The Left is the Bastion of Jew-Hatred in Germany

Beatrix von Storch is the deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video she discusses the way the media and the political established have used the synagogue shooting in Halle to demonize the AfD, and identifies what is actually the greatest source of Jew-hatred in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Today I would like to talk about Claudia Roth, her anti-Semitism,
00:03   and the Green Party hypocrisy following the shooting in Halle.
00:06   Dovetailing nicely with the subject is the recently published book: “What drives Jews to the AfD.”
00:10   Claudia Roth [Green Party politician], always on the front line of do-gooder demonstrations
00:14   against anti-Semitism, recently met with
00:17   the speaker of the Iranian, [Ali] Larijani, directly after
00:21   the anti-Semitic terrorist attack in Halle.
00:25   Larijani is known for his regular threats of extermination
00:29   against Israel and defends the denial of the Holocaust.
00:33   The Bild newspaper rightly describes this meeting as a disgrace
00:37   for the Bundestag. I find this wording far too nice.
00:41   There are other ways this could be described.
00:44   All the establishment parties have shabbily exploited the Halle terrorist
00:48   to pin the blame on the AfD. This book on what drives Jews to the AfD is
00:53   helpful when dealing with the truth and the facts.
00:58   The truth is that no party is as committed to the protection
01:01   of the Jewish community in Germany than Alternative for Germany.
01:05   I’m personally deeply concerned about Jewish way of life in Germany
01:09   and the fight against anti-Semitism.
01:12   The fact is: It was the AfD that disclosed the financing
01:17   for the so-called Palestinian relief organisation UNRWA and sharply criticised
01:22   this UN support for Jew-hatred in the Middle East.
01:26   We have also submitted motions in the Bundestag to ban the anti-Semitic BDS movement
01:31   and ban the anti-Semitic terrorist organisation Hezbollah,
01:35   which ban every establishment party rejected.
01:39   This shows that the AfD is the party that stands
01:42   against anti-Semitism and fights for the Jewish community in Germany.
01:46   Not the pearl-clutching hypocrites of the Green Party or Claudia Roth,
01:51   who happily meets with Iranian Holocaust-deniers and Israel-haters.

5 thoughts on “The Left is the Bastion of Jew-Hatred in Germany

  1. Inasmuch as Germany is in the front line for the pending nuclear war against Russia pushed by the US Deep State in the face of Trump, Storch would do well to quit mouthing post-Nazi philosemitic Good Germanisms 1945-2019 of the type also mouthed by Michael Sturzenberger (see PI News) and attend more to the health and survival of her own German voters.

    Germany hosts a few dozen US nuclear weapons, US troops and facilities incl. CIA logistics center Europe, and its US vassal lamestream media enthusiastically and obediently demonise Putin as much as the NYT or WaPo do.

    [fuel for Jew-fight redacted]

  2. This comment is from France.

    Beatrix von Storch is right. In Europe today the Left is pro-Palestinian and pro-Islam, and and it is the Right ( and the Alt-Right) that defends Israel and the Jews in general.

    Of course this is a reversal from the situation before WW2, where the rightist parties in Europe were usually strongly anti-semitic. The geo-political context has changed and also the mentalities.

    Now the Rightist and Patriotic movements in Europe have understood that their countries are in severe danger of submersion by Islam. And so today their natural ally is Israel.

    In France the founder and ex-President of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen ( 90+ now) was clearly an anti-semite. But his daughter Marine Le Pen, who heads the party now, is not. She had for years a Jewish boy-friend and has visited Israel where she was warmly received. The French Identitarians ( a Youth Patriotic movement) has many young Jewish members.
    In Britain the situation is similar. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader is an out and out pro- Palestinien, pro-muslim politico and is strongly anti-Israel. In other European countries we have similar configurations today. So the old story of the Right being anti-semitic is just that: an old story.

  3. Yes, well, the Duchess of Oldenburg. She is an intelligent and well educated woman, her Philo-Semitism is certainly genuine and what she says about Anti-Semitism on the Left is true, of course, especially that the Green Claudia Roth is remarkably, err, chummy with the Mullahs (it’s bizarre, really, a person of the kind who detect toxic masculinity everywhere as long as white men are concerned, is practically seen cuddling with the likes of Larijani), but I’m still not sure, what her real agenda is.

  4. That Claudia Roth is a evil women , I remember it was few minutes silent by AFD in Bundestag from girl who was reap and murdered by Iraqi “refugee “ , she was the one who was making a noise and interrupting very loudly, so sad , people like Her betraying own citizens..

    • She was claiming that protocol wasn’t being adhered to but if the silence had been for a migrant killed by a native German you can bet she wouldn’t have had such concerns.

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