Gottfried Curio: “The goal is to make every internal refugee in Africa a problem for Europe”

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The following video shows a speech about mass immigration given by Dr. Curio in the Bundestag. During the speech certain MPs for the CDU (Angela Merkel’s party) were so distressed by Dr. Curio’s remarks that they turned their backs to the speaker.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now we will hear from the AfD faction Dr. Gottfried Curio, the domestic policy spokesman.
00:05   The AfD requested this parliamentary session.
00:20   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen,
00:23   the Global Refugee Pact aims to carve into stone the major mistakes
00:27   made by the German government in 2015. It intends to
00:31   distribute “refugees” fairly on an international scale,
00:34   through increased resettlement, legal entry routes and it wants to provide
00:39   legal work opportunities for “people on the move”.
00:43   The goal is to make every internal refugee in Africa a problem for Europe.
00:48   Resettlement means accepting people from a nation where they already have safety and protection.
00:55   It is a resettlement program to Germany and Europe.
00:59   To begin with, the UNHCR wants to bring in almost one and a half million people.
01:02   However, once refugees are resettled in Germany,
01:05   they transfer money back home. What’s the best way
01:08   to use that money there? That’s right! Migrate to Germany.
01:12   Since this distribution policy has been tried and tested in Europe for years
01:15   and doesn’t work, it leads to just one conclusion:
01:18   Instead of distribution, Germany will be taking them all in
01:21   for the most part. In line with this, Heiko Maas has committed
01:24   to a progressive expansion of the admission programme for the next few years.
01:30   Let’s not forget that among the Western industrialized countries, Germany already leads,
01:35   in terms of the millions spent for refugees it has taken in, far ahead of the rest in the ranking.
01:43   The people affected by this don’t come from a neighbouring country
01:47   close to their home, nor do they remain internally displaced persons,
01:51   but will now be separated from their cultural community
01:55   and distributed around the globe. Returning home once the conflict
02:00   has ended is made difficult as a result. We shouldn’t be moving masses of people around the globe;
02:06   ideally we should be sending aid money, ladies and gentlemen.
02:10   Such a resettlement programme is a deeply inhumane doctoring-up of a problem, in terms
02:14   of population policy. Those affected are forced into a cultural and linguistic homelessness.
02:18   For the host society, these social disadvantages
02:21   endanger internal security and internal peace, cause the loss of identity,
02:25   in addition to a psychological and material overload.
02:28   This arbitrary insanity creates unnecessary burdens for Germany.
02:32   Rich Germany, where there are no apartments available,
02:35   not enough teachers, no daycare places available, but plenty of debt
02:38   and EU liabilities, crumbling bridges, roads, and schools,
02:41   and our elderly people feeding themselves at charity food banks.
02:46   Currently more than 50% of the young people in the Arab world
02:50   want to emigrate. That’s 53 million, and several million are waiting
02:54   in Syrian camps for their resettlement in Europe.
02:57   However, with an expected doubling of the African population to 2.4 billion
03:03   by 2050, overpopulation is likely to become
03:08   a prominent reason for flight. Certainly they will also be fairly distributed all over the globe.
03:15   These people will also be granted equal rights in the host countries,
03:18   integrated into the labour and education sectors,
03:21   will have access to participation in education, health care,
03:24   scholarships, student visas. And I quote:
03:27   “Together we can achieve results that will fundamentally change the life of host communities.”
03:35   Indeed! This is a given, considering that schools, the police, the justice system,
03:39   the housing market and social welfare system,
03:42   which are already overwhelmed because of the refugees already here.
03:46   And refugees and host society should adapt to each other.
03:51   It should be noted that WE too should adapt,
03:54   and that “integration is a two-way process that requires efforts from all parties,
03:58   including the willingness of the host community to meet the needs of a diverse population”.
04:06   A truly perverted understanding of integration,
04:09   which actually means creating a culture of equalization,
04:12   rendering one’s own culture unrecognizable. This pact reveals a deep disrespect for democracy.
04:20   Not surprisingly, according to “No Nation Snowboarders”,
04:24   sovereign nations stand in the way of this pact.
04:27   Along with societies strong in tradition which inherently resist
04:31   a subordination of their own culture.
04:35   Ladies and gentlemen, I must tell you, we have really had enough
04:40   of this eternal magnanimity coupled with
04:45   the unquenchable spending syndrome among certain German mindsets, that desire to permanently steer
04:51   from their imaginary moral hilltop, in order to save the world
04:55   with the money of other people, instead of taking care of
04:58   the real problems of their own country. We will take care of the problems
05:02   of our German citizens and taxpayers,
05:05   car drivers and tenants, pupils, parents and mothers who need daycare
05:09   and care for pensioners. That, ladies and gentlemen,
05:12   is what radical right-wing ideas are. We will take care of it.
05:20   We’ll do it here in the government, and soon! Germany deserves it!
05:26   Ladies and gentlemen, this parliament is here
05:30   so that we can present different points of view by way
05:34   of speeches and arguments. We do not conduct demonstrations
05:39   and we do not take photographs of each other.
05:44   If we can achieve this for the last four speeches before Christmas,
05:49   Then the wishes of every speaker will be
05:53   a blessed Christmas, quite frankly. In this sense, I now give the floor
05:57   to my colleague Dr. Karamba Diaby of the SPD.
06:02   The control room captured certain CDU and CSU delegates that turned around in their seats,
06:07   as well as a few FDP member who had turned around.
06:10   The AfD tried to photograph it with their mobile phones, and
06:13   Wolfgang Schäuble, the president of the Bundestag, has now admonished everyone,
06:17   and I would say that he is de-escalating
06:21   the situation by reminding everyone about Christmas.

22 thoughts on “Gottfried Curio: “The goal is to make every internal refugee in Africa a problem for Europe”

  1. The AfD is speaking the truth and in an educated respectful manner, yet the liberals sit there telling out loud and acting like pouting children. It seems anytime someone tries to have an intelligent conversation the liberal side gets highly emotional and just plain stupid!

    • The term “liberal” in the US context as understood by most GoV readers is utterly misleading, as this suggests basically Democrats and their voters.

      On the contrary, the deputies turning their backs in the videos are Christian Democrats and Free Democrats, often smeared by GoV readers as “European socialists”.

      But their parties conduct neoliberal economic austerity policies when in office; they are arch-capitalist.

      Which is why they reject the AfD speaker by turning their backs on him : he is urging that German borders be closed, which would instantly stop
      – the flow of future Arab and Black and Afghan apartment mortgagees;
      – low wage unskilled labour absent useful advances in AI and robotics to replace it completely;
      – consumer debt slaves to German retail chains;

      This would quickly cut profit margins across the German economy and also impact the ca,. 1/3 of all German Federal deputies linked in some way to what Udo Ulfkotte called the Asylindustrie, which employs hundreds of thousands.

      GoV readers can indulge their mouth-foaming Cold War nostalgia all they like, the fact is that Merkel and Macron and their other western EU counterparts are not “communist” but deeply capitalist: first, run a slave trade 1494- ca. 1800, then capture colonies and bleed them out, then bring the natives of those colonies back to Europe to keep GDP going.

      • That doesn’t sound like smart capitalism. How are “low-wage” workers going to afford mortgages at all? And as automation pervades the low-skill labor market, these people will simply be a drain on the economy. How on earth will they shop on subsistence wages?

        • Afford mortgages? do you have any idea how little capital you need in Western countries to take out a home loan these days?
          Are you not aware that conservatives blame the 2008 subprime crisis on the Feds having forced commercial banks to give mortgages to counteract redlining,

          The notorious Zuckerberg has said: Move fast and break things, unless you are breaking things you are not moving fast enough.

          So under the heading of German white flight to enhance German GDP, break Germany as it was in 2014:

          think private fee paying schools; private 24/7 gated communities with security guards drawn from unemployed Africans and Arabs in 2030; private hospitals and clinics; gated shopping malls with face controls and swipe card entry points, access payable in advance monthly to the mall lessee; private transport escort companies and rentable vehicles; privatised prisons on the US model with prisoners working for transnational corporations; the Chinese social credit IT surveillance to benefit German software firms. Etc.

          And as in the USA, the party(ies) that cater best to the immigrant GimmeDats stay in power for ever.

      • Macron & Merkel are neither commies neither socialists. They just represent lobbies of power and elites of their respective countries (which have also been socialists / communists for most of the time of the XXth century). They can call themselves also liberals as most of socialist parties of the 90s call themeselves today. It is not who they say they are that matters here, but who they represent; they represent the deep state and institutions of their countries and of european union (which is also an evolution of international socialism).

        (As far as I understood Merkel started her political career during the Stasi government of DDR, so it is not so wrong to call her a commie, even if she probably is no more, that is her background; Macron call himself a liberal (LaREM entered in the Renew Europe group, ex ALDE, at europarl), infact I do not remember anyone ever calling him a commie: it would not make a lot of sense to me; but as far as I understood he is in line with the french (socialists & communists) institutions).

  2. How appropriate. They’ve turned their backs on their countrymen. Hope they all get voted out of office.

      • and this could turn into a tripwire in the future: should the AfD once have a chairperson in office and this person would have to admonish or even ban lawmakers for a session or two for unadequate behaviour and contempt for the house, they would start to scream ” Nazis all over here, this is like 1933, here in this very place”.

    • I dare say they are not capable to. They only live in the “now” and don’t worry about the future. Some scientists think it’s due to weather conditions: in Africa you don’t really need to prepare for winter, as opposed to Europe and parts of Asia and America where food isn’t readily avaiable throughout the year and so different races evolved with different mentalities.
      Considering how much technology and infrastructure was left behind in the colonies, those countries should be booming economies!
      There’s a documentary, I believe it’s avaiable on youtube, in one part of it a Chinese talks to a black African man (I don’t remember which country he’s from at the moment) and it’s like wise old man scolding a child. First the African tries to play the victim, but when the Chinese doesn’t allow him to, he just sits there. And the Chinese man is right, he says: “you had the most modern trains and other technology avaiable at the time and you destroyed it all or left it to rot! We (as in China) didn’t have anything and look at us now.”

      Even if it’s true that some European countries became wealthy due to natural resources in the colonies, Afria has already been re-paid tenfold in welfare.
      There are only two solutions:
      1) bring the colonies back. Much like in Zimbabwe, countries are going to prosper if Europeans are in charge. Had colonies haven’t been abolished, I imagine Africa would be extremely wealthy by now. Considering the human rights movement, African work’s and life conditions ought to have been improved greatly.
      2) stop the welfare and let nature take it’s course. I know it sounds harsh and I wish no harm on anyone, but no land anywhere on Earth is capable of sustaining each couple having 10-12 children with every single one surviving, there’s just no way to grow enough crops and raise enough animals and it’s impossible to have enough jobs for so many people as well. It’s been the same in Europe before widespread vaccination. After that people gradually had less children, 4-5 instead of 10 (I believe the current trend of 1-2 is artificial). There’s a reason why throughout history population grew and shrank. Every species does that.

      I’m kind of suspecting this comment might get moderated though. I’m sorry if I’ve been too harsch, I tried to tone it down as much as I could.

      • I dare say, that you are very correct, the truth is often harsh, cold and cruel, but the truth often is.

  3. This is the result of “Collapsible Communism” from 1989 designed and planned by the KGB. May of these politicians like Mass and the Greens are still DDR Communists now trying to bring their disgusting plans to fruition in the West. Merkel was and still is a Communist and was once a Stasi member. These Communist toxins never accept voting results as we see in the Democrats in USA, still committing Treason by trying to overthrow Trump. We saw the same behaviour over Brexit and they are still at it.

    I never thought to say this but now Communism must be banned forthwith. No quarter must be given to these vile creatures. Nearly 200,000,000s have been killed by these oiks since 1917- and those are the ones we know about. Globalism is just one more sick plan to take power. It and its minions must be eradicated like the toxic infestation they are.They are unfit for public office and should never be allowed ever again to partake in democracy. All and every means must be used to remove them. I speak of both International and national Socialists.

    I am sick of this carrion feeding off human pain and misery.

  4. Maybe a better course of action would be to send all the multi-culti lovers to Africa to live among the teeming hordes so their virtue can rub off on the unassimilable. Even with HIV, Ebola, tribal wars, starvation by warlord and just plain stupidity, Africans still continue to multiply like muslims. If ever there was a case study of Malthus in action it is Africa. I don’t know what Germany is a case study of. Possibly it is a demonstration of how high average intelligence in a population does not necessarily mean an abundance of common sense.

    • and not even in cases of intelligence high above average, unless I stand corrected with my estimate about the intelligence of my social habitat.

  5. It’s absolutely disgusting and disturbing what are this useless traitors doing to own country and own citizens, I hope change is coming soon , otherwise game over ..

  6. Can someone please explain the “No Nation Snowboarders” at 4:20. What does that refer to?

  7. I’m more concerned about the lack of MPs present during a sitting that a bunch of clowns acting up. Politians are paid top money, the least they could do is show up for work…

  8. Any really significant threat to nations with borders will set off a bloody war. The UK is being polite – to start.

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