Pat Condell: Full National Sovereign Independence

In the following video Pat Condell discusses next week’s general election in the UK. If Britons who want Brexit fail to vote for Brexit Party candidates (in constituencies where that is possible) then they will guarantee that there will be no Brexit, and the UK will be tied to the EU until the entire corrupt edifice collapses. In particular Mr. Condell directs his remarks towards working-class voters who used to be supporters of the Labour Party:

Hat tip: Reader from Chicago.

14 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Full National Sovereign Independence

    • Pat Condell has nailed this one perfectly in my opinion. I intended to vote Brexit Party on Thursday but they have pulled out of my Conservative held ward. I now have no choice at all. I am not voting Conservative thereby encouraging this fiasco. Practically the entire media have been in overdrive telling us all that Boris Johnson will deliver what we voted for and as a consequence this is what most people now believe. He is spot on about the Labour Party as well. If I go at all I will draw a line through the lot!

    • You might consider the polls are slanted to the left and that those numbers aren’t true. In America the fake news and the polls said that Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide, and yet Donald J. Trump won the the electoral college. I wish you the best in the election. I hope that you will not be a slave to the evil European Union that is scamming your country out of billions of dollars every year.

  1. Pat Condell has been spot on this far. I’ve been hearing lots of “noise” Boris’ exit is nothing but hot air and just Teresa May’s version under a different flag. I’m afraid we cannot escape globalism

  2. Erdogan cheering for Boris as another son of Turkey. Javid seriously involved with Merkel’s Germany. Preti Patel in her own words believes she’s can “starve the Irish into submission”. Not making sense.

    • Boris lies. No wait. PC law says that’s OK as long as it’s cult ur all. Personally I haven’t trusted liars since I was four.

  3. You can vote for whoever you want. It doesn’t mean anything will change. If your Queen doesn’t want Brexit then no Brexit it is, simple as that.

    You are allowed to vote for figureheads to insulate your owners (Royal family) from the anger you feel with the decisions they make. The Queen can fire members of Parliament and the Prime Minister at will. They serve completely at her pleasure.

    Once enough of you Brexit people realize your station in life (human farm animals) and target the real obstacle to getting freedom, then you shall have it.

  4. Brilliant, as P.C. spots the only opportunity to have some real control & power.
    One of the very few opportunities when the “tax slave” has the power, that is when “the vote is tied”.
    “The vote is tied” Seize this powerful opportunity! as the first step.

    “The Tale of the Slave – Robert Nozick”
    3 minutes 6 secs.

    Further follow up would be to research Thomas E. Woods, & then Robert Nozick, & then Ludwig Von Mises.
    This is so one becomes aware, can see alternatives, with a better understanding.

  5. This article titled “Who paid for …” is about the problem within western world: everything is reduced to a money problem (who sold the country?), but it is not only that. Of course there are some traitors and some enemies. But with no soul and not one truth, with multiculturalism and relativism, all is ending exactly like at Babylonia. Human rights chart is the highest point of no return, with its article about “freedom” of religion. Today zerope is a conquest land for muslims.

    At this time the brexit seems the only reasonalbe direction to change things locally without having to deal with international framework.

  6. Condell has lost his marbles. Posturing as the great man of reason he is having a fit of childish petulance . The election is now a 2 horse race –Torys for Brexit and Labour=Marxism against. Even IF Johnson plans what Condell says — Brexit supporters have a vastly greater chance of stopping him than Corbyn. Because Corbyn will award himself 4 million new voters.

    Corbyn has little chance of an outright win–but if enough Brexit supporters split the vote as Condell wants them to then a hung Parliament can lead to a Labour pact with their fellow SNP Marxists. If Corbyn forms a govt he has already promised to give the vote to 3 million EU FOREIGNERS in the UK and 16 year olds plus illegal migrants. 4 million anti-UK votes created will finish Brexit and the UK. A high price to [pay for “man of reason” Condell’s emotional gesture. Because reality is what it IS rather than what he WANTS it to be.

  7. Pat Condell provides a thorough description of political corruption … both Tory and Labour … describing how the Voters’ Will is subverted by Parliament and the Establishment.

    Then he exhorts us all to go out and Vote, because “this lot are different”. I’ve been hearing that sentiment expressed, for the whole of my life.

    Whether it’s BREXIT, or guns, or immigration, or Welfare or whatever, there is no salvation to be found in Voting. We have only to consider the results of our Petitioning and our Voting, to see the absolute truth of that!

    So, why do so many of us remain such fierce proponents of the Ballot?

    The answer to that question is somewhat bitter … it’s because we (you, us) are Cowards.

    Loudly proclaiming a belief in Voting and Democracy … provides the perfect camouflage for that Cowardice. The perfect excuse for passivity in the face of Tyranny.

    Don’t think, for one minute, that the Establishment doesn’t know exactly how our minds work. It knows that each and every one of us is desperate to avoid confrontation, and will always do so, provided that our self-respect can be kept intact. The Democratic system provides the almost-perfect Vehicle for that mass self-deception.

    This is one of the reasons why Women are so important. Right now, most Women are guardians of the State; they love it, because they are evolved to value Security above all else.

    The day that Women say, “Don’t Vote, fight … that’s how a man behaves.” is the day that things begin to change.

    I’m just rambling. Take it, or leave it.

  8. Vote or Fight. Thats the choice.

    Anyone who thinks (or tells you) to deface your ballot as a *protest* is full of crap or an enemy agent.

  9. BJ stealing from a very old but awesome Bob Dylan hit video. Surely he’s not….? Boring Boris seems like a second rate comedian actor with a put on accent. For some he’s coming across more American than British. Comb your hair oaf.

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