Pedagogy, Lunacy, and Murder in Sweden

An Afghan “youth” murdered his teacher, with whom he had had a love affair — and she was 69 years old.

Such is life in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Notice that the standard sentence for murder in Sweden is just fourteen years. The Afghan perp had his sentence reduced from that, due to his youth and his lunacy — and the lunacy of the Swedish “justice” system.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Killed teacher after sex affair — Now Ahmad Nazari has sentence reduced

Ahmad Nazari strangled his teacher to death after a love affair, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison by the district court after a reduction (due to his age). Now the high court has reduced Nazari’s sentence further, to 9½ years in prison given that he suffered from a serious mental disorder when the murder was committed, and that he had turned himself in.

The Afghan citizen Ahmad Nazari, who strangled his 69-year-old teacher after a love affair, has had his sentenced reduced by the High Court, reports Expressen.

The district court sentenced Nazari to 11 years in prison and deportation after his sentence is served. But Nazari appealed the sentence to the High Court.

“He maintains that he did not intentionally take the life of the woman; he requests that his sentence be lowered,” said Nazari’s lawyer, Anders Olssen, to SVT [Swedish Public Television] in connection with the appeal of the sentence.

Now his prison sentence has been lowered by 1½ years, which means it is sentenced to 9½ years in prison. The deportation after the sentence is served remains in effect.

The high court took into account that Nazari was judged to be suffering from a serious mental disorder when the murder was committed and that he voluntarily turned himself in.

The normal sentence for murder, according to the high court, is 14 years in prison for an adult, but since Nazari was 19-years-old when the murder was committed, he received a reduction for his age.

18 thoughts on “Pedagogy, Lunacy, and Murder in Sweden

  1. LOL, I mean, what do you even say to this? I think Sweden is like a fishbowl that we can all look into, they are a petri dish, an advanced canary in a coalmine to see how this whole experiment plays out. I think the most bizarre thing of the entire story is that the maximum sentence for a murder is 14 years.

  2. It’s way past civil wartime across Western Europe. Feminists and Muslims united against the white male. An unstoppable alliance. No wait……err…. too late.

    • Until the Patriarchy gets mad, rolls up their sleeves and hoists the black flag and begins to do very imaginative things to the 3rd worlders and puts feminists in their place. Nature one way always finds a way.

  3. “Swede” for some has become synonymous with degenerate
    dopey and done literally and figuratively.

  4. He was only 19 years old when the murder was committed so therefore he is not an adult? Exactly what age does one become an adult in Sweden? Never? Is that why Sweden is so FUBAR? Because a bunch of children are voting and running the joint?

    As for the sexagenarian fornicatrix, does she get charged post-mortem for statutory rape of a minor? I would assert any grandma foolish enough to dally with such a lowlife invader young enough to be her grandson should not be surprised when they are treated just like the loose women in the lands where the invader hails from. No doubt her apartment will be put to good use and repurposed to provide more invader housing since she has no further need of it.

    • Just try to imagine something like this happening in Sweden a hundred and twenty years ago! In that, not so distant past, people would not only be utterly shocked by that of affair, they would have found it difficult to believe. It is really frightening how moral standards of a nation can change within such short time.

    • When I read about this murder a month or two ago in the Swedish press, an interesting detail was written there: her adult children were offended that she treated refugees better than her own grandchildren.

  5. Picture:

    Ingrid Guldbrandsson, 69, was well-known as an asylum activist who was deeply engaged in just so called unaccompanied Afghan young men. When she was murdered by one of her guardians, Ahmad, 19, many people speculated about their relationship. It has emerged that they were copulatig together – and that it was the shame and fear of being exploited by the 50-year-old woman that caused the Afghan to murder her.

    Such is life in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

    • Well, of course I pity the poor old woman, but she did ask for trouble. And I rather pity the young man – it must be really humiliating and disgusting to be a toy boy of a sex-crazed lady old enough to be his grandmother.

      (Please, don’t misunderstand me: I absolutely disapprove of murder as a means to end up an embarrassing and unpleasant relationship.)

    • Dance with the devil, you always have to pay for the tune. My sympathy for these feminist useful idiots can be found between the words s**t and syphilis.

  6. I wonder what the average duration of incarceration is for ethnic Swedes who commit murder?

    Would be an interesting comparison.

    • I didn’t know there were any ethnic Swedes capable of murder. A modern day race of Eloi; whatever aggression and bloodlust that might have once existed seems to have long since vanished and has been replaced by self-emasculation.

  7. Yes, I read this news a few days ago.
    A lot of surprisingly similar news can be found on the query “batikhäxa”
    Such is the new Swedish phenomenon.

  8. For the US thank you so much Mr Kennedy. His words to the effect that everything will remain “American”. You too Mr Reagan. I know it was “them”. You said “maximum one million”? Imagine how Europe will soon be gasping for air? Can’t wait to see Boris perform.

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