Merry Christmas, Everyone!

The above photo was taken here at Schloss Bodissey ten years ago, on Christmas Day of 2009. It’s not at all like that today; the weather is quite mild, with no precipitation.

I’ll be involved in family doings most of the time today and tomorrow, so posting will be light. However, I hope to post a news feed tonight — God willing and the Creek don’t rise.

15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  1. Merry Christmas, Baron.

    May the way ahead be bright, and the darkness in the rear view mirror a receding poignant memory.

  2. And a merry Christmas to you too, Baron.

    Don’t worry about us. Take another day or two for time with family. That’s especially important in a year like this. We’ll survive. There’s enough wealth of material in the Gates of Vienna Archives and “Author” Files to keep a new reader busy for months … and us long-term die-hards, too.

    God bless you with a happier year in 2020.

    • I apologize for the miss-spelling, it is supposed to be
      Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano (no tilda on my keyboard) Nuevo
      Greetings from SoCal or NorMex as the case may be with fresh rain and snow from a storm that is headed your way that should make your back porch look like it does in the photo.

  3. Merry Christmas from Thailand, Baron. The temperature has gone right down to 10 degrees centigrade and we have had to put jackets on the cats. May 2020 be healing year for all of us.

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