Socialism Really is a Cult

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan takes a look at the bizarre wave of socialist madness that is currently raging on both sides of the Atlantic.

Socialism really is a cult

by H. Numan

A bit of a bold statement, I know. Let me explain. There is nothing wrong with being social. After all, we humans are social animals. However, socialism as a political ideology is wrong. Very wrong. Socialism doesn’t work. It lets others do the work. Socialism has failed wherever it was implemented. It sometimes took a while, but it always failed. The few states left over that really are socialist are failing or going to fail. No question about it. With one exception: China. But China is first Chinese, then Chinese, then a long time nothing and finally they are socialist. Sort of socialist, that is.

Now, China has always been an absolute monarchy. Not surprisingly Mao ruled as one too, and so does the present emperor — who is titled president for life now. Not emperor, but effectively the same thing. Just a different name. He isn’t socialist, he’s Chinese. Red was always the preferred color for the Chinese. Red being the color of socialism is just an extra. All Chinese companies are effectively, if not outright, state-run organizations.

China has two major problems that it cannot solve: first of all, their failed one child policy. By the time China becomes a real superpower their army will be made up of old fogies with crutches and drips. Don’t underestimate that problem. China already has huge problems finding sufficiently capable soldiers at this very moment. Imagine what it will be like in twenty years, when they really will have an enormous manpower problem.

The second problem is corruption. Corruption is ingrained in Chinese society, regardless of ideology. Socialism only makes it worse, much worse. The current Chinese leadership is more worried about the reliability of their army, specifically the top brass, than anything else right now. If worst comes to worst, we can always buy a couple of Chinese army commanders. The leadership knows it, and dreads it.

On the bright side: China is not interested in conquering the world. Just the business part of it. On the not-so-bright side: they’re damned good at it. China is a problem for the future. Right now we have bigger worries. The first is socialism, and the second one is mohammedanism. More about mohammedanism in another article.

So let’s get back on topic. Socialism is a cult. You see it in America, where the Democrat party is anything but democratic right now. And in England, where the Labour party should rename itself the Stalinist party. Likewise, in all western countries social democratic parties have been taken over by diehard old-fashioned communists. And … the left is again losing. Again, because they have learned nothing from the past. Like Louis XVIII of France, the king who replaced Napoleon: they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn even had the gumption to say: “We have won the debate, but failed to achieve a majority.” His followers blame everyone — except themselves. They blame the ‘extreme right-wing media’ for their loss. And of course the silly, stupid and antediluvian electorate. Anyone and anything, except themselves. Now, the media in Europe are about as left-wing as Pravda was during the heydays of communism. It was Corbyn (and his minions) who vilified themselves. Not the media.

For Corbyn really is a vile person. He is a warm supporter of every socialist dictator alive. Kim Jong-Un, Maduro and Castro among others are his friends. Corbyn is a virulent antisemite, though he calls himself anti-Zionist. It’s exactly the same, but being antisemitic is nowadays punishable by law. Hamas and Hezbollah are his friends; they fight against the capitalist Zionist conquerors of their country. The media did all they could to soften Corbyn’s words so it wouldn’t hurt him too much. Labour adherents who say the BBC is a right-wing broadcaster are delusional.

Likewise in America your ‘Democrats’ are making fools of themselves as well. The impeachment is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to stop the clearing of the swamp. A weak and sad attempt. It won’t succeed because it can’t succeed. Impeachment, yes. At the moment the ‘Democrats’ have a majority in Congress. But the verdict is decided in the Senate where the Republicans have a very comfortable majority. Even if a few renegade Republican senators were to commit political suicide by voting for impeachment, it’s not enough. If I as a non-American with little legal knowledge about the impeachment procedure can clearly see that, so can the ‘Democrat’ party. Notice that the only real offenses directly mentioned in the acts of impeachment for which Trump can be prosecuted, bribery and blackmail, are not in the indictment.

It’s nothing more than a vile attempt to vilify Trump and to divert attention. Again, everybody has done it — but not the Democrats. Even worse, this is the second impeachment attempt. With even less chance of success. So why do they do it?

Most of it is revenge. Both the Democrat and Labour parties thought they would win. But they unexpectedly didn’t. In the nick of time Donald Trump and Boris Johnson snatched their assured victory away. Worse, both won massively. Even with the full support of nearly all the media (less so in the USA) the socialists lost. In both countries the electorate has had enough of thinly disguised Marxists ranting doctrine. That hurts. They want revenge, or at least to take their hated opponents with them down the drain.

Now you may ask, how is it possible that die-hard Marxists could take over the Labour and Democrat parties? That’s very easy to do. You do a hostile takeover. Simply go to the party meeting with enough supporters and vote the board away. Easy as pie. I’ve seen it in action myself. Not that many people attend those yearly board meetings. All you need is enough supporters to vote your desired candidates into office. Let’s say a local party with 2,500 members. During the annual meeting about 100 people will show up. In order to take over that local party you need a simply a majority. So 51 supporters is enough. But there are always people who will vote with you and people who abstain, so if you show up with less than 40 supporters that’s likely enough to take over the local party. The other 2,460 members don’t matter.

That’s how die-hard communists took over both parties. Now there is a huge difference between the electorate and the party hierarchy. The electorate wants a social program. The party hierarchy wants to implement and enforce a Stalinist socialist program. Anyone not toeing the party line is eliminated. Not only inside the party, but even more outside their respective parties.

Look at Twitter: the corporation is rigidly enforcing progressive ideology. Anyone remotely crossing the line is banned. Look at Facebook. Exactly the same. Google fires employees who dare to say water is wet, for the progressive ideology of the moment said it isn’t. All left-wing parties everywhere vilify anyone who dares to oppose them as extreme right wing, fascists, neonazis or old fogies.

What the losing left-wingers do is look at their friends on Twitter and Facebook and pretend that is the majority. Those people say what they want to hear, therefore it must be the majority. That’s exactly what members of a cult do.

Across the board progressive ideology is losing. Massively. Again they have failed. Communism failed. We didn’t win the Cold War: they lost it. That’s something else. Despite the massive advantages we gave them, they still lost. The MiG 15 was such an excellent fighter because the British Labour government gave them, free of charge, the best engine in the world at the time. The communist and social parties in the west did whatever possible to assist and support the USSR. On the other side of the Iron Curtain there weren’t any parties, apart from the local communist party. The communist administrations kept a very close eye on what everybody thought. And yet… they are gone.

The current crop of progressives are without much exception upper middle-class students, led by the last wave before them. I’ve seen photos of Hillary and Bill as hippies in their younger years. The progressives talk among themselves and think that it is the opinion of the working man. They read only what they see on Facebook and Twitter. As soon as questions are asked, they hide in their safe spaces. Being young, they have little knowledge how the world works. Everything is black and white. In their case: black and red. Any other color should be banished forever.

The left is losing out. In America the swamp will be drained in 2020 after the elections. In England the cleanup begins after Christmas. This is a massive blow to the EU. Add to that the demise of Angela Merkel. Politically she’s already dead and buried. In France Le Pen is going very strong. You don’t hear a lot about that — for that reason. In Italy the EU was able to manipulate the left-wing parties into a pro EU government. All last-ditch efforts to postpone the inevitable.

In dear little Holland we have now a minority cabinet. One member of the Conservatives (VDD) went independent. The majority had exactly one seat. Not anymore. We just lost a junior minister in a tax scandal, and are about to loose the woma… minister of Defense. Not for tax reasons, but because of a bombing raid by the Dutch air force (lots of air, not so much force) in Syria. Mark Rutte is leading his last cabinet. And going down by the day in the polls. From 33 seats to 19 right now.

That doesn’t mean to say Geert Wilders will become prime minister. The cabinet is still surviving, but I expect a resignation at some point next year. Over what, I have no idea. That’s in the future. In Holland the progressives feel safe enough. But time is running out. For them as well.

— H. Numan

20 thoughts on “Socialism Really is a Cult

  1. “Likewise, in all western countries social democratic parties have been taken over by diehard old-fashioned communists.”

    Numan is delusional, like all other ex-Red baiters longing for the anti-commie days before 1991 and trying to shoehorn their anti-globalism into their old notions of the “Free World”.

    The NYT is about to impose its 1619 Wakanda-style lies about US White Evil and Black Suffering Virtue in the US school curriculum: how is that communist?

    Because the Church of Wokeness is anything but class-conscious. What do US Democrats care about the Oxytocin-ridden white US working class, 400,000 deaths from abuse, provided that the proceeds can endow the Sackler medical school in Tel Aviv?

    Read this to understand what is going on:

    “As our fragmentation accelerates, shared economic interests are ignored in favor of divisive warring camps that share no common interests.”

    Or as top jazz player and self-styled “ex-Jew” Gilad Atzmon said while surveying a diverse Woke audience in San Francisco and with reference to their lack of economic “communist” solidarity: “You people are the reason why rents are so high in this city”-

  2. China is socialist only in name. They that hardcore 19th century industrial revolution capitalist and they combine it with the lack of human rights in socialism/communism. The factories are taking massive advantage of their workers, nobody cares about the people’s health and everything is only about profit.
    Let’s don’t forget about China’s advances in Africa either. Maybe they’ll bet on a black army with Chinese officers if their own people can’t raise a functioning army.

    Btw you might want to look in the Central and Eastern European revolutions between 1989 and 91, not a single one of those countries has actually gotten rid of socialism. Don’t forget even Mr. Orbán used a stipendium founded by Soros and was formerly actively supporting the communist regime. I’m not saying people can’t learn and change, but it might be something to think about.

    • ” not a single one of those countries has actually gotten rid of socialism.”

      True. But – comparing the current appeal of socialism e.g. in the Czech Republic to that of in the US or UK – those former socialist countries did get rid of the fundamental fallacy that “socialism works his ideas were just not executed the right way”.

      Here in the US and from what I sense from my friends in the UK (millennials and 40-50 year old) it is just the opposite: support of the socialist nonsense is on the rise.

      Well – they all have to learn the hard way; they have to have firsthand experience with a totalitarian government persecuting them day in day out.

  3. You are so wrong. That link to Charles Hughes Smith’s Blog is proof. That article claims no moral difference between the two sides in the US. He and you are delusional if you think Bernie Sanders and the Squad are the same as Americans not wanting a totalitarian state

    If it were 1935 he would be saying Germany is splitting into two sides and both the Nazis and Jew are equally to blame. Yeah, right.

    You say, “The NYT is about to impose its 1619 Wakanda-style lies about US White Evil and Black Suffering Virtue in the US school curriculum: how is that communist?”

    Are you kidding me? I was a spy against the USSR back in 1960’s. It’s called dezinformatsiya. The West was full of useful idiots parroting what Moscow wanted. The NYT has been doing the Bolshevik dezinformatsiya thing for almost 100 years.

    Wake up, buddy.

    • John Galt is a figure created I believe by Alisa Rosenbaum, who apparently thought it wise to become Ayn Rand. So wake up yourself.

      Your invocation in your 2nd para. shows nothing but the success of hasbara in CONUS these last few decades, see “The Lobby” on Al Jazeera.

      Last time I looked it was 2019 and not 1969, the NYT is drumming up a war against Russia, not really Bolshevik dezinformatsiya; the Regressive Left ran many ex-military and intelligence candidates in the last Congressional elections, just have to keep those profits rolling.

  4. 1) About the Chinese army, the thesis is controversial. Today’s technological realities no longer require as much cannon fodder as in the 19th century.
    2) Why do you consider the “Orwellianism” – socialism? The current political system can hardly be called socialism. This word is rather a screen for oligarchic imperialism.
    3) We are dealing with a dystopia that has come true.

    Stanislav Lem 1958 “Eden”

    … Power on the planet denies its own existence and is thus invulnerable in the concept of a work. Presumably, management takes place using a highly developed branch of information theory, the name of which could be translated as “procrustica” – the science of managing society through the creation of programmed social groups and total control over information flows.

    From all this we can swim. But with a lot of blood.

    • Orwell was indeed a socialist, but a democratic one. Which is why, to quote what is becoming a cliche, “1984” was written as a warning, not a manual.

      • Mark, there is no bloody difference between democratic socialist and full blown socialist, it is a distinction without a difference! Socialism is the road to communism and mass graves, always! Without bloody exception.

  5. Correct, spot on that socialists are all cult members. They’ve been programmed by their cult handlers to think only along certain lines and respond in the same way to promote their own “solidarity” to the cult. Which also makes them an easy mark to spot.

    The socialist cult member always uses the usual thought terminating cliches such as racism and antisemitism, anti-zionism. Always having to resort to their assigned color coding of the white that, black this of the vile woke culture identity politics. This is their typical strategy of their Hegelian Dialectic to divide, weaken, destroy the society they wish to achieve total control over. We are all Human Beings that belong to a single Human Race. A fact they can never allow to take hold over humanity. But just remember this one simple fact that a socialist cult member will always communicate their message via racist terms.

    They also always try to distance themselves from the semantic term of communism as if the Soviet Socialists of Russia weren’t socialists. Because whenever you confront a liar they always have to change the terms and the cult members of socialism are well adept at changing the terms whenever it suits them. Just remember that to the socialist cult member their socialism has nothing to do with class-consciousness of communism.

    You should always note too that a socialist cult member will never fail to deride and attack a certain ethnic group who recently became a nation in one day after being dispersed among all of the nations of the world since the first century AD. Because in every cult there has to be some sort of common enemy to rally against like an Emmanuel Goldstein in George Orwell’s book entitled Nineteen Eighty-Four that was first published a year after a certain nation arose in a single day. From time to time you’ll even see the socialist cult members do their Two Minute Hate ritual against someone or something. Because they have to show their solidarity to their cult in order to be able to signal to others that they are a fellow traveler to the socialist cults of the world.

    • I really hate to rain on your diversity parade but, there has never ever been any unity in diversity. There is only strength in unity(homogeneous countries) as history has demonstrated time and time again, yet the left are hell bent on jamming diversity up our backsides no matter the cost, which in the end is always blood, without exception. With the 3rd world invading our western shores, bloodshed is inevitable and the scope and scale that will make the Balkan Debacle pale in comparison.

  6. “In America the swamp will be drained in 2020 after the elections. In England the cleanup begins after Christmas.”

    Hold your horses, Mr. Numan. That’s are just wishful thinking of yours.

    The Swamp is very resilient and entrenched in the US government. The 2020 election results are maybe far from “Trump won landslide”. My worry stems from this simple way of thinking: Do we expect AOC and her Squad to be voted out in 2020? I do not think so: her electorate is still there; she fought for them valiantly and they will enthusiastically vote for her – again. Chances a republican candidate will oust her? Nay!

    Similarly the UK situation … Brexit – maybe yes by the end of 1/2020. What cleanup may be happening then? Example: halt on illegal entries from EU to UK? – I want to see that !!! Any “cleanup” of the scores of polit-korrekt policies e.g. May helped to establish as UK Home Secretary? Not a chance!

    All in all – as far as the general trends Numan is indicating – yes. As far as the time line of the changes – no. These things – in the best case – will happen with a super-slow pace (decades) and accompanied by extremely loud wining of the media, leftists and islamists – all the forces influencing public opinion will be head-on against 24/7/365.

    I wish I were utterly wrong.

  7. With apologies to non-aviation buffs, your reference to the MiG-15’s engine was spot on; it was the Rolls-Royce Nene, presented to the Soviets well after the War. However the airframe was copied from the German Focke-Wulf Ta280, which would likely have entered service in late 1945; the Russians captured the prototypes and drawings.

    The MiG’s main opponent in Korea was the F-86 Sabre, whose design had been modified to incorporate swept wings following evaluation of the Messerschmitt 262, which did enter service in limited numbers (fortunately for the US bomber crews). The MiG was the better fighter, but the American pilots were better trained than their “North Korean” (actually Chinese and Russian, as we now know) opponents.

  8. Mr. Bodissey,

    Respectfully, you are wrong, sir.

    Socialism DOES work. Why do you think the hardcore Left, such as the Clintons, Obamas, Soros’s, Castros, Ortegas, Kim’s, etc… continue to pursue it? Do you truly believe they are the most ignorant, least intelligent, most naive people on the planet?

    Your starting premise is wrong.

    Socialism is NOT a failed economic system.

    It IS a control grid.

    It works perfectly, exactly as designed, every time.

    Essentially, Socialism is theft. Only a crooked mind would pursue such a program, after every available example demonstrates its economic worthlessness. A crook, a gangster, would clearly see this is a way to control entire populations.

    Useful idiots (think coffee shop baristas, average university students, etc…) are naive. Apparatchiks (think Lavrentiy Beria, Pol Pot, etc…) are EVIL.

  9. Yes indeed, Socialism does work for a small elitist minority until it runs out of everyone else’s money and resources. Like It worked in a sense in 1933 Germany when the globalists at that time even hailed it for saving Germany. That is until it totally destroyed it by 1945. Today their descendents are the Global Collectivist Death Cult that AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, Macron, Merkel all aggregate under. Such corrupted kleptocrats are well funded today just as they were in 1933. They’re the apparatchiks who get to be installed via rigged pretend elections. So they’ve play their parts very well against the Blue Left Handed Malevolent Path. They’ve been doing quite well in exposing their own true nature to the world and now everyone hates them for what they do and how they do it. That being the malevolent destruction of humanity. Yes in that vein it does work doesn’t it?

    But once Shiva finishes the dance of destruction it then is time for another new order for the world to begin. Which will begin under the Red Right Handed Benevolent Path of sustainable development while the Left Handed Path will be made to just ‘fall away’ in that new realm. Haven’t you heard and read them discussing their new golden age of man? A new global citizenry to inhabit it? No? Their CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing system is to create a new race of humanity that will be integrally connected to their machine artificial intelligence? Haven’t you read and heard about all of these things to come?

    But to those cult members of the Blue Left Handed Path such a thing is just too unfathomable to consider. To such people things must continue as it has for as long as they’ve lived under the control of their totalitarian handlers. They are quite inept at seeing the bigger picture. Which is why they will be made to see it in one way or another. All of this is inevitable as we see it happening right now. It’s worldwide and nobody will be able to stop it. Because this is how they planned it all to happen a very long time ago.

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