A Christmas Greeting From Hungary

The video below was produced by the Hungarian government and uploaded to Facebook by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, along with a brief message: “With this video I wish a blessed peaceful Christmas to every one of you and all of our readers, from Hungary!”

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:02   An angel from Heaven came to you,
0:06   shepherds, shepherds!
0:12   Thus going to Bethlehem in haste,
0:16   see it, see it.
0:23   The Son of God, who was born
0:28   in a manger, in a manger,
0:33   He is going to be your savior
0:38   indeed, indeed.
0:47   An angel from Heaven came to you…

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Greeting From Hungary

  1. How beautiful is that , Celebrating Christmas in own country with own people and culture , love it , every European country should looks like , unfortunately Germany is gone with stabbing and murdering people on Christmas markets, France is long gone , Britain is also gone and Holland and Sweden, and Belgium, makes me want to cry what this awful EU. Politicians did to this continent not even in four years , how You can elected Muslim mayor in Erfurt!!!. Who demands mosques every city and country in Germany???, are this Germans completely list their minds?, I guess YES…

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