Storming the Border at Ceuta

The autonomous city of Ceuta is one of two Spanish enclaves on the coast of North Africa (the other being Melilla) bordering on Morocco. Last week a group of migrants tried to break through the border and gain entrance to Spain, and thus the EU, by running a large van through a border post at full speed. Based on the footage of the aftermath, it looks like the culture-enrichers encountered strips of long metal spikes that obliterated their vehicle’s tires.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A total of 52 immigrants, 36 men, 12 women, and four minors
00:05   succeeded in entering Ceuta illegally during the early morning yesterday.
00:09   What is surprising is that it was not over the fence, or by launch, but rather
00:13   by a van in which these people traveled and crossed the Tarajal (border crossing) at full speed.
00:17   According to sources on duty, four had to be transported to the university hospital as a result
00:21   of their injuries although none appeared to be serious.
00:25   There were no injuries among the agents who guarded the border crossing at that time.
00:29   The vehicle, after entering at full speed, managed to travel some meters until it reached the first
00:33   turnoff to the university hospital. Sources from the Civil Guard have confirmed
00:37   the detention of an individual of Moroccan nationality as the perpetrator of the crimes.
00:42   One charge is an attack against authority and the other against the rights of foreign citizens.
00:45   This is expected to be forwarded to judicial disposition in the coming hours.
00:48   As we said, four people had to be transported to the University Hospital with sprained ankles,
00:52   nausea and vomiting although nobody’s condition appeared serious.
00:57   [Unintelligible] the circumstance, according to what medics told Ceuta Television, the vehicle
01:01   ran head-on into the vehicle of a doctor who arrived at that moment to attend to an emergency.
01:05   The Iveco van remained on Doctor Abdelkrim Avenue.
01:09   Around 11 in the morning a mobile park operator removed the vehicle.
01:13   As for the immigrants, all of them are sub-Saharan. After the events,
01:17   they were transferred to central headquarters of the national police for identification and
01:21   corresponding entry in CETI [Center for Temporary Residence of Immigrants]
01:24   or remained in the care of the autonomous city, in the case of minors.

3 thoughts on “Storming the Border at Ceuta

  1. Brain dead Spaniards.

    If they were real men and not spineless serfs of the EU, they would put anyone that tried such illegal entry onto spanish soil in incarceration on some island until they rotted from neglect as a discouragement and a warning to others. Personally, I would have just machine-gunned them as they approached the gate at high speed. Bullets are cheaper still, and the lesson would have been learned that much more quickly and completely.

  2. Spain should Abandon those two cities and turn them over to Morocco. But before they do this they should evacuate any European to Spain and put every African etc they can get into those two cities.

    • Spain should install turnstiles to push invaders out in the other direction, like a football ground after the match.

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