A German Patriot Wants Gender-Segregated Swimming

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Swimming Pools Only for Muslims?

Separation by Gender and Religion

November 20, 2019

“I am a German patriot, perhaps more patriotic than some who attack me,” says Abdullah Zeran, who wants to build a purely Muslim swimming pool in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt entrepreneur Abdullah Zeran wants to build a swimming pool in the Main metropolis just for Muslims, with gender-segregated swimming. He has currently collected €3 million in start-up capital for this project.

The 38-year-old does not justify his building project religiously, but purely entrepreneurially: “I have done market research and found swimming facilities for strict Muslims will fill a gap in the market.” According to him, the primary reason is the requirement for swimming lessons in German schools and that millions of Muslims living in Germany find it unreasonable to have to accept the lack of gender segregation in normal German swimming pools when swimming at school. “Muslim parents have a problem when the children in the class have swimming lessons together,” as stated in the regional newspaper HNA. The man being quoted has an Islamic beard, runs a soap factory and is a custodian for a German administrative bodies.

Abdullah Zeran also already has his eye on a plot of land. It is located on the Griesheimer Eichenstraße in Frankfurt am Main.

The designated building contractor looks like a typical Middle Easterner, but emphasises: “I am German. […] I have a German passport only. I am a German patriot, perhaps more patriotic than some who attack me.” He has recognised a problem to which he wants to make his contribution.

Heinz-Peter Meininger, chairman of the teachers’ union, agrees with him. Spiegel Online quotes Meininger as saying that, concerning swimming lessons, there is “probably more conflict about this topic in Germany than is discussed in public.”

Many Muslim pupils, especially girls, don’t learn to swim. Their parents report them sick regularly in order to avoid their taking part in school swimming lessons.

11 thoughts on “A German Patriot Wants Gender-Segregated Swimming

    • The FDP is not running the town council of Frankfurt, whose “anti-racist” lord mayor is named Feldmann, a Social (sic) Democrat (sic).
      Like London, Frankfurt is 50%+ non-German by now.
      The FDP does not want the municipality to support or subsidise such a swimming facility in any way and has moved a motion to that effect
      I cannot see that any other party has commented on this yet.
      No vote has been taken on the motion as far as I can see, status: 2 days ago.

      The article does not describe future moves/options/eventualities.

      The FNP newspaper, from which this report comes, is in the FAZ stable, that is, a homoglobalist presstitute.

      The FAZ is the paper that Udo Ulfkotte worked for. He wrote “Journalists for hire: how the CIA buys the news”, :

  1. That’s BS! Why should the family father get separated from his wife and children when going for a swim just because some foreign brute doesn’t know how to keep his hands to himself? There’s only one solution and it consists of two parts: 1) a nice beating for anyone that can’t control himself and 2) when you don’t like it you’re free to go to any country where segregation is practiced, period.

  2. If someone wanted to build a “white only” swimming pool or a only a Christian only ,or Jewish exclusive swimming pool how would that fly in Germany or France ,or England? If the Moslem parents feel that their children cannot swim or be taught to swim in “gender mix” public pools they are free to install their own private pool in their own backyard and invite who they want as long as the taxpaying public is not saddle with the bill. That includes the Moslems picking up the bill for private swimming lessons in forced gender segregated swim lessons . With much of the Moslem population in western Europe on some form of “welfare” I do not see that happening.

  3. ok, let him build that thing and embezzle ( observant) investors money. This and the drowning of an obese burka- clad woman ( lifeguard was about to pray) will put his life on jeopardy, for sure. So good riddance.

  4. “who wants to build a purely Muslim swimming pool in Frankfurt.”

    So instead of being filled with water, it is filled with blood?

  5. This guy sounds like a great businessman and entrepreneur! He figured out something that is needed in the community and a way to make money off of it. Quite brilliant really.

    Everyone knows that the savage male followers of the Religion of Peace cannot restrain themselves from raping and molesting women and girls if they’re allowed to swim together, so if they have segregated pools- you “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak.

    The women can swim in peace and the men can molest each other or maybe some special inflatable toys would be suitable. I understand that Germany manufactures some cutting edge sex dolls that I’m sure would go over big.

    Good luck Abdullah!

  6. Germanystan is almost as clowny as the U.K.
    Too bad so sad that the replacements won’t be working in any factories or producing anything as a once great nation fades due to multikulti Jonestown Kool-Aid and Cultural Marxism AKA political correctness.

  7. Having read the comments, I agree that this kind of segregation (and misogyny) is unacceptable.

    However, just to put the record straight, I see no suggestion in the post that the entepreneurial Mr Zeran is expecting any public subsidy.

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