Culture-Enriching Knife Fight in a Church in Saxony

Two culture-enrichers got into a knife fight inside a church in a small town in Saxony. When a church volunteer tried to intervene, he was stabbed.

In the news reports below, you’ll notice that the efforts of the reporters and members of the community are primarily focused on denying or downplaying the negative effect that Muslim migrants have on their community, and also on making sure that the incident is not exploited to help the “extreme right”.

Also note: The AfD is often falsely described as a “neo-Nazi” party in the media, but the NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, National Democratic Party of Germany) is the real deal. If any party deserves to be labeled neo-Nazi, it is the NPD. I’m told that roughly a third of its membership, including much of the leadership, consists of infiltrators inserted by German intelligence.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from Bild about the same incident, also translated by MissPiggy:

Volunteer Helper Stabbed in Pastor’s Office in Aue

Aue-Bad Schlema (Saxony) — The parish of St. Nicolai in Aue-Bad Schlema gathered for a prayer for peace on Saturday evening after the bloody attack on one of its volunteers.

About 500 people attended the church. Superintendent Dieter Bankmann spoke out against the knife attack being politically exploited by right-wing circles.

“We are the ones affected,” said Bankmann. He thought it was harmful that the commitment of many people to the common good was being maligned.

On Christmas Eve a dispute between asylum seekers had escalated at the celebration for the needy in the parish and community centre in Aue-Bad Schlema. Helper Mike W. (51) tried to intervene and suffered a stab wound.

The man is still in hospital, but he is now feeling better. “During a visit, he emphasised that he does not feel any hatred and will continue his volunteer work,” the church community said.

The stepfather of the victim also spoke to the congregation, saying: “Mike is doing better. His lungs are damaged and will remain so for a long time. The spleen is pierced.” He went on to say, “We need to think about our internal security in the church.”

A 53-year-old Syrian is in custody. It is still unclear exactly who stabbed him.

An NPD councilman called for a demonstration after the attack. According to police, about 2200 neo-Nazis gathered at the Altmarkt [Old Market] in Aue on Saturday evening shortly after the peace prayer. Delegations from the right-wing extremist association Pro Chemnitz and the right-wing extremist mini-party Der Dritte Weg [The Third Way] had also come. Some demonstrators raised German flags.

“We protest against using this crime as an excuse to consider all foreigners as potential perpetrators of violence. For this terrible act of a migrant is countered by countless good experiences with migrants,” the website of the local authority said on Saturday.

Video transcript:

00:00   Following the stabbing of a congregation member: 450 people pray for peace in the city of Aue.
00:06   500 people prayed; approximately 1,700 attended the demonstration.
00:15   The German flag and right-wing extremist at an event in Aue
00:19   Some demonstrators held up German flags.
00:23   We are here not because we hate others.
00:27   We are standing here because we love our country, our homeland, and that’s why we’re here today.
00:34   [Sign] Race war against asylum madness
00:38   On the evening of December 24, a fight between asylum seekers broke out at a church celebration.
00:44   A church employee who was trying to de-escalate the dispute was wounded.
00:47   He was seriously wounded by a knife. The NPD city council used this occasion to call
00:51   for a demonstration, and I quote, “to prevent foreign infiltration”. The church congregation
00:56   countered by calling for communal prayer for peace, which occurred before the demonstration.
01:00   At the moment the demonstration has just ended
01:03   and my colleague Sven Böttger is live on location for us.
01:06   Sven, was the demonstration on the old marketplace peaceful?
01:10   Yes, you could say that. The demonstration ended about 10 minutes ago here in the old marketplace.
01:16   It was a peaceful event with about 1,500 to 1,700 participants.
01:21   On either side they were flanked by rows of police officers
01:26   and police cars in the old marketplace. Stefan Hartung
01:29   from the NPD city council made a speech, as well as
01:32   Martin Kohlmann from the “Pro Chemnitz” civic movement was a guest speaker.
01:38   Pro Chemnitz is under observation by Saxony’s domestic intelligence
01:41   following events last year in Chemnitz, where Martin Kohlmann gave several speeches
01:44   as he did here today. Overall, it was a calm and peaceful event.
01:47   Of course the speeches railed against the incident
01:50   that occurred on Christmas Eve, in addition to critiquing how the church classified it.
01:53   Ahead of the demonstration the church invited the community to a prayer
01:58   session for peace. How many people responded to the invitation? —Yes, that should be pointed out.
02:03   The Nikolai church, which is near the old market place,
02:06   was really quite full this evening. The prayer for peace
02:09   was held at 5pm, and the church was filled to the very last seat.
02:14   There were 500 participants; there was singing,
02:18   and a speech by the superintendent. He said that
02:21   he didn’t want the incident to be exploited by the right,
02:24   and is strictly against that. There were many people there. This was also calm and peaceful event.
02:35   Just before it I spoke with the police that are here with about 200 officers
02:39   and two water-spraying tanks, which were
02:42   brought to Aue to be on the safe side and parked in the background.
02:45   No one knew what to expect this evening,
02:48   but it turned out to be very calm and peaceful. One could say it has been a good evening.

11 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Knife Fight in a Church in Saxony

  1. the npd was also started by british intel and their leader sayed that he was payed from the first day by german intel.
    but at the beginning they kicked out people for beeing antisemitic.

    some years ago germany wanted to forbidd the npd but it came out that to many people in high positions were on the pay list from the state…but yes you can call them a neo nazi party.i dont know how it was in the 60-70-80s.
    i heard in the 60s MOST german soldiers voted for the NPD.
    Other real Neo Nazi Partys(But very small)are DIE RECHTE and Der dritte Weg(third way-in France there is also a similar Party-their leader is an Lebanese Ex-Skinhead and there are also rumours that he is an police informer),both full of Criminals.

    WORCH the founder od DIE RECHTE sayed when he was in Jail a Gipsy asked him:What do you want?We(Gypsis)are more Aryan than you.Worch answered:Yes,thats true.-So you see which crazy people they are…

    Also in the NSU Process came out that a lot of other Nazi Leaders(Blood and Honour,Hammerskins etc)were on the pay List from the state and some of them were also Gays.If i remember right HOGESA was started by one of them…later he died because of Diabetes(official).

    This people try it everywhere.Its very bad that the NPD has called for the Demo.I think somebody with no links to Neonazi has done it much more people had come.

    ps:There was also a Party like the NPD back in time-the DVU.Its not clear but i think this party was leaded by the USA.The guy worked till 1951 for a German Newspaper that was lead by Ex-Wehrmacht Officers-but they get help from the USA.
    I think the US wanted to now were and who the Natioanalists are,and he played the game with them.In reality the Party was a Joke,because the politicians did nothing or were not allowed to do something if Mister Frey did not allowed it.

    Later came also Die Republikaner(split from the CSU)with a well known leader(Journalist).Qickly the Party was also full of Agents and Provocaturs.

    For the PRess all were the same Neonazis-but all 3 Partys dont wanted to work together and claim the other were to radical or something…

    It seems thats how it works in Germany.
    One time a guy who was in the FDP(Liberals) sayed when they split and formed an new party there were also qickly big mouth provocatuers and the new party died.1 year later he saw one of the big mouths again in the FDP.

    ps:Funny.Long time ago when the AFD not existed in Germany,the leftied wanted to blame the FDP as a Neonazi Party-at this time they had an Gay Leader(and later an Asian).They wanted 18% and posted it-and belive it or not, at a German Brodcaster they send this stupid Leftie Psycho argument:18% means ADOLF HITLER,they want the Nazis as voters!Ofcourse 30-40 years ago the CSU was also called Nazis by the Lefties.They had also many problems when their leader wanted to speak…

    • hi, informer! Your comment is mostly on spot and fluent.
      Occasionally you might want to look up past participle of english verbs…. said, lead…
      I was a soldier in the sixties and did not see anyone close to a Neonazi, on the contrary: in boot camp( just rookies)we asked the captain if we could leave out a song that sort of gloryfied getting barbecued in a tank in action( the Panzerlied). Our request was given suit without comment or negative consequences. OK, it was Air Force, after all and ” groundhogs” were looked down upon.

  2. If want to make a leftists robot head malfunction just remind it that the Nazis were socialists.
    The name is abbreviated from the National Socialist German Workers Party and they had cradle to grave healthcare, low cost vacation plans, state run nurseries and other big nannygov programs.
    The Saxony church needs to put up a knife free zone sign or make a hashtag.
    Saint Greta is too busy with King Canute trying to stop the ocean waves to help on this one.

  3. I feel like this might be the right spot for a reminder of a discussion (if you can call it that) with an older German lady I had earlier this year. It really wasn’t much of a discussion, because she was heavily indoctrinated and refused to even challenge her opinion on the following topics:
    1) the AfD is a terrible neonazi party
    2) the Nazis were definitely right-wing
    3) one in a milion refugees integrates, so we need to give them all a chance

    Of course, as the readers of GoV will know, none of those statements is true. AfD is all but neonazi, Nazis were left-wing (no “social” party can ever be right) and even if we leave islamisation and all the other problems aside, purely mathematically Europe simply doesn’t have the resources to give everyone a chance. And then there’re all those other problems of course…

    It sadened me that she is so properly brainwashed, because she actually participated in her local politics and church and did so many good things for the region.
    But it just shows you how Germany works. East Germany is different: they have historical experience with opression and they have different genes. So if anyone’s going to save Germany, I believe it’s gonna be them.

    • No, I don’t think it’s accurate to call the Nazis “left wing”. It’s third way, much the same way I don’t think European identitarian movements are left wing just because they believe in some sort of collective. I believe most people tend to get Nazis wrong.

      Anyways reading thru actual National “Socialist” policies is interesting, they had no real economic position, it shifted constantly. Crazy radicals for sure but no SJWs

      • On this and much more, I recommend “Liberal Fascism”, by Jonah Goldberg.

        Some of the stuff about pre-WW2 admirers of eugenics in particular, in the UK and US, is an eye-opener.

      • yes, Much. This discussion( Nazis,right, left or whatever) is bottomless. One author from our side of the fence just uses ” totalitarian”, and this is sufficient imho.

  4. “We protest against using this crime as an excuse to consider all foreigners as potential perpetrators of violence. For this terrible act of a migrant is countered by countless good experiences with migrants,” the website of the local authority said on Saturday.

    The problem is the German Volk do not know about all the positive migrant-related experiences occuring in their midst since they only hear about bad examples like that volunteer who had the audacity to throw himself onto the terrified Syrian’s blade. I propose several new hashtags to highlight the positive experiences of migrant enrichment: #rapingtoassimilate, #stabbingforlove, #sodomizedbyculturalambassador

  5. Was there a great wave of turkish immigration in West Germany in 70s . why did they not create problems in Germany in those years ?

    • indeed,your question is good. In those days, they were after the safe income of a (well) paid job, hot and cold water coming out of the wall and the flush, windows and doors that kept away the cold, money for every child and free education , state of the art health care for everyone.
      In short: they were happy and brought along a refrigerator when home for a holiday. I know a family from that generation whose 4 kids all have degrees and even medical doctorates, all married to Germans.The third generation suffers from the fact that illiterate brides/ cousins were imported and spoiled the gen- pool. The factor that the ” female choice” principle is inefficient in those societies through matched marriages represents the major flaw i mho.

      • Ofcourse there was trouble,but not much because they were not so much,lived in special houses and must work 10-12 hours(i think-thats was normal long time ago)so they had no time to go out.

        Even before the Turks came in Cologne you saw NO ITALIANS at the doors of Pubs.Why?Because they also used very fast knifes.Is this german prejudice?
        No,watch some old Italian Films.Even in this the Italians from the South(Sizilia)were accused as be fast with the knifes.

        And SPIEGEL reported about Arabs in France in the 60s.
        Killings were 10 times higher than by French!

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