The Rockets’ Red Glare in Skåne

There’s no mention of cultural enrichment in this article about arson and rocket attacks in southern Sweden. However, I have my doubts that there is anyone named Sven or Erik or Lars among the perpetrators.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. The “rockets” referred to are fireworks:

Rocket attacks in Skåne continue

Police forced to seek protection in police cars

Skåne — A gang continued to attack ordinary people and police in Skåne with rockets on Saturday night-Sunday morning. Just before midnight police were shot at by a large gang of up to thirty persons in Helsingborg. Around 3am police were shot at again with rockets, this time in Kristianstad, something Expressen reported on earlier. “Police patrols were forced to seek protection in police cars in order not to be hit by the rockets,” police report on their home page.

In Helsingborg police went out on a call just before midnight to Skaragatan [Street] near the area of Frederiksdal.

When police arrived at the location, they discovered about thirty people who were shooting rockets at building materials from a nearby construction site, and cars were beginning to burn. One car was completely burned, and a car sustained damage before rescue services were able to put it out.

According to Expressen, rockets were also fired at police.

Police identified a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man among the persons who are suspected of shooting rockets at the cars and building materials. A spokesman did not want to disclose whether they were previously known to police.

A report on the fire damage is being prepared.

A few hours later, it happened again. Around 3am on Sunday police were called to a kiosk in Kristianstad after a break-in alarm went off, police report on their home page. The kiosk is located by Långebrogatan, which goes through the Charlottesborg area.

When police arrived at the scene and got out of their cars, they were shot at with rockets by a dozen masked persons.

“Police patrols were forced to seek protection in the police cars so as not to be hit with rockets,” police report on their homepage.

“It is obviously a serious occurrence when police are shot at with rockets in this manner. One can also suspect that the alarm was sounded to lure us to the scene,” says Katarina Rusin, press information officer with the southern police region, to Expressen.

No police were injured.

Last weekend a gang shot at ordinary citizens in the area of Dalhem in Helsingborg.

Hat tip: Reader from Chicago, via a Peter Sweden tweet.

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  1. It is the fault of the police. They should have been wearing their “no rocket attack” bracelets to let Sven, Erik, and Lars know such behavior is not allowed.

  2. “Rockets”…?
    Fireworks or RPGs?
    Retreating to a car wouldn’t help you with military rockets.
    More redefinition of the language to rile the masses…?

  3. What the Sam Hill !!!!!!! Our western police have become neutered and completely ineffective! It is now very apparent to even the most blind that justice is going to have to be served against these 3rd worlders with a mailed fist and zero mercy. We are but an incident away now from open warfare.

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