Too Many White People

Staffanstorp is a town in southern Sweden that is quite different from its infamous culturally enriched neighbor Malmö. You see, Staffanstorp is not enriched — it is populated mainly by Swedes, which means — gasp! — white people. For that reason it’s more like Sweden-That-Was: it has a low crime rate, cultural cohesiveness, and public spaces that have not yet been ruined or made dangerous — the attributes of a non-multicultural town.

Staffanstorp wants to attract new residents without bringing in third-world immigrants, so it has created an advertising video that highlights exactly those features that would attract traditional Swedes. Needless to say, the ad has caused an uproar, since it is too “white” to be acceptable in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

At the beginning of the video a Swedish family walks past a group of sullen and dangerous-looking “youths” in a place that is not identified as Malmö, but has its typical characteristics. I noticed that the makers of the video took care not to include any brown people among the young troublemakers — they all look pretty Caucasian to me. Some of them might be Bosnians or Albanians, but they aren’t “Middle Eastern” in appearance.

Unfortunately for Staffanstorp, that wasn’t enough to exempt the municipality from accusations of racism. When your town is populated by white people, you’re out of luck — you’re by definition “racist”.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from the Danish daily Berlingske and the accompanying video:

A Swedish municipality is being criticized for an advertising video: “This is the most disgusting thing I have seen in a long time”

Malmö’s neighboring municipality of Staffanstorp is being criticized for an advertising film showing a battered Malmö and a quiet and idyllic Staffanstorp.

The sound of sirens mingles with sad underlying music as a mother and daughter are filmed in black and white walking down a street in Malmö. They start running, anxiously, as a group of young men who look like they might be gang members throw a can at them.

“Many of us wake up in a city we once called our hometown,” says a speaker in Swedish and continues:

“But the growing insecurity and the feeling of exclusion have left many feeling lost.”

[Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.]

Shortly thereafter, we see a clip of fields, smiling people, cheerful background music — in color. According to the video this is what awaits you if you move to the Swedish municipality of Staffanstorp.

“There are municipalities where security, care for the elderly, and schools really work,” says the speaker, while showing pictures of brightly smiling white-only people.

Eventually Staffanstorp is shown from the above, while the text: “Staffanstorp Municipality — The way the rest of Sweden should be”.

A propaganda film

The film was made by Staffanstorp Municipality — Malmö’s neighboring municipality. They call it an “information film” and the goal is to attract new residents to the municipality. But the film has some Swedes up in arms, especially on social media.

One of the film’s critics is the social democratic politician Torbjörn Lövendahl.

“It is a political propaganda film, not an information film,” he tells Skånska Dagbladet.

According to, the immigration-critical sites “Fria Tider” and “Nordfront” have also opened their eyes to the film. They write that the film is aimed at “people who are affected, and have had enough of the multicultural society”.

[Photo of tweet]

But that is a misunderstanding, says Christian Sonesson of the Moderates, who is the mayor of Staffanstorp.

“People are reading too much into the film. We do not register ethnicity, we do not think about what skin color people have when we advertise,” he tells

Moa Berglöf, the lead writer at Sydsvenskan, believes that the timing of the film is extremely poor in view of the fact that a few days ago there was a fatal shooting in Malmö.

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time,” she writes on Twitter.

Video transcript:

00:00   Many of us wake up in a town we once called our hometown.
00:06   But the growing insecurity and feelings of alienation
00:10   have caused many to feel lost and despairing in their town.
00:27   To dream about a better endeavor for a better existence
00:31   is nothing but a sign of health. It is the will to develop
00:35   and to make things better for oneself and one’s loved ones.
00:38   There are townships where safety, care for the elderly, schools and business really work.
00:45   Where the residents are proud of their communities, and where they help each other,
00:49   not because they have to, but as a natural thing.
00:55   In our township we take care of each other… for real.
00:58   Young as well as old, workers as well as independent business owners,
01:02   because we know that you always go further with a smile and a helping hand.
01:07   Empathy and caring is the key that builds genuine and long-term relationships.
01:23   When you and your family want to be near nature,
01:26   To have a personal and functioning business life,
01:31   When you want to feel like one of the team, even though you are unknown to the team…
01:50   There is one township for you, and we welcome you with all of our heart.
01:59   Staffanstorp, the way the rest of Sweden should also be.

14 thoughts on “Too Many White People

  1. They think they can run away but if history shows anything it is that you can’t run forever. The bad is spreading and there is very little being done to stop it. Staffanstorp is pitching the right idea but they are considered racist for doing so.

    • anything that a “whitey” can say or do is racist by definition, so the likes of Torbjörn Lövendahl should look out for what they say.

  2. “Too many white Christian faces” was David Cameron’s critique of Britain.

    Old England and Scotland and Ulster and Wales
    No longer need show any traces
    Of the hundreds of years of their stories and tales,
    They’re too many white Christian faces.

    It is a fashionable complaint.

  3. Look at 0:45ff. Those boxes are mighty light, as if empty. An elementary Acting 101 mistake.

    And can all Ikea furniture be folded up to fit inside such a small, easily carried box?

    From the video, in this town, all the children are female. Hormones in the water?

  4. It would be amazing to start seeing these propaganda films made with public money and designed to keep everyone aware the western countries belong to the western national peoples, not the other way around.

  5. It’s like watching the body flinch after the guillotine has already dropped. Old Sweden is already gone.

    I pray that these sorry and stupid white people will grow enough backbone to take back their lands before the communists and their lackeys claim it forever.

    • Not just Swedes, but Whites in general. The first reponse must be to blame the politicians for the mess they have made – and let the politicians know that they are being blamed and that they will (must) be held responsible.

      • It will take a while, but we ( westerners ) will be eventually wake up.
        Get Whitey! The new religion for the ‘oppressed masses’ – all of whom are oppressed by people who look suspiciously like those who are oppressed (!) – has spread like wild fire. From the victim hood narrative whinging out of latin america, africa, and now india, I note that all that salves the self-inflicted wounds of peoples born long after ‘muh kolonial oopreshun’ is money. And stuff. And we’ll take your country ‘cos we’ve stool-holed ours.
        Millions of stone-age goofs stampeding the border isn’t colonialism, however. All that organized crime, rapine, rape and murder isn’t wrong.
        It’s justice. White folks deserve it.
        Interesting…The obvious fallacy of that shall not be commented on. Why bother.
        I will speak of consequences.
        If you social justice wonks and your legions of entitled jerks get what you want, which is to say genocide, the gibs will stop.
        No more stuff. No smart phones, no we wuz kangs movies, no air conditioning, no lights, no medicine, no big macs, no sneakers, no welfare, nothing.
        You will receive nothing except extinction. For, you see, it is Western Liberal Democracy that permits all those things.
        It is whitey that feeds all of you dorks. You figure Oogabooga the african cannibalistic warlord can stop a dinosaur-killer? Or even change a damned lightbulb?
        Yeah. But, guess what? White folks can, and do, and will.
        Kill all the white folks, destroy Western Civilization and sign your own death warrant.
        But, it will not come to that.
        It takes us ‘white devils’ a while to get worked up. We’ll prefer finding a middle path, a solution that does not involve hacking people to bits with machete’s and hundreds of thousands of mass graves. Right up until we are backed into a corner.
        Then, We come out swinging.
        Have you ever seen a Western Civilization at full mobilization in Total War?
        Only once. The entire planet shook with Our Wrath.
        We were not happy with this, at all. We would really rather not slaughter our Fellow Man.
        But, do not mistake this reluctance for weakness.
        Pushed far enough, we will eviscerate our enemies domestic, and then we will incinerate our enemies external.
        We will rain death, and lay waste, and set the very heavens and earth a fire, and we will not stop. This is our history.
        Yet, you demand our extermination in the name of some perverted justice, and we will not go softly into that night.
        We can be your friend.
        We can be a primordial horror beyond human ken.
        The choice is yours.

        • I agree with your assessment. I do believe that we are now getting in the angry mode at the forces trying to kill us all, and the backlash is in the beginning stages. These 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers really have no idea what is coming, but as you said, our primordial horror is at hand, frankly, it is a day long overdue.

  6. The lifestyle validated in this video is what every elite already has, and will do everything in their power to retain.

  7. Interestingly, Europeans are cast there as marginalized youth. Imagine what would happen if their skin was a little darker?

  8. Staffanstorp – what then

    A few years ago, Hultsfred Municipality made a commercial. It cost just over SEK 200,000 and was perhaps more spectacular but perhaps not as good advertising for Hultsfred. In this film I also can not see any immigrants, despite the fact that Hultsfred municipality has had major problems with the large amount of new arrivals in the municipality. They even closed the Social Administration for a few weeks

    There’s music in the air” (Hultsfred anthem)

    Hultsfred Municipality
    We see a star in everyone. In Stefan on the bus, in Hanna at home service and not least in you! Humorgruppen Infallet’s musical interpretation shows how fantastic it is to live and work here. You will be seen and heard in Hultsfred! Hultsfred’s municipality is located in northern Kalmar county with proximity to both Östergötland and Jönköping county, which gives the municipality a strategically good location for both job commuting and business establishment. With us you are a valued employee • Here you have the opportunity to influence • Here ideas become reality • Respect and tolerance are a matter of course • Together we are strong and proud! We are about 1,400 employees in 130 different occupational roles and we are constantly looking for new committed employees who see opportunities where others see obstacles. We are a municipality where there is room for individuals, initiatives and ideas. You will be seen and heard in Hultsfred!

    (Damn what we can lie!)

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