The Cosmos and Climate

Our English correspondent Seneca III weighs in on the climate scam crisis.

The Cosmos and Climate

by Seneca III

The Universe, even if only to the extent of the thirteen-billion-year time/distance limited horizons we can presently observe, is huge beyond our comprehension. It is deep, complicated, profoundly mysterious and interconnected in ways we do not yet understand… if we ever will.

That Extinction Rebellion and its various analogues should presume to tell us how it works on our cosmological microscale and that we are responsible for perfectly natural events smacks of the destructive knee-jerk response of simple-minded children.

We still do not know if solar activity and climate are constructive partners or destructive antagonists, for our collective life span is too short compared with that of Mother Sun.

Homo sapiens sapiens still has a long way to go to complete its evolution into Homo solaris and even further to Homo stellaris, but one wonders how those far-distant descendants of ours will look back and view the twitterings of these gullible drones so taken in by the great carbon tax scam.

Perhaps they will observe that within the miniscule compass of our here and now the dismal apocalyptic prophecies of these delusional fanatics was but the importunate chattering of frightened crickets facing their first winter in a far corner of a vast field, and that they too were time-limited. One can but hope for the latter.

Seneca III — in Middle England some thirteen billion years on from year zero, this 15th day of December, 2019.

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20 thoughts on “The Cosmos and Climate

  1. Seeking control & power, over other people and their resources with taxes, laws etc., so they can go on mindless, endless “dating” trips at talk-fests, full of virtue signalling, of social justice, around the world.

    The saddest part is when any view to the contrary or raises some questions, it is strongly censored, nor allowed to stand to be debated, discussed or even thought about.

    This video has been put out in the cold for the past 9 years.

    “We live in cold times” by climateclips.
    4 minutes 9 seconds.
    “We live in the coldest period of the last 10.000 years” , says
    glaciologist, Jørgen Peder Steffensen who take us back in time to the Grenland icecores and reveals the secrets from the past.

    “1 minute 30 seconds shows an interesting graph for the past 10,000 years of temperatures.
    As the 3 kms of ice cores from Greenland were studied.
    From 1 minute 30 seconds shows an interesting graph for the past 10,000 years.
    “Shows the temps 2.5 degrees warmer for about 3000 years or so, then the decreasing temperature to the Roman Age which was a cooling time, then increasing back up for the medieval warm period,
    A decline again to about 1650, then a small bounce up to about 1800 before a decline down to the >1 minute 30 seconds shows an interesting graph for the past 10,000 years of temperatures.
    As the 3 kms of ice cores from Greenland were studied.
    From 1 minute 30 seconds shows an interesting graph for the past 10,000 years.
    “Shows the temps 2.5 degrees warmer for about 3000 years or so, then the decreasing temperature to the Roman Age which was a cooling time, then increasing back up for the medieval warm period,
    A decline again to about 1650, then a small bounce up to about 1800 before a decline down to the lowest temperatures in 10,000 years in 1875.
    Sort of matches when meteorological observations started.
    Peat bogs, tree rings, with carbon 14 dating all confirm the pattern. from China, North Africa, Europe,
    So warming is occurring this century, simply because it starts at 1870, the coldest time in 10,000 years.
    That shows it is a very poor experiment, whether natural variation, or man made contribution to the current warming, from the lowest point in 10,000 years in 1875.
    Sort of matches when meteorological observations started.
    Peat bogs, tree rings, etc. with carbon 14 dating all confirm the pattern. from China, North Africa, Europe,
    So warming is occurring this century, simply because it starts at the coldest time in 10,000 years!
    That shows it is a very poor experiment, whether natural variation, or man made contribution to the current warming.”

    This video is just referring over the past 10,000 years, but the simple minded children are deaf & blind to the cooling Roman times, the medieval warming, the canals & Thames freezing over, about 1650 and the very coolest of times of the 1870’s.
    So the world may keep on warming up,

    There seem to be other videos there by climateclips, that may give differing views & reasons, to the current global anthropological warming theories

    In life there is always assuredly change, taxes & death.
    I know crickets may not pay taxes, but there is always something to eat them up.

    • Ofcourse we live in a coldtime but in this times there are so called warmer times,and thats what we have.
      1000 and 2000 years it was much hoter,only a little bit colder and this means HUNGER!

  2. As usual, not a single number or trend or statistical likelihood of current outlier events beyond the 2 standard deviation mark, just abuse. Such is the climate denialist.

    Piece of advice, Seneca: there are many good examples of climate data cherry-picking and statistical fakery, why did you not use one?

    Now paleoconservatives used not to be denialists, and some still aren’t, must have to do with Conservation being related to conservatism, so is it the impact of the Koch Bros. and US coal interests, employing the same ad agencies that told us for years that smoking was safe? ? Surely it can’t be just Lord Monckton and Ian Plimer?

    Bizarre actually, how the 1. Alt Right close-the-borders race realists/patriots and 2. the No Borders man-bun One World Islamophiles, otherwise at daggers drawn, both claim “science” on their side.

    None of the foregoing rules out elites exploiting the real climate crisis for their own ends. As in “never let a good crisis go to waste” .

    But that abuse by elites does not make the climate crisis a mere delusion, merely because the Alt Right correctly sees so many climate scientists as being government employees whose scientific acumen (high) seems inversely proportional (low) to their political naivete i.e. adherence to (US) Republicrat beliefs that are mainstream among the Globalist Anywheres (multiculti, corporate feminism, homo adulation, Russophobia, Trump Derangement Syndrome, etc.)

    • The climate crisis is indeed mere delusion.

      There isn’t a shred of actual physical evidence that anything unusual is going on with the climate.

      There is no increasing trend in droughts, floods, extreme weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, or anything else climate-related.

      The increased warmth since 1900 is no different from warm trends of the past, most notably, the Medieval, Roman, and Minoan warm periods, not to mention the Holocene Optimum 8000 years ago.

      And climate models are completely unable to predict the effects of CO2 emissions on air temperature:

      The whole climate scare is a climate crock.

      • Indeed; when the Vikings “discovered” Greenland, and named it thus, it evidently wasn’t covered with ice. Sadly they, and their crops and livestock, died when the “Little Ice Age” happened suddenly in the 1300s.

  3. Over the years I have come to believe that the Earth is a plane not a planet. When I first heard of the idea I of course ridiculed it – there’s a globe in every classroom isn’t there!? But as time went on I became aware of many anomolies that cast doubt on the globe idea – and flat earth is more compelling evidence of God than is random cosmos.

    • The earth as flat as a plate makes much more sense if one is a Pastafarian and believes that the universe was created by an invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster. After all, what better platform for a giant serving of His Holy Noodliness than a flat earth?

      Personally, I like the Pastafarian doctrine of Heaven as a paradise with a giant beer volcano and a stripper factory. What better way to spend eternity than eternally sloshed? Much preferrable to sitting on clouds singing praises or the muhammadan paradise of only 72 virgins to last all of eternity. What does one do with them anyway after they are no longer virgins? 72 nagging women for all of eternity sounds like hell to me. I think Mohammad was sold a bag of goods!

      • Sounds like you’re a bit dizzy from spinning at 1000mph whilst at the same time flying round the sun at 10000mph. Hang on…

      • Oh yea of little faith! In mohameddism, the virgins are miraculously made virgo intacta by allah, don’t you know after each penetration. I wonder what these poor females did in life to be condemned to an eternity of muslim males.

      • I have a video of the Scottish standup comedian, Billy Connolly, from about 1995, saying he’d prefer “a couple of randy* whores” to the 72 virgins. Don’t suppose he’d repeat that now!

        *Randy”, in UK English is equivalent to “horny” in the US.

  4. I wrote a term paper for my Biology Class in college in which the assigned subject was global warming. My research found that Dr. Mann refused to submit his statistical analyses to the University of Pennsylvania. The University was very interested in his study and wished to determine if there was any correlation with their ongoing studies. One of Dr. Mann’s assistants, or so the story goes, managed to make the analyses available to the University of North Carolina. To put it politely, Dr. Mann’s analyses and theorems did not pass peer review.
    Now you would think that with all the exploration that has been carried out on Mars that we would be able to use that planet’s temperature record as a baseline as no human activity has occurred there. We know that the sun goes through cycles and Mars would be a good place to accurately chart them.
    Finally, we know that crickets can be helpful for use as a thermometer as the warmer it is the louder and quicker they chirp in their efforts to cool themselves off. So why don’t we help them to cool off by sending them to Alaska or Siberia. All right, I know, that wouldn’t be cricket, now would it? TIC

  5. Considering the universe from the broadest possible perspective, it all seems relatively simple. First, we have temporal physics, in which matter occupies a single point in space-time (that is, we have discrete particles). Then we have quantum physics, in which unobserved matter occupies all possible positions and states simultaneously (known as a superposition, or quantum wave). The really interesting part is that, as long as WE observe our surroundings, the quantum waveforms will collapse into temporal singularities. This phenomenon was illustrated long ago and is called the wave-particle duality.

    As for why things are this way, well… I can only go with a religious point of view on that. Early Jewish scholars discussed “why” quite a bit, and finally arrived at the conclusion that God is infinite in all possible ways. So in order for God to be truly infinite and all-knowing, He must be able to know what it is like to exist in a world bound by all manner of limitations. And so temporal space and time were made, then populated with avatars of God, whose purpose is to each experience a unique set of limitations and reactions to those limits. And when it’s all over, that quantum core within you, which we call a soul, rejoins the infinite. Like a discrete wave on the surface of the sea, you will exist for a time, traveling your own way, interacting with other waves as you go, until it’s time to sink back into the infinite sea itself.

    So the climate fools are here to experience the limitation of naivete. Some of them are bumping against the upper limit of their intellects and will never understand what drives our world’s glaciation cycles. Either way, their marching and rioting makes them nothing more than tools for more scurrilous and power-hungry people, frustrated by the limitations of ethics and laws.

  6. Take a look, in the photo above, at the banner at the head of the parade, reading CLIMATE CHANGE: 12 YEARS TO SAVE EARTH. At both sides is a symbol consisting of a stylized hourglass inside a circle. Compare these symbols with the runes in
    The stylized hourglasses are actually runes, either in the Sondrio (Camunic) set or the Lugano (Lepontic) set. So what is the neo-Nazi alt-right Odinist significance of these runes?

  7. My recent paper in Frontiers in Earth Science: atmospheric sciences

    Passed peer-reviewed by first-rate climate scientists. The editor is a physical meteorologist. All on the scientific up-and-up.

    The analysis shows that, literally, as regards CO2 and the climate no one knows what they’re talking about. Not the IPCC, not Al Gore, not NASA GISS, no one. Not even Greta Thunberg.

    Just to say, in trying to get this paper published, I debated with about 25 climate modeler reviewers. In 30+ years of publishing research work, never have I encountered such a group of science incompetents as they are.

    The whole global warming thing is artful pseudo-science. All of it.

    • I suppose GoV should feel “honoured” that Dr Frank has descended to writing on a site that is not specifically natsci in nature.

      Note the abusive tone of Frank’s comment here at GoV: quite unusual among sober nat scientists.

      Why does Frank feel there must there not be any climate crisis?: Let me guess:

      1. fossil fuels do not impact C02, so the USA has to invade Saudi Arabia on behalf of the plucky little nearby sole solitary Democracy? or:
      2. Frank has intimate family or similar ties to fossil fuels ? or:
      3. Al Gore and other Democrat silvertails don’t know what it’s like to work your way through college?
      4. none of the above?

      Dr Frank has been clashing with real climatologists for years, e.g. in Jan 2017,

      Patrick Brown wrote then re: Frank:

      “However, it seems to me that your primary goal is not to understand my arguments but rather to score ‘debate points’ by any means necessary. Specifically, you have a tendency to look past the substance of a point being made in order to create a straw man, destroy it, and then declare victory…all while exuding condescension. This may make you look intelligent and authoritative to some 3rd party observers but it does not actually make you any more correct.”

      In May 2008, here:,

      climatologist Gavin Schmidt wrote in reply to Frank:

      “This statement has the logical consistency of wet newsprint. Take an analogy: “You wrote that the sky is blue. If by this you mean the moon is made of green cheese, then I find your claim incredible.” This (and your version above), is obvious nonsense. You don’t need to be a philosopher of science to spot that. – gavin”

      • Reconquista, your post is empty of any substance. The reason there’s no need to worry about a climate crisis is because:
        A) there is none in evidence
        B) the IPCC doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

        You quoted Patrick Brown and Gavin Schmidt out of context, thereby constructing a misrepresentation.

        I’m glad you posted the links to PB’s and GS’s comments, because now anyone can read them in context.

        Educated readers will discover that Dr. Brown and Dr. Schmidt each lost the debate. Because neither of them knows anything about physical error analysis.

        I wrote strongly of climate scientists because I have direct experience of their incompetence, and have described it in detail here:

        And here:

        In reading those blog essays, if you don’t recognize the scientific incompetence that governs climate modeling, then you’re scientifically incompetent, too (a likely truth).

        I have critically examined not only climate models, but also the global air temperature record (3 peer-reviewed and published papers) and the proxy paleo-temperature reconstructions (one peer-reviewed and published paper). Not one of them passes scientific muster.

        The whole field of consensus climatology is mere artful pseudo-science. It looks like science, but is not.

  8. Fifteen years ago I said to Mrs. Misanthrope, “Mark this. You will be able to sell the bitterest suppository’s by pre-fixing it with ‘Green’, and, provided the zeks have been whipped into a sufficiently fearful frenzy, they will line up and offer their children to the green fire.”
    Eco-boost 8000 lb V-8 pickup trucks
    5000 lb Teslas with a battery pack carbon foot print of 12 tonnes, and a life cycle carbon stamp of 1.85 grams/kilometer, more if you replace the battery packs, and you will – several times.
    Shipping dollar-store crap and electronics, manufactured by enslaved children in industrial Mordor conditions, from China, in Maresks latest 196,000 DWT, 84,000 hp ships, but that’s fine, because they’ll someday use biofuel processed at triple the energy expenditure of regular diesel, and they’re quieter so the whales don’t loose any sleep.
    China and India contribute 90% of the global oceanic garbage, and 99% of dumped CFC’s. I note Greta dearest has nothing to say about that.
    My favourite: PZEV Subaru’s; reading the fine print, Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle.
    What? ‘Partial’ isn’t ‘zero’, and hybrid-battery are ecological catastrophes, and we’ll not speak of the human cost of raping Africa for cheap rare earth’s. None the less, every soy-faced, cuck-bearded, skinny-jeans clad luxury communist and tattooed, fuchsia-haired, spatulate-fingered carpet chewers can’t throw down fast enough in order to virtue signal.
    Climate Dictatorship to save the planet.
    ‘Carbon Taxation, or we’ll put you against the wall!’ spergs potato face from her wealthy mummies $20,000 ECU 2 chair suite of designer furniture, or from the decks of her millionaire pal’s ‘green’ yacht.
    Wealthy marxist mummie and daddy(?) thunsperg, of course, have lucrative ties to the investment bankers who ramroded carbon taxation. Twenty years ago Goldman-Sachs, Georgie Tsoros and Lehman Bros identified carbon taxation as a ‘significant revenue opportunity’ potentially worth trillions – their own words! – and sold it as such to governments eager to cash in.
    Climate extinction has admitted all of their agenda has nothing to do with climate. It’s all about destroying patriarchal capitalism and paving the road to the glorious workers fruitopia of tomorrow with the bodies of their enemies, mostly filthy westerners of lower melanin, and unfortunate owners of XX chromosones, who are all toxic.
    But it’s OK. It’s green; a moid high school drop out hodad with no science background at all is potato of the year and the climate science last word, so you eat your bugs, shut up, get on the magic flying train and submit to the climate dictatorship.
    Or else.

    • What a pity.

      I was looking forward to the jihadi goat-herders black-bagging her once they take over Sweden a few years hence. Not seeing that mug anymore would be priceless. A prime example of a face made for a burqa…

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