Methodologies and Catastrophic Failure

Seneca III has some thoughts on the increasingly totalitarian-fascist behavior of the European Union as it enters its final decline.

Methodologies and Catastrophic Failure

by Seneca III

In the field of scientific research there are two distinct methodologies — the Theoretical and the Empirical. The former, being purely speculative, is by its very definition unable to be proven right or wrong until subjected to rigid empirical testing. Both disciplines, of course, have a mathematical basis, but whereas Theories are almost totally mathematically based, being pure speculation or the extrapolation of known facts, Empirical (experimental) science uses mathematics only to tabulate, record, analyse and explain repeatable experimental data before coming to conclusions that can then, where necessary, be verified or disproven by further experimentation.

If one projects these two processes onto the field of human affairs, particularly the ways in which socio-political, territorial and economic dynamics evolve and impact, then similar outcomes prevail. I would suggest that the EU and its Globalist agenda are a classic case thereof. Originally the concept of a United Europe was pure emotion-driven theory, wishful thinking, to be generous, but unfortunately that theory did not take into consideration the lessons of history. Very soon, as it was forced into utilising ill thought-through Empirical methods, hurried experimentation, to achieve its end. It soon became clear that the theory and its implementation were badly — indeed terminally — flawed.

Thus, much of the consequent experimentation — in finance, taxation, defense, education and ‘diversified’ multi-cultural demographics (essentially, an EU-inspired and -encouraged mass invasion camouflaged as immigration and asylum seeking etc.) — was not only poorly designed, it was also deliberately designed to produce a desired outcome which, in the end was not achieved. As a last resort the door leading to the imposition of a draconian control regime across the Union was opened… the very thing that the EU was created to prevent. [For a perfect example of this retrograde process see this Breitbart article.]

Now, the architects of that catastrophic experiment should be starting to fear the inevitable consequences heading their way as the forces of reversal and retribution gather on their near horizon. Soon the Bureaucrats of Brussels, their trailing troughers and their countless, treacherous allies buried deep in the bowels of constituent Nation States will truly reap what they have sown.

— Seneca III, in a Middle England quietly contemplating the remaining forty days to freedom awaiting us this 22nd day of December, 2019

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7 thoughts on “Methodologies and Catastrophic Failure

  1. Seneca, Yes, the day of retribution is closely at hand, and these Quislings bloody well know it. When the hammer falls, the militaries of Europe will do what they always do, side with their own tribe and get to eliminating the chaff and every 3rd worlder they will get their hands on. Democracy is almost dead, and the grave is dug waiting for the corpse’s of those Quislings to fill them. Where Britain will fall when the SHTF is a crap shoot at this point.

  2. Yes it was deliberately designed to produce a desired outcome which in the end is being achieved. It’s always achieved over and over again throughout history. The resulting methodology is always antihuman and results in massive death, destruction and terror. The empirical evidence of every “experiment” in socialism resulting in a centralized death cult bent on the destruction of those unfortunates under its control.

    Now the socialist agenda for the 21st Century being the same one as that of the 20th Century. Developing a worldwide technological grid that will sustain only those governing bodies which will force humanity to serve only them.

    • Arthur, The problem with these well laid plans of the international socialists is human nature throwing a monkey wrench into the works, as we are now starting to witness, like the yellow vests protests, the rise of nationalism and local elections of various areas going nationalist. It is now making the so called elites extremely nervous so they will double down on what they are doing and it will be their demise that will be the result, for European man cannot live with 3rd world savages for any period of time without going tribal with a vengeance. Once the militaries of Europe step in, it is all over for these Quislings and retribution not seen in a millennia will result and you will see it in your lifetime soon.

  3. Keep one eye on the past and grow wise. Place both eyes on the past and grow blind. That leaves one eye on the future or both eyes?

  4. I hope you’re right, SIII. Not only is the EU fundamentally undemocratic, and likely designed that way, but I suspect that it is not possible to govern an entity of hundreds of millions of people democratically from the centre; when PM John Major signed us up to the Maastricht Treaty, we were promised “subsidiarity”, but the evidence suggests we were lied to.

    This should come as no surprise; the US has been wrestling with the same problem for a couple of centuries.

    • “Nothing more dangerous than a man with a plan.” Muslim’s stupid speaking Berlin bunk.

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