Southern-Fried Boogaloo

I was going through a crate of old memorabilia today and came across a box that once held “Dixie Pops”. Apparently they’re some sort of cheesy firework (“WARNING: DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH”), made in China in 1986. The box is empty now, so I can’t tell you exactly what it once contained.

What I want to know is whether the word “pops” is a verb. Because it seems to me that Dixie is going to start poppin’ pretty soon — at least here in the Old Dominion, if Governor Coonman has his druthers. A little poppin’ here and there, both north and south of the James River.

A fun trick! But see side panels for cautions.

4 thoughts on “Southern-Fried Boogaloo

  1. If the coonman outlaws fun trick noisemakers, he may soon find himself surrounded by outlaws with fun trick noisemakers.

    I think this is a test run to see if the idiots can disarm the public ahead of the 2020 elections. They can’t coax their antifa soyboys and ghetto goons into some proper riots as long as normal American patriots are armed. Give ’em hell, Virginians!

  2. Baron, I did not know that you are an evil NAZI.

    According to various leftwing sources the word boogaloo is a nazi-codeword for race war / civil war and all it entails (yes, the rise of the Confederacy, re-introducting slavery and whippings, etc.).

    And the word DIXIE. (Heartattack, short breath.)
    You aren`t one of those southern … (enter any word of how leftwing loonies describe the Group to the right of them, you know words like deplorables, nazi etc.)

    You bad bad Boy.

    Ok, just a joke.

    • Oh, yes, that’s what Boogaloo means. Its use is widespread now among the 2nd Amendment activists. It freaks out the progressives the same way Pepe or the NPC does.

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