2019: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

Our English correspondent Seneca III wraps up the year from an Anglocentric perspective.

2019: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

by Seneca III

It has been a fascinating year all round as in so many ways prevailing ideological and political dams cracked and started to leak once the sacred cows from which they had been constructed began to be herded towards metaphorical slaughterhouses weeping and squealing. Some of these sacred cows I will itemise below.

First, though, and surprisingly after so many years of censorship and suppression, it is now observable that the public and private commentariat — particularly in the UK where the protections of a First Amendment do not exist — have regained confidence in themselves, lost their fear of persecution and prosecution for speaking truth to power and in ever larger numbers loudly iterate the obvious and the previously unsayable. It is possible that they have subliminally realised the strength that there is to be found in numbers.

To continue: As the mutative process of non-existent ‘Global Warming’ evolved first into ‘Climate Change’ and then, as it became apparent that more and more of the educated and sane public at large refused to buy into this iniquitous project, its self-serving constructors desperately reconstructed the prevailing meme and delivered it as the form of hysteria labelled ‘Climate Emergency’ only to be derided further after the contrived appearance of a sixteen-year-old autistic child programmed to pollute the minds of a generation of young children whilst being paraded as an icon of salvation fell flat on its face.

She, Greta Thunberg, so inadvertently made the pragmatic “deniers’” point for them that I wonder at her promoters’ understanding of the history and inevitable consequences of such schemes. And I further muse on the fate of Jeanne d’Arc who from a similar young age was used by ambitious manipulators, and who also had ‘visions in the night’ for which she was first publicly venerated and later burned at the stake at the age of nineteen — not that I would wish that on the poor psychologically damaged child Thunberg, but I would have no objection to that becoming the fate of her parents and her other beneficial handlers.

Next: Mass migration from a failed third world — which could not provide for its heaving masses because of a low collective IQ, endemic kleptocracy, unremitting primitivism and a consequent inability to develop a workable socio-economic model that could supply at least the basic needs of its population — was more and more publicly recognized as the primary threat to survival by indigenous populations throughout the West. What had previously been a truth that did not dare declare its name now became a noisy rallying point for the frustrated victims whose lives and fortunes were being torn asunder on a rack of multicultural barbarism.

On the sidelines: The fightback against the petulant driveling of ‘academics’ began to take a stronger hold later in the year, but has only barely begun if it is ever to be effective. The cascade of socio-destructive propaganda being pumped out by Western universities these days is catastrophic: cisgenderism, transgenderism, heteronormativity, intersectionality, patriarchy, rape culture, racism, diversity, affirmative action, enrichment and toxic whiteness to mention but a few… a suppurating collection of ideological garbage that is infecting the minds of a whole generation of young people, perhaps several generations. This imposition of academia’s collective moral misconceptions inculcated and taught as a form of ‘knowledge’ based on their subjective sense of ethics is classic brainwashing. These smug, sinecured, so well-funded architects of this assault on the human mind deserve neither mercy nor magnanimity. It is imperative that henceforth they be denied all access to young minds and cast out into the real world to earn a living as best they can… if they can’t then so be it, and let them starve, for they no longer serve any useful purpose.

From the gutter: The tiny number of highly vocal moral infants of the deviant transgender movement with their outrageous claims to entitlements is so out of all proportion to their size and importance in the great scheme of things it is breathtaking. That their demands for preferential treatment at others’ expense and for our mindless deference to the dogma of their sick cult are an insult to human intelligence. They are being seen for what they are and a faint pushback is on the wind as we approach the end of this year. Perhaps 2020 will see that wind become a veritable gale. The arrival of that gale is important because of one simple fact — this insane concept is destroying generations of young children: The number of 13-year-olds referred to the NHS’s gender-identity service rose by 30 per cent on the previous year, while the number of 11-year-olds was up by 28 per cent. The youngest patients were just three years old. Three-quarters of all children seeking help to change their gender are girls.

Of serious concern: In the UK and elsewhere military readiness and effectiveness have been sacrificed on the altar of identity politics and progressive rhetoric. Some examples are the policies that established ‘safe spaces’ (and prayer times/places for Muslims), downgraded physical standards in order to meet female quotas, prohibited ‘micro-aggressions’ (whatever they may be), affirmative-actioned recruiting, and introduced operationally detrimental ‘green’ standards. Pointless ‘social justice’ guidelines were injected into training regimes, promotion policies and the general conduct of military operations. This diminution of our defensive abilities does not bode well for us in the light of the ultimate objectives of the ongoing and fast-growing Islamic occupation. That diminution must be reversed post-haste if we are to remain a free, sovereign nation.

Finally: One thing that only briefly popped its head above the dialectic parapet this year and then quickly backed down out of sight again was the subject of the global human population explosion. To my mind this is the major threat facing us in the years ahead because it has arrived perhaps a century too early to be sustainable. This small, rocky planet orbiting a G3 type star in an outer arm of a minor galaxy has but limited resources; they are finite and ultimately expendable, and at that point our species will have reached an evolutionary turning point… or a dead end.

Perhaps if this event happened decades or even centuries in the future when we have found ways to economically lift significant mass out of a gravity well and propel it outwards towards potential new habitats, possibly even in genetically modified human forms able to survive in alien environments, then the effects of this exponential expansion of our species would be minimised.

As it is and as the limits of our current combined technological and food-producing abilities will inevitably be reached we will have to either rapidly change our breeding habits or settle for huge pockets of global mass extinctions where for any survivors an existence, much as the majority of our immediate ancestors experienced three to four hundred years ago teetering on the edge of a subsistence lifestyle and living from day to day, is perhaps the best that can be hoped for.

— Seneca III, in an overpopulated, gridlocked and increasingly enriched Middle England this last day of the year of our Lord 2019.

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28 thoughts on “2019: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

  1. Well-written essay. Agree with everything except the overpopulation bit. The bulk of future population growth will take place in Africa. We stand at 7.7 billion, on our way to, perhaps, 10 or 10.5 billion. After that, it’s straight back down.

    So, can food be provided to an additional 2.5 billion people? Probably without too much difficulty. Of course, they must grow their economies in order to be able to afford it. That will require lots of energy, energy which Western greens seek to deny them.

    If they are denied, they will seek to leave for greener pastures, creating fresh immigration crises.

    As to Islam in the West, it’s really gotten to the point where the future is “baked-in” in many cases. If 20% of French newborns are now Muslim, and 40% in major metro areas, the tipping point is within sight. In ten years time, it will be 25% and 50%. Game, set, match.

    • Africa will likely solve itself as the population continues to explode until it has far exceeded the carrying capacity of the continent. Wars, diseases, and starvation will prune the numbers back down to something more sustainable, and just the wretched few bipedal roaches that have managed to scuttle into Europe are by their offensive presence bringing about the demise of the EU, globalism, and open borders. Double the number of them and every globalist government remaining in Europe will be voted out of office or removed by kinetic means if voting isn’t fast enough.

    • Sweden is already a de facto Islamic State. Watch events there closely.

      I know Scandinavia well and like its national cultures and people. I am travelling to there in the near future to lecture.

      I agree with Seneca III’s excellent essay, except with the population assessment. The Globe is already shedding unsustainable populations. We in the UK must increase our English birthrate. This is essential if we are to survive and thrive.

      I am an old fashioned academic- slightly anti “Establishment” and slightly Left in the best sense. I hate and despise what academia has become and I escaped in time to pursue proper studies and reason rather than the garbage they push now.

      The numbers of excellent older academics have been replaced by very poorly educated and ignorant Klass Warriors, mostly psychopaths whose PhDs are unreadable. I agree with Seneca’s opinion and the outcome they fully deserve. In truth I think they should be under arrest and facing trial and Capital punishment for their crimes that are every bit as bad as the Nazis they seek to excoriate in their collective bigotry.

  2. Well said. Cogent.

    In a way, I do not worry about Islamic invaders. All it takes is will to reverse the situation. Hard for them to build a strong society without being parasites. Even Turkey, going away from secular Islam, is fading.

  3. Correction: The Sun is a G2V type star, a main sequence yellow dwarf with a surface temperature of 5,300 – 6,000 Kelvin.

      • BTW, the artist has Satan’s tail in the wrong place. It should be an extension of the spine’s lumbar region.
        No, I haven’t seen him, I am only commenting on the out of place anatomy.

        • The artist is Johannes Stradanus, a Flemish painter from the 16th century, illustrating Dante’s Inferno.

          • My copy is a stilted translation by a Victorian clergyman, but it does have Dore’s wonderful engravings; he seems to have the tails in the right place!

  4. Love this:

    “This imposition of academia’s collective moral misconceptions inculcated and taught as a form of ‘knowledge’ based on their subjective sense of ethics is classic brainwashing. These smug, sinecured, so well-funded architects of this assault on the human mind deserve neither mercy nor magnanimity. It is imperative that henceforth they be denied all access to young minds and cast out into the real world to earn a living as best they can… if they can’t then so be it, and let them starve, for they no longer serve any useful purpose.”

  5. Happy New Year and thanks for another brilliant essay. Although everything you wrote was especially on point, I thought your musings on the Trans and “Education”/ propaganda issues were particularly important.

    Here in the states, trans-phobia (whatever the hell that is) is a bigger hate crime than attempted murder- no kidding- and it’s gotten to the point that even the merest suggestion that you disagree with one of their insane propositions, i.e. that men can get pregnant and have babies, is enough to have you banned from social media.

    Luckily, people are getting wise to this and hopefully will fight back hard against this trans tyranny.

    Here is a prediction for 2020 from Kurt Schlicter on the subject:

    ” Trans Fascism Backlash: Normal people are getting tired of being told they have to lie and say there are 631 sexes, and they are tired of militant jerks wanting boys hanging out in their girls’ locker room, and they are getting sick of boys winning girls’ sports championships. J.K. Rowling, who is otherwise a leftist doofus, recently survived social media cancelation for telling the truth that sex is real. The rest of us will be roused to action – people were trying to be polite, but now it’s all too stupid and obnoxious to tolerate. There is a big difference between being kind and not adding to the pain of people with real issues, and with being forced by drag bullies and their allies to publicly affirm what everyone knows is false. Look for more and more people, prominent and not prominent, to be told that they must agree that men can get pregnant and that women can have penises, and to answer, “No.”

    I hope he is right!

  6. OK! Before you panic further. “Global overpopulation” has no more proof of it’s validity ,than global warming. It is all part of a long string of fear hoaxes , like “peak oil” Global soil depletion” Global warming/cooling/change. ALL of them designed to attack weak minds. NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE IN ANY WAY. There is no proof for any of it. All the rest was created by the UN to make the fear mongering look real. Every single hoax is “settled “. If you actually believe in any of this …Then kill yourself and make the world a better place. We have enough idiots spreading the UN fertilizer, without another low IQ running another doom blog.

  7. Great Stuff, Seneca!
    Our future depends on bucking the cultural Marxist wreckers, in never shutting up, in standing up for reality over fantasy. The biggest single change will have to be an acceptance that the West cannot save Africa from itself. Our life raft is already full, and we will need to row away from their capsized ship. Will we be able to harden our hearts and stiffen out backs in time to prevent permanent ruin? It’s not looking good going into 2020, but there is still a chance.

    • To quote Jack Lawson, co-author of A Failure of Civility: Africa is the continent of the apocalypse. I’ve spent week long mission trips in both Haiti and Honduras and I’m never going back because the solution to their problems isn’t more USD or rice, it’s something around 7.62mm diameter in the heads of all their leaders. Just shake the dust off your sandals and move on.

      • “Nations get the leaders they deserve”, my grandfather often said. Which doesn’t say very much about most people on the planet judging by who rules them.

  8. Seneca III is one of the great joys of the internet. He educates, informs and entertains, exactly what Lord Reith said the BBC should do all those years ago. That turned out well. As a fellow Englander, albeit one who has relocated to Central America to escape the doom coming to my home country, I salute you.

  9. Ideological hogwash only proliferates in wealthy countries with an overabundance of supplies.
    When you are busy trying to survive you don’t sit around thinking about faculty lounge fairytales.

  10. Ironically, it is Western nations that have caused the population explosion in sub-Saharan Africa. It is the decades of massive food donations from Western governments, NGO’s, and private charities that has allowed the population there to grow far beyond what it ever could have if only indigenous food sources were available. We have created a problem that can be managed only by perpetually ongoing and ever increasing shipments of food to that benighted continent.

    A secondary effect of this artificially created population explosion in Africa has been catastrophic environmental damage. Vast tracts of African forest and veldt have been transformed into barren wastelands. Slash and burn farming, and cutting down of any available trees and shrubs for firewood just for day to day survival is now the norm.

    Another secondary effect is the explosion of disease due to the entire environment in certain areas having been fecalised due to sheer density of population and inadequate or non-existent sewage treatment facilities. Dysentery, cholera, shigella, norovirus, rotavirus, Hepatitis A, giardia, and numerous kinds of parasites are common throughout the populations in large areas of Africa.

    The teeming masses in Africa will never self-regulate in terms of contraception and family planning, and so the population will continue to grow exponentially. At some point all the food aid in the world will not be enough, and then the population of Africa will experience a major contraction due to mass starvation. I see no other possible outcome.

  11. As an old time environmentalist and well versed in books from the 70s like Ehrlich’s Population Bomb I agree with Seneca that the explosive growth in population is a major problem. And it’s something that exclusively occurs in the third world particularly Africa. We must keep this flood out otherwise they have no incentive to limit their population growth. Of course modern so called environmentalists such as the Sierra Club won’t touch the immigration issue. A while ago I was approached on the street by a young lady raising money and awareness for global warming. I remarked that given the geological record of the last million years we are probably in an interglacial epoch and that global cooling is more likely. She responded “well that’s climate change also.” So heads I win, tails you lose. I remarked that the explosive growth in population was the root cause of every environmental problem we face. The first word out of mouth was “Nazi.” The fact that she said it without even thinking shows the extent to which these young skulls full of mush have been indoctrinated.

  12. A thing will continue to grow, whether it be population, liberalism, economy, or a forest, until it reaches maximum population (amount). When maximum is reached then all hell breaks loose , there is a massive die off, and the thing returns to sustainable numbers. Mother Nature and the laws of economics can only be manipulated for a certain time. When is that time? Ahh, that is the question that man in all his wisdom cannot foresee. Buckle up, the coaster is rolling.

  13. did you notice how people who lived for the flesh and then died are now trapped in the flesh that they lived for in a stewing sea of humanity without their clothes, raiment or anything else? That alone should give us pause as we begin this new decade.

  14. “This small, rocky planet orbiting a G3 type star in an outer arm of a minor galaxy has but limited resources; they are finite and ultimately expendable….”


    Malthus was wrong.

    He neglected one resource that is infinite…human creativity.

    Got ‘Norman Borlaug’?

  15. Great essay right up to the “and finally”
    You have bought hook line and ‘stinker’ into the Malthusian concept.
    Do you not realise that the whole global warming scam is based on population reduction?
    For your enlightment look up Marjorie Mazel Hecht who wrote a great piece ” Where the global warming hoax was born”
    This was in 1975 and nothing has changed.
    Happy New year to all.

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