They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!

In his latest essay H. Numan discusses the Dutch mujahidettes for ISIS, who will be repatriated along with their children from Syria to the Netherlands.

They’re coming to take me away, ha ha!

by H. Numan

Dutch judges decided they should run the country. Not the government and certainly not parliament. At this moment we seem to have a ‘nitrogen crisis’. Not the stuff in the air, mind you. Parliament voted for impossibly high standards for nitrogen in products, such as fertilizer. Encouraged by extreme left-wing environmentalist lobbyists. Those standards are no less than 400X the German standard — which already was extreme. Imagine you buy a little pot of fertilizer in the supermarket for your plants on the balcony. Take that little pot to Yellowstone National Park. Dump the contents there. In Holland that ground will be considered seriously polluted. You’ll be liable for cleanup costs and a huge fine.

The government takes this very seriously. Building projects are closed for this reason. They want to lower the speed limit from 130 kmh to 90 kmh (80 mph to 55 mph). Mark Rutte, our dear leader, promises that way 75,000 new houses can be built. I fail to see any relation between speed on the highways and building houses, but I’m a dumb idiot who’s just supposed to vote for dear Mark. Not use my brain. That impossibly high standard is being now strictly and rigidly enforced by the courts. Why? Because of sloppy legislation being used for what it was not intended.

Sloppy legislation being abused goes a lot further than that. A judge has decided that the Dutch government must make efforts to repatriate Dutch ISIS children from Syria. The court didn’t order the mothers to be repatriated as well. But the law clearly says children cannot be separated from their mothers. You do the math…

Dear Mark always said repatriation was out of the question. However, Mark’s promises in the past are about as solid as those of a certain Austrian Gefreiter about 90 years ago.

Let’s dig into this issue, shall we? A number of young horny silly Dutch goats fell in love with mohammedan boys. Those boys were or became very strict mohammedans. Being young and silly goats, they wanted lots of attention. So they converted to the religion and lived according to the strictest interpretation of sharia law. Their husbands decided they wanted to fight in Syria for the caliphate, and took their wives with them. In Syria not just the mohammedan ‘Dutch’ men committed lots of atrocities and participated in genocide. So did their wives. Surviving witnesses say, without exception, the European wives of jihadists were the most sadistic and vigilant supporters of sharia law.

We’re not talking about young girls making stupid mistakes here. Everybody does that. This goes far beyond it. Compare it with wives of SSers. Almost none were prosecuted, as the SS kept work and family separated. It would be a very different story if an SS officer brought his wife to work, where she asked for a whip and started beating up concentration camp inmates.

What I have noticed over the years is that progressives are extremely lenient about mistakes made in the past. But only when it applies to themselves. They have absolutely no mercy at all for anyone else, especially if you are conservative. Ex-senator Wijnand Duyvendak was in younger years an extreme left-wing terrorist. Not an zealous activist but an outright terrorist. He wasn’t caught and changed from terrorist into politician. As an extreme left-wing politician he rose through the ranks to become a senator. Only because on TV he openly admitted being a member of RaRa did we find out. His mistake was that he thought his crimes had already expired, so he could talk about them on TV. It cost him his senate seat and nothing else. After all, we all make mistakes when we are young, don’t we?

Now, I served in the military. I told a military story on a forum. One of the members was a troll, and reported me to Kafka, which is an extreme left-wing intelligence gathering group. That story was published as an example of extreme right-wing activism, with my full name and unit. It’s still online. It hampered my career. Happened about 25 years ago. But forgiveness for others is not on the agenda of progressives.

The same applies to these wannabe refugee girls. They have been interviewed by Dutch media after the capture of Raqqa. Yes, they admit they made a mistake. While wearing the full burka. With gloves, so as not to be infected by infidels. They speak with go-betweens against male journalists as they themselves — for religious reasons — cannot talk to men. That’s indirectly stating that the only mistake they made was losing the war.

Does The Netherlands have to take them back? Of course not, but we live in a large funny farm where the patients run the asylum. Some ‘mistakes’ are unforgivable. Such as participating in genocide and torture. Letting bygones be bygones simply doesn’t cut it. However, the media are in full swing to (try to) change public opinion. Tear-jerking documentaries are produced showing the poor kids (who are already trained to kill infidels in kindergarten) who cannot possible be separated from their loving mothers. That sort of stuff. No real questions asked, and playing on your morality. “We can’t leave those poor innocent mothers and lovely children there, can we?” Not asking, “Why does this mother insist on an interpreter whilst wearing a burka and gloves? That makes her apology not really sincere, doesn’t it?”

I’m pretty sure those highly dangerous women will be repatriated eventually. Then what? Our ‘justice system’ is thoroughly perverted. Illegal immigrants won’t be deported; that costs too much. So they are dropped on the street to fend for themselves. They are outside the system, and thus have to provide for themselves by crime and begging to survive. If they rape — which happens, a lot even — the court is exceptionally lenient towards them. On the other hand, place a sliver of bacon on the door of a mosque and a full criminal investigation follows. There aren’t enough police to investigate a rape, but an unlimited capacity for ‘hate’ crimes.

What are those women going to do here? First they will have to face court. It is not (yet) possible to let bygones be bygones. After a very light sentence, they will all receive psychological care, a house, jobs, something to do, whatever. You, who placed a sliver of bacon in front of a mosque, are tarred for life. You go to jail, that is a certainty. Rapists get nowadays almost no jail time. Especially if they happen to be ‘migrants’. You can expect at least six months.

Do those women regret their decisions? Far from it. The only thing they regret is losing the war. Nothing else. They became fundamentalist mohammedans and remain fundamentalist. All we do, for sake of humanity, is to repatriate a known fifth column.

Now, I don’t know if you have heard about ‘cult de-programmers’. Young people sometimes join cults, such as Scientology, Hara Krishna and many others. The cult brainwashes them to abandon their families. Families and friends have to go through great difficulties to get their loved ones out if it. Often they have to resort to kidnapping. Once liberated, the cult member needs to be de-programmed, otherwise they run right back. It’s a difficult lengthy process. It doesn’t even always work.

Mohammedanism can easily be seen as the ultimate cult ever. Scientology compared to mohammedanism is kindergarten stuff. First of all, mohammedanism is a ‘real’ religion. For me as a nonreligious person that sounds funny, but I think you get the gist. Everyone will do a lot of work to get someone out of Scientology or the Hara Krishnas. But not for mohammedanism. Because that one is ‘real’. All they will try to do — and completely fail at — is to water the texts down a bit, and hope the repatriated Dutch mother will fall for it. Which I seriously doubt.

Nobody is more fanatical about religion than converts. It doesn’t matter what religion we’re talking about. Sikh, Catholic, Calvinist, mohammedan. The newly converted are the very worst. As mohammedanism is a real religion, you cannot say ‘sorry, that god you worship doesn’t exist.’ Jews and Christians believe in something very similar. As a Catholic I found the concept of the trinity silly, to say the least. Just imagine what a mohammedan thinks about that. Unlike the Torah and the Bible, the koran is the literal word of god himself.

De-programming is marginally effective at best. Against mohammedanism I doubt it can work. That means the Dutch (and other European governments) are going to repatriate ticking time bombs.

H. Numan

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  1. Activist judges in France, the UK, Italy, Spain and the US have also decided that they instead of elected politicians should run their respective countries. They are not only unelected they are unaccountable, have no responsibility for oversight and can never be removed. They sabotage efforts by e.g. Trump & Salvini to implement sensible policies and they provide cover for Bolshevik Govts to do or neglect whatever they want.

    • Judges can be removed in the US through impeachment. There is a current sitting Congressman named Alcie Hastings who was impeached and removed as a judge for taking a bribe.
      Talk about failing up!

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