Begging the Question

The following video report from the Netherlands is a reminder that not all problematic immigration is Islamic. The street beggars featured in this report are gypsies from Eastern Europe, and their enterprise is an organized criminal operation. News reports on their crimes usually describe them as “Romanians”, which real Romanians consider an insult.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Beggars! Until recently they were seen mostly in Southern European countries. But
00:06   nowadays they are also eyesores on Dutch streets.
00:09   Research by the city of Amsterdam shows these are mostly Romanian gangs.
00:14   More and more beggars in Amsterdam, how big is this problem? —Very big. And it’s growing quickly.
00:20   There are links with organized crime. Eastern European gangs, often people from Eastern Europe
00:24   who come here. The number of Romanian beggars has grown enormously,
00:28   which shows there’s an organization behind it.
00:32   A firm course of action is necessary, to make clear there’s nothing for them in the Netherlands.
00:37   All the beggars who systematically cause problems out of the country?
00:40   Yes, back to where you came from. This is not what we want on our streets.
00:45   The Eastern European begging gangs are dropped off every morning
00:50   to ask for handouts for the rest of the day.
00:53   We from “de week van Powned” decided to pay them a visit.
00:57   Hi. Is someone forcing you to do this?
01:01   [??]F*** you!
01:04   Can you keep the money?
01:08   Miss, is someone forcing you to. —[??]
01:14   Last summer we showed there was still a begging problem
01:17   in the center of Utrecht. Let’s see what the situation is now.
01:20   We certainly have problems with beggars, though it varies from day to day.
01:25   What are you doing?
01:28   You are begging for money? —We first thought
01:31   the beggars were gone, after the summer vacation was over; we’ve heard
01:35   they’re back. as far as the VVD [party] is concerned, we’re going to do something about it.
01:39   Do you have a boss? —No. —No boss? I think you have a boss.
01:44   You work in a group. —No.
01:47   These are clearly Eastern European people, there’s no doubt,
01:50   and they’re dumped here, they’re transported here in the morning.
01:53   [mix of German and English] No. I don’t speak German [he means Dutch].
01:56   Dutch? —No. —What are you doing? Are you begging? You’re asking people for money? —No.
02:03   They act like they’re miserable and in a lot of pain, do you believe that’s true?
02:06   Absolutely not. If you pretend to be handicapped, and nag people for money,
02:10   that’s called fraud, and we have to do something about that.
02:13   Is someone forcing you to do this?
02:16   Are you working in a group, are you working for a boss?
02:19   Don’t speak German. Away! —You just have to impose a ban on begging. They’ll know, and disappear.
02:24   And this shouldn’t be done by the city; you have to approach this on the national level.
02:27   From Utrecht we drove to the center of Eindhoven,
02:30   because allegedly Eastern European beggars cause a lot of problems here as well.
02:33   Hello. What are you doing?
02:40   You’re begging for money. —[German] For medicine, for medicine.
02:46   Commercial centers, where it’s busy, where there are many people, these people show up with a card,
02:51   which says in proper Dutch that they are so miserable and want money.
02:56   What are you doing?
03:00   You are begging for money. —They’re in pain, they need medicine,
03:03   food, do you believe those beggars’ stories?
03:06   No, because I don’t give them anything anymore. —Retailers don’t like it that you’re begging.
03:11   What you want to do? I don’t have afraid about job, you know, about working.
03:15   I’ll do the job. But if I have no place, no chance, what you want I can do?
03:19   [German] No money, none, none. —Yes, you can English,
03:22   cannot. —Dutch!
03:25   At the end of the day they’re picked up at the corner of a mall by a big fat Mercedes.
03:30   All those beggars get in there? —All those beggars get in. —If that’s true,
03:33   and they’re picked up in the evening and have to turn over the money to the driver,
03:37   then it qualifies as a criminal organization, and police will have to enforce security.
03:44   There are a lot of beggars in Eindhoven, and they all work for a boss. —Where is the boss?
03:49   Yeah, you know it. —I don’t know, you tell me.
03:52   What do you think should happen? —First, close the borders.
03:55   And deport those people immediately. To their country of origin.
03:58   Why don’t we have a national ban on begging? —A national ban on begging? Yes, I um… —That’s
04:02   a bit draconian. Because you’re pushing away something that exists. I think those people mostly…
04:08   We’re talking about human trafficking, so a draconian measure wouldn’t be out of place. —No.
04:11   I’m the first to volunteer to combat human trafficking,
04:14   but beggars should be helped, arrange good shelters. The groups
04:17   you’re talking about are often internationally organized groups,
04:20   so you have to deal with them the same way,
04:24   you deal with organized crime. —I’d be OK with a national ban on begging, and at the same time
04:30   have good social services, so we can take care of these people,
04:33   so they don’t lie in the street in misery.
04:36   I’m absolutely against human trafficking. But you should always, where it’s possible
04:39   to solve it locally, where locals can take the initiative,
04:43   that always has priority. —But that doesn’t work.
04:46   Then we have to intervene. —Yes. We’ll have to deal with this phenomenon for the time being.
04:51   But how much does it pay, begging? We decided to beg for a day.
04:57   Well, here I’m sitting, as a beggar.
05:01   You got something for my daughter?
05:05   Thank you very much. I just got two euros from that gentleman.
05:09   This feels very awkward.
05:13   Good luck. —Thanks, bud. —You got something for my baby?
05:17   There you go. —Thank you. Thank you very much.
05:21   Thank you very much.
05:34   Please, my daughter needs food.
05:37   Here, have this. —Thank you very much, thank you.
05:42   Thank you very much. My daughter would love that.
05:51   Begging is the ultimate humiliation.
05:54   But it’s lucrative, because after 20 minutes I have seven euros in my cup.
06:00   that’s 21 euros per hour. If I did this for a month, I’d earn 2800 euros.
06:05   And that’s more than the average income in the Netherlands.

5 thoughts on “Begging the Question

  1. STOP discussing immigration, as if what’s been happening is somehow normal.

    Only discuss the five decades long, ethnic cleansing of every population of European humans on earth. The analysis and the debate is over. The evidence of the largest, longest, and most institutionally backed ethnic destruction in standing right next to you in every city, town and increasingly village, across the Eurocide West.

    It is time only for peaceful, lawful, moral and righteous emotional demands for International Eurocide Tribunals…

    No More Euro-cide!
    No More Euro-cleansing Immivasion!
    No More Worldwide Kalergi Eurocide

    Repetition is Resistance

    Al Hope,
    Global Eurocide Resistance

  2. Romanian gypsies also go to Italy to sell their children to pedophiles. Look it up. There used to be a documentary about it on youtube, no idea if it’s still up. They generally have extremely low morals.

  3. In Germany even the Muslims are fleeing when they came!They say they are to loud and dirty and aggressive..

    The first Invasion was in the 90s when the East Border were open.

    You heard about Rostock Riots?It was not about the Vietnamese,it was because of the G!
    The asyl center(they didnt get Asylum) was at the house of the Vietnamese,thats wby the G. were hanging arounf this house.
    They grabbed girls(one girl write 20 years later that ony Gyp. asked her father if he SELL HER!!!),[defecating] everywhere(today again like in Hagen-the Press reported it-streets are full of [feces])and stole in the Shops.
    At the end the people burned the house(but only Vietnamese lived there)…

    Stupid Reporters still say:There were not enough toilets.They knew nothing about the Gypsy culture!In G. culture(from India)toilets in the house are dirty,like Haram for Muslims.Thats why Switzerland also build places under the sky for [DEFECATING].Yes,and people must came and clean it.But Switzerland say-they never go to the toilets so they think its better to made a special place.

    Also TV reported at this time that Romanians G. attack Bulgarian G.-and the other day it was the other way…

  4. Another comon way to call them is “Eastern Europeans” – media are afraid to use their real ethnonym because there already are negative stereotypes associated with it. What if people start thinking badly of the whole group?! How horrible that would be…
    So they create stereotypes for an even bigger group – Romanians. Or “Romanians and Bulgarians” – the new “nationality” created by politically correct Western-European media. Or better even – “Eastern Europeans”… Stereotyping groups of people is ok, as long as they are of a certain skin colour… Ironic, isn’t it…

  5. Same in non British Ireland. Crawling out of sewers onto pavements. Romanian trash housed by a messed up government while natives go homeless. Sick as sick can pee.

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