU government).

— H. Numan

12 thoughts on “Fascism is Alive and Doing Very Well

  1. Numan is cute.

    Inasmuch as last time I looked, open border multiculti homoglobalism was being pursued by parties across Europe that have never been called socialist and have always aggressively reacted against the very word the way Numan does.

    Namely the British Tories or the German CDU under Merkel or investment banker Macron in France . The best golfing friend of Numan’s hated Obama was the US chairman of the Swiss bank UBS, a real socialist that one.

    As with others of his flavour of Rightism, Numan is desperate to equate socialism with National Socialism in the political hope that 100 years of media control from Weizmann/Baruch onwards will have led the sheeple he writes for to react against any policy aiming at genuine elements of socialism with the response: “that is Nazi!”

    In so doing he and others at GoV can deflect attention away from the root causes of No Border, No Nation and feel moral about their own small-town 1850s style capitalism, long since outdated.

    Incidentally, those causes are anything but socialist, having to do with demographics and GDP growth.

    • Socialism is but a new name for an old old feudalism, albeit a specific type of “bread and circuses” feudalism, but as such, it can be practised by banker or conservative politician regardless. For like Islam, socialisms have their own forms of taqqiyyah and other misleading word plays.

      And Yes, it is all about “1850’s style (free market) capitalism’, for this was the real revolution, the revolution that, for a while, freed the people and made America great!, but now it has been largely replaced by the cartelism of closed market elitist socialism; Progressive Orwellian newspeak now rules!.

      • Let me make a short comment here that even in the 1800’s and late 1700’s, there was a difference between free market federalism of Jefferson, and crony capitalism of Hamilton. In 1793 Jefferson resigned from Washington’s cabinet because Washington backed Hamilton in creating a national bank, a vital component of crony capitalism.

        What distinguished crony capitalism from the free market was under crony capitalism the federal government funded large corporations, like the Railroads, and also tied the government to the corporate and financial interests through bonds and other government debt. Not coincidentally, the federal government made every effort to use money from the Southern states to finance the railroad, shipping, and manufacturing interests of the Northern industrialists.

    • Nobody needs to equate the scum of socialism with their fellow-socialist Nazi brothers.

      The scum of socialism have murdered 150 million people all on their own.

      If the Dutch people fail to see or act against Euro socialist trash they will live to regret it. Those not murdered by the scum of the left that is.

  2. “then came world war II. which was half- lost by socialism.” you forget that 11 countries in eastern Europe came under the rule of communist socialism. socialist communists gained a lot more then they lost in world war II.

    • No, I didn’t forget Eastern Europe:

      “But one-third of Germany and Eastern Europe was taken over by socialism. That was a severe loss.”

  3. Shh…Nazis are evil right wingers. They didn’t have a socialist Weltenschaaung (worldview) and they all would vote for the Trumpenführer.
    All clowning aside this must be hammered home that the National Socialists were just a lighter shade of pink compared to the bloodthirsty reds.
    There are some quotes from Hitler about capitalism where he doesn’t hold back and it sounds like something Lenin or Marx would say.
    Let’s just say that he didn’t intend to peacefully coexist with the capitalists.
    It is almost sad that humanity is still grappling with political philosophies from almost 300 years ago and have learned next to nothing.

  4. Back in the early 1950’s when I was a diplomat’s daughter in Czechoslovakia, the Czech people were saying that the Communists and Nazis were the same thing, based on their experience with both types of governments.

  5. I think of the current PC crowd as being more like commie Stalinists. They hate Hitler, Hitler hated commies, and commies hated Hitler.

    The current smart-ass PC pushers promote Che as a revolutionary hero, and I have seen teacher’s sport the, ‘If you can read this you are a socialist’ T-shirts, with Lenin’s illustration on it. Ugh.

    They all know what Hitler did, but many of the younger ones, among other’s, if you bring up Solzhenitsyn, and the Gulag they get that glazed, wondering look over their face.

  6. There are distinct differences between socialists and fascists. While Hitler began as a socialist, he evolved by the time he became chancellor. It’s not that he became any less lethal. But, he jettisoned his socialist ideas for the objective of having complete power within the framework of private capitalists and German military aristocrats who were firmly under government control With Krupp on his side, did Hitler need to seize the German armaments industry?

    In fact, one of the factors precipitating the resistance of the SA to Hitlers style of governing was that the head of the SA, Rohm, felt Hitler had betrayed the socialist principles that held the early Nazi party together. Hitler was perfectly comfortable working within the framework of compliant German industrialists and hereditary military leaders, but Rohm wanted a broad revolution doing away with private means of production altogether. This, as I say, was an early point that Hitler supported, but moved past once the traditional levers of power were in his hand.

    Hitler settled the matter once and for all by killing Rohm and hundreds or thousands of his followers.

    The whole situation is described in https://www.amazon.com/Tyranny-Study-Abuse-Maurice-Latey/dp/0333099486

    So, socialism is the takeover by the state of all means of production and commerce. Fascism is the co-option of corporations, industrialists, and financiers so they follow the purposes and direction of the state. The real fascists are the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Jeff Bezos, the boards of PayPal, Bank of America, Twitter, and Google, who systematically close down political points of view they consider to be dangerous to the partnership of the Deep State and the private mega-Corporations.

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have strongly signaled they will comply with the Deep State – corporatist partnership. Sanders has jettisoned his former opposition to unrestricted immigration, and Warren has always taken corporate money. Her latest maneuver was to grab handfuls of money from her last campaign for use in 2020, so she could claim she was not taking corporate money. In sum, we have a fascist Democrat nominee slate.

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