Raped in the Name of Allah and the Koran in the Banlieues

The following Italian article concerns events that occurred in a suburb of Paris. FouseSquawk, who translated the piece, looked through reports in the French press, but could find no articles or videos that identified the perpetrators of the heinous act as Africans or discussed the Islamic aspects of the crime. The Italian press, however, was less fastidious in its reporting.

The translated article from Il Giornale:

They raped her while praising Allah. Then they posted the video of the abuse on their social media.

The rape took place last Thursday in a suburb south of Paris. Some officials of the government, instead of asking themselves about the terrible violence, have pointed the finger at Twitter.

by Federico Giuliani
December 26, 2019

In France, in a suburb south of Paris, two 16-year-olds, of African origin, raped a minor girl, filmed the abuse, and shared the video on their social network.

During the sexual violence, the assailants repeatedly cited Allah, the Koran, and Mecca.

The incident, reported by French newspapers and then picked up by La Verita, happened Thursday, 19 December at Morsang-sur-Orge, in the Essonne department. The perpetrators of the rape, as stated, posted the film of the violence on the web. Those brutal images, aside from being shared by numerous users, allowed the investigators to trace the identity of the alleged rapists. The two assailants were arrested last Saturday.

The dynamics of the facts

The sexual aggression occurred in the entrance hall of a building. The classical large building typical of those peripheral urban areas where delinquency, drug traffic, crime, and more in general, degradation reign. The video of the rape lasts about a minute and a half and was bounced from one social media outlet to another, enjoying particular success on Twitter.

The dramatic images begin with the underage victim, who fled, was chased and insulted by the two 16-year-olds. From their mouths come very violent words, offenses that are confused with terms that refer to the Islamic religion. “I swear on the Koran of Mecca, cry out and you will see the blows that I give you,” shouts one of the rapists to the frightened girl.

In another moment, the rapists order the young girl to follow them. “In the name of God, I swear to you on the Koran of Mecca: It is better to reflect in your head and come to us because a squad is about to arrive — We are the best, those who are arriving will make you regret. On my mother I swear to you, you won’t get out alive. You will die.” At that point, the verbal violence was transformed into physical violence.

Aside from the serious crime, the attitude of the two rapists is evidence for the umpteenth time of the danger of the pro-Islamist subculture which already rules the Paris suburbs. According to this vision, women count for nothing. They are only objects that serve to satisfy the desires of men. Inferior beings to be insulted and beaten at will.

Twitter on the grill

The incident has also provoked much rhetoric about how the operators of the social networks have handled the situation. Already, because notwithstanding that police have several times asked Twitter users not to share the video, the film remained in circulation for hours prior to being taken down.

The French government, at that point, instead of reflecting on the pitiful state in which they peripheries of the country find themselves, has decided to attack Twitter. The undersecretary of equal opportunity, Marlene Schiappa, has no doubts: “The video is revolting. As soon as I was aware of it, I immediately contacted Twitter to have it removed. Some copies are still in circulation. This social network is not up to speed; the criminals know it; that is why they use it.”

The biggest risk now is that French public opinion will not stop to reflect as much on the serious crime committed by two young Africans and the tensions that stretch across the suburban quarters as on the function of Twitter. In that case it would be a defeat for all.

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  1. As instructed the mosques:
    “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours.
    Why don’t you enslave their women?”
    Sheikh Saad al-Buraik

  2. Keep covering it up and sweeping such atrocities under the rug, Macron & PC enablers. France & the EU are just one such vigilante act of avengement for muslim atrocity away from civil war.

  3. France is finished, it’s no France anymore, it just matter of time , they will take over , Macron can burn in hell , they should vote Marie La Pen , never learn the lessons never , Europe is to weak to deal with this savages, just disgusting…

    • No. France is a huge country with the culture enrichers packed into the cities. The real wealth of the country is in the countryside.

    • Weren’t you around during the last presidential election? It was pretty clear Macron wasn’t elected by the people’s will. Anybody that knows history is aware that the French are pretty good at revolutions though.

  4. Divvying up the goodies. Land and women. Just laughing at Maneuro
    and his so called liberals and feminists ignoring them raping and plundering. Just get here Ali. You won’t believe it. Hurry. It won’t last forever! See you in our capital city London.

  5. Yep! Been saying that for years. And when the brown stuff finally hits the fan it will be even nastier than these politicals could ever imagine.
    Days, weeks, Months? It is a cert that something is about to snap.

  6. People keep saying something is going to happen. I feel quite the opposite. The frog is being boiled very slowly. The French are busy watching football and fornicating in style.

    – This is why I am in favor of Erdogan sending “refugees” to Europe. Only something drastic will wake people up.

  7. A woman is nothing without a man and vv. The initial casualties, I imagine, will be very high.

  8. No never. I assume the girl had a mother and father, I further assume they are without nuts/gonads/ovaries or whatever is tacit agreement that this behaviour is ok. Try it with me or mine and I will kill you

  9. Do the plundering rapists realise how deeply pissed off and ready to go Mother Nature is? It may have been extremely easy to get into Europe. I imagine it will be almost impossible to get out.

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