Destination: Hungary

The following video is a Hungarian news report about the current exodus of Germans to Hungary. The expatriates from Angela Merkel’s multicultural paradise interviewed for this clip are seeking refuge from the violence and degradation that cultural enrichment has brought to their home country.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   She would like to live in safety and peace; that is why she moved to Hungary.
0:04   That is what a German woman said to the M1 [state television]. She also
0:08   mentioned that she lived in continuous fear in Germany. Here she feels well, and soon
0:12   all her family will be moving here. In the last couple of years more and more people
0:16   have been moving from Western Europe to Hungary, solely for security reasons.
0:20   It is the first time Tanya Weber has celebrated Christmas
0:24   in Hungary. Three months ago she moved to Zalakomár [western village close to the Austrian border].
0:28   “In Germany I was always afraid;
0:32   I already felt fear when I heard steps
0:36   behind me in the street,” said the woman to the M1.
0:40   Once somebody was following her, but she was able to flee
0:44   into her home. The last drop in the glass was when
0:48   she almost fell victim to migrant violence.
0:52   “Not long ago I almost became a victim of rape.
0:56   Three Syrian migrants were the perps. I wanted to sell a sofa;
1:00   that is how they came to be in contact with me. But I still
1:04   can’t talk about the details. I wanted to press charges
1:08   with the police, but I was told I had no chance because all three would be
1:12   testifying against me,” she says, adding that was when she decided
1:16   that as soon as possible she would be leaving Germany.
1:20   “I would like to live in peace, safety and happiness,” she added.
1:24   Here she shows us her daughter’s picture. She also does not feel comfortable
1:28   in Germany. That is why — based on her plans — she will be
1:32   following her mother [to Hungary] with her entire family. But of her circle of friends,
1:36   more and more live in Hungary,
1:40   or would like to move here.
1:44   This is another settlement from Zala county: Csapi. Here a German family
1:48   purchased a house two years ago. The property has since been renovated;
1:52   all the objects found there have all been restored.
1:56   He is already over the initial difficulties, and has learned a lot of Hungarian phrases.
2:00   Stephan Richter previously worked in the personal protection industry.
2:04   In early 2015 he thought the mass migration
2:08   would have unpredictable consequences.
2:12   “Germany is on its way to Islamisation. The government
2:16   can’t — or more likely does not want to — protect
2:20   the population,” he said. He also talked about the fact
2:24   that it is clear that the economy getting worse there; thousands are losing their jobs.
2:28   In the meantime the politicians state that there is a labor shortage,
2:32   and that is why the mass migration is required, he added.
2:36   Stephan Richter’s family was not torn apart by the move. His brother
2:40   is living close to Kaposvár. He does not lack for friends.
2:44   He helped three other German families to move to Hungary;
2:48   the fourth family will arrive in January. By their own admission
2:52   they feel homesick less and less; they see the Hungarian villages
2:56   as their new homeland, where they can live in safety.
3:00   For the evening news, this is Katalin Noll.

21 thoughts on “Destination: Hungary

  1. There are some concern of Hungarians, about the German and French citizens moving into Hungary. In the last local election Budapest was helped with 90 thousands foreign votes to win the liberal-Bolshevik opposition in the city. Almost all people moved here from the West voted for the very same political forces, caused their hell in their homeland.

    • They should be taught the meaning of the word “assimilate”. Or maybe they are ineducable. Moving from a terrible situation, then voting to bring it with them, illustrates the arc of stupidity.

    • The answer is they shouldn’t be allowed to vote until they have citizenship so they can’t destroy the host country before they have assimilated. Have a citizenship test and if they fail they can’t vote.

      • Don’t allow them to vote, ever. They can claim sanctuary if they are truly persecuted, but not being able to affect the government for better or worse after they screwed up their own country is a small price to pay for a second chance in a country free from multiculti.

  2. How long until Reichsmarshall Merkel seals off the border? That’s how the stazi in East Germany solved the problem of diminishing population. I lived in W. Germany in 1961.

  3. I disagree with it to be honest. Go live in the countryside or something, I just spent a week in the rural areas, hope I don’t piss anyone off by simply saying there are such things as unenriched places in Western Europe. But I guess if you don’t care about your home country fine.

    • If Government does not care if you live or die, then you are not safe in your country. Sure, you can live in a little village in the countryside and quite frankly that is why I live in Montana. Nevertheless, we are one election away from total, unlimited immigration and don’t think the Prog-Fascists are past putting 3rd world people in every nook and cranny of America while they purposely don’t not want them assimilated. The Left wants our guns too.

      Dude, our ancestors came here in the early 17th century precisely because the 30 Years War was murdering a huge proportion of people and they wanted religious freedom from their Deep State at that time. I will stay and fight but the Europeans have been disarmed. What will they fight with? Wooden spoons?

      When your population is fleeing it should tell you something. I support any Western European fighting back by getting the hell out.

      • The problem is, there is no place to flee too any longer, the same problems fester everywhere in the west and like you said, there will be a tribal reckoning soon that will force even the most liberal to have to side with their own.
        As for guns, eastern Europe, Ukraine, the Baltic states and Russia have miles of bunkers filled with toys from the 2nd WW to the cold war era. At some point, they will be broken out and well used, national survival will depend upon it.

    • I think most of the problems is in the biggest globalized and multicultural cities. But I do not think it is time for a retreat yet. If everybody thinks selfishly just for himself to flee, the defeat will be ensured. People should stay and fight.

  4. I wonder if these Germans will act like the Californians who move to red states and immediately begin pushing for the same failed policies that ruined the formerly great state of California.

      • Complacency, easy living and a stein of bier. They never noticed what happened around them until their once homogenous cities became 3rd world cesspools and the smart ones fled leaving everybody else to their fates. That is why they are waking up and when fully awake, the old German in them will come out to play with a vengeance. Especially when the military begins conscription again.

  5. Hungary is indeed normal. If however you are resettling yourself there to escape the wanna be conquering Muslim settlers think again. I imagine the Hungarians will do whatever they need to do. Good luck.

  6. I see these people fleeing CA very day at my job in Montana. They are very
    realistic people and are not “Woke” at all.

    I can’t speak for the ones who go to Scottsdale, Boise or Denver but I can for the ones who come here.

    Many of them are retired law enforcement and they are not Democrats,

    • I live over the border in North Dakota. I am a California refugee although I left after high school to join the military before the state really started circling the drain. I wouldn’t live there again even if I was wealthy or someone was paying me to live there. To modify the phrase from British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, “The lamps are going out all over the Left Coast, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

      I know quite a few more recent Kalifornia refugees here; enough I don’t advertise that I was also from there at one point. Some of them are good workers and don’t have their head up their fourth point of contact, but there are an awful lot of morons among them who would recreate the same dysfunctional failed state here through sheer stupidity if they had electoral majorities here.

  7. I think they will not vote for socialists that want more Islamic invasions. They left Germany as they know the score. Many Islamic countries will not let Pakistanis or Somalis in as they know these people are particularly dangerous. No Islamic countries allow Christian immigrants to have a passport.

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