A Mosque in Every German Village

Never mind a chicken in every pot — we want a mosque in every village!

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Philosophia Perennis:

Erfurt politician on new mosque construction: “Build until every village has a mosque…”

(David Berger) “‘No new mosque building in Erfurt.’ Nazis stickers on lamps on our mosque grounds. The mosque will be built, then another one will be built, and then another one and then many more. Until every village has a mosque! Nazis will certainly not stop us.” — tweeted Suleman Malik, Deputy Mayor of Erfurt.

Our tweet of the day comes from Suleman Malik, who calls himself the “first Muslim local politician of Thuringia and deputy mayor of Erfurt.” He tweets under the motto “Love for all, hate for none”. He shows his love to the citizens of Erfurt by the fact that he announces that the new mosque building in their city is just the beginning:

Today Erfurt belongs to us, tomorrow the whole world belongs to us

“The mosque will be built, then another will be built, and then another and then many more. Until every village has a mosque!”

Nazis have nothing against mosques — quite the contrary

And the provocation is effective. Suleman’s kind of “love” is met with fierce resistance. “Germany was and is a Christian country. How about for every mosque built in Germany, a Christian church is built in a Muslim country for the Christian minority, and how about stopping the persecution of the Christian minority as well,” replies one of the Twitter users to him.

And another asks: “Why would Nazis do that? Historically, Nazis have nothing at all against the spread of Islam. Quite the opposite. They saw Muslims as brothers in spirit. But you like to frame it that way to discredit any protest, right?”

And PP guest author Ed Piper notes: The “until every village has a mosque” slogan seems like a Nazi statement to me — especially if it comes from someone who belongs to a Muslim sect, who actively practices gender apartheid and lives hostility against homosexuals.”

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  1. “Why would Nazis do that? Historically, Nazis have nothing at all against the spread of Islam. Quite the opposite. They saw Muslims as brothers in spirit.”

    Yes, this was why the Einsatzgruppen shot tens of thousands of Muslims on the eastern front, why Germans backed Chetnik cleansing of their supposed Bosnian allies, and why Hitler openly praised British colonization of the Arabia and the Indian subcontinent. All actions of ‘brothers in spirit’

  2. Ossis aren’t gonna be to pleased with this guy, they have less patience for this stuff than the Wessis

  3. Suleman has a point, a huge part of the country is noticably lacking in mosque, much like rural England. The former GDR is clearly Hitlerian. This cannot be accepted, pure Fascism, Germany must one day look like France: no large areas lacking in mosques

    • The Ost Germans love to play a game in their cities, wherever these 3rd worlders live, they accidently start on fire and are driven out. Much to their credit, they get it. When the fun and games begin in Germany, it will come from the eastern side.

  4. Funny-he is Ahmadiyya.

    Ah. are not accpeted as Muslims by any other Muslims and were also killed(even in Indonesia).
    So I think real Mosques will be not good for the health of Mister Malik.

    Also this guy spoke to Anti ISlamist Stürzenberger 2 weeks ago.First Mail sayed he want to speak with him really and later on his own Demo Malik called St. a Nazi.

    But the best thin is.on the same day came an Ex-Ahmadiyya-he told he leave the sect after an Ah. killed his daughter for nothing…

  5. If only Germans would buck up and deal with this guy like they did al-Harthi back in the good ole days

  6. Suleman Malik is translated as being Deputy Mayor of Erfurt. This startled me, as I think the homoglobalist presstitutes would have celebrated that upon his election.

    For example, the city of Hanover has had an ethnic Turk (born in Germany calling himself a liberal Muslim) as Lord Mayor, Oberbürgermeister since last month. The presstitutes were all over it.

    Malik however is Ortsteilvizebürgermeister, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ortsteilb%C3%BCrgermeister. This means he is vice-rep for one suburb of Erfurt. The German word for his title is used with that meaning apparently only in that Federal state of Germany. As the mosque is to be built in Marbach, I suspect that is the suburb.

    As Malik and his mosque are Ahmadi, they will be viewed – if events in South Asia are relevant – as quite killable heretics by Sunnis, who are the majority Islam reps in Germanistan.

    If you search on his name, you find a cute photo of him with his friend Angela Merkel,


  7. “Love for all, hate for none” is counter to Islam’s teachings.

    “Allah does not love the unbelievers” – K 3:32
    “…between us and you enmity and hatred forever” – K 60:4

    When an Ahmadi shopkeeper in Scotland wished his customers a Happy Easter a Sunni muslim from Bradford, England, drove all the way to his shop and stabbed him to death.

    • Yes, Allah is quite stong on hatred.

      Odd how Ahmadis manage to avoid his fairly clear words; also how they manage to get round K 3:40 ” Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah and the seal (ie last) of the prophets”.

      It’s not surprising that traditional Muslims find them annoying.

      So should we because many non-Muslims take them for the real thing and gat a falsely benign impression of Islam.

  8. I see one upside in building mosques everywhere: muslims tend to pompous and overproportioned display in everything. So let them collect much money in their communities( no grants from abroad allowed) and thus withdraw funds that could be used for other things.

    • “…muslims tend to pompous and overproportioned display in everything.” I was shopping in a small town recently and observed a Muslim wedding cavalcade passing through – it consisted of high powered supercars travelling at about 3mph whilst at the same time revving the bo**ocks off the engines. A pathetic display by attention-seeking inadequates. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon?

      • Just like everything else those camel whisperers do; they are incapable of building an aircraft, but can hijack and blow one up. They are incapable of building a skyscraper but they can bring one down. They cannot create a civilization but they can invade one and put everyone to death and steal and destroy it’s treasures and artwork.

        The human equivilent of locusts.

        • Overblown comment, given the Al hambra in Spain or Al Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem; aircraft and skyscrapers are items from 1850 or 1900 onwards anyway, Islam went into a freeze after about AD 1,000, I don’t recall mediaeval European aircraft or skyscrapers?

          Big stretch to say Islam never had a civilisation, look at Spain 700-1492 AD, running water and sewage in cities.

          While New York Times and CNN anti-White/Western PC is a curse and a lie, there is no point in you practising reverse PC either, unless you think we have to rally the troops with fibs?

          • Undoubtedly you are unfamiliar with “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise” by Darío Fernández-Morera. While there were treasures of architecture built in muslim lands, and functional cities before Europe got its act together, both architecture and cities long predate islamic depredations.

            Take for example the Hagia Sophia in the Byzantine city of Constantinople. Built before the time of the Prophet of course, and in the largest city of the ancient world and the wealthiest, with functional sewers, running water (this is an innovation from Roman times long before islam) cisterns, stadiums, public baths, unbelievably beautiful and unique artwork, a seagoing merchant fleet and international trade. They didn’t have aircraft and skyscrapers of course, but they had architects capable of building the largest buildings in the world almost a hundred years before Mohammad molested his first prepubescent girl.

            Arabs rightfully can claim credit for remarkable feats of mathematics (algebra), celestial navigation, metallurgy, and biological science while Europe was still in the Dark Ages. But these are Arab achievements, and not islamic. They predated islam, and what culture and science and knowledge and architecture that happened in islamic lands happened in spite of islam and not because of it. I still maintain islam has been a retrograde force on civilization, and the predations and destruction such as the burning of the Library of Alexandria set humanity back a thousand years. But they motivated military technology and science in Europe, and for that the West can be thankful.

          • Actually, Arab mathematical achievements were mostly Persian and Indian (Hindu), as I understand it.

            The Arabs were competent stargazers, and made some contributions to early astronomy. This may be due to their heritage as dwellers in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, where the night sky would have been particularly clear.

          • The Al hambra isn’t that special. Certainly not worth the exhorbitant entrance fee.

            Check out the grand mosque at Cordoba – put to shame by the magnificence of the cathedral that shares thre same building.

      • You don’t say which country and which nationality of “Muslim”. It could be that this is a class thing too, given the nature of the West Asian and north African migration to the EU since ca. 1960. That is, your rare Turkish GP does not need to put on such a display, perhaps.

        Having said which, what you describe occurs in Germany and Austria for years now, in Germany with high Turkish population percentages, e.g. Ruhr region. It leads to traffic jams which then get broken up by the police. There are arrests and charges laid.

        Weapons are fired to celebrate as also in the Middle East e.g. Lebanon; are the cartridges “starter pistol-type” or lethal, that is, what is the type of weapon?

        So far the German or Austrian police have not been shot at.

        Here is a recent event in south Germany:


          • @Erkel: yes I know what the German firearms law is, “Sylvester” by the way is “New Years Eve”.

            . My question however was: what munition are these Wedding Turks carrying? has it ever been live munition?

            I have not see any statement by any German police about this over the months, and the German presstitutes are not about to ask “discriminatory” questions

      • yes , manatthepub,
        this happens all the time in France and Germany too. They must endebt themselves for years just to show off for one hour in their life.I have seen those wedding cavalcades with those thuggish faces over ill fitting three- piece suits, it is not adequate and a one day thing in their mostly sad life. I guess a Mercedes S or a Lamborghini doesn’t come for less than 1000$ a day. But it is in their culture that there always is some bigshot who will lend out the money, knowing that he can always call in ” favours” later on.

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