Stéphane Ravier: “A multicultural society is a multi-conflicted society”

As an appropriate follow-up to this morning’s post, here’s an excerpt from an interview with Stéphane Ravier, who is a member of the French Senate for National Rally, Marine Le Pen’s party.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In the interview President Macron gave, he said he believes that some people use secularism
00:04   to prosecute Islam. Do you feel targeted when the President says that?
00:09   It seems like we’re always the origin of all the evils of this country. We are the ones who
00:14   brought up the subject of immigration. More than thirty years ago
00:20   we did a political analysis of the demographic rate.
00:27   That’s where we have a problem, but we don’t want to see it. Global demographics are exploding
00:31   because of entire continents in poverty, causing the immigration
00:36   to so-called rich countries that aren’t rich anymore.
00:41   This leads to communitarianism and attacks on our model of secularism that we’ve established.
00:49   A multicultural society is a multi-conflicted society.
00:53   This has been verified as true throughout history,
00:56   on all continents, but in the name of ideology we do not want to see it.
01:00   Today, it’s the French who will pay the price.
01:03   At the same time you have the development of anti-French,
01:06   anti-Christian and anti-White racism, which I denounced recently in the senate.
01:11   The French have been pushed for 30 years to make an effort and that’s what comes of it.
01:15   It is unfair. It is unbearable, and it is no surprise
01:18   that Marine Le Pen is on her way into the Elysée [Presidential palace].

4 thoughts on “Stéphane Ravier: “A multicultural society is a multi-conflicted society”

  1. Multi-Culti is the transition stage of population replacement, nothing more and nothing less. The Globalists could not replace indigenous white populations overnight, although they would if they could and God knows they have tried, so first they promoted M-C as a desirable end-state, something that would enrich us all. Later on we heard other excuses along with emotional blackmail followed by draconian measures to silence dissent. Since 2015 they have accelerated the program. They think they have won and they might be right – it is hard to see where effective resistance will come from. The years of infiltration, indoctrination & propaganda have been all too effective. The immediate outcome is rampant crime and anarchy in societies that have been invaded, accompanied by surreal posturing by the usurpers who rule.

  2. None of the links to this interview/speech (?) work anywhere. I spent an hour chasing down every rabbit hole without success.

    • You must have the same problem with Dtube that I have. I absolutely cannot see any video on D-Tube. If DTube becomes the platform of choice for videos, I’m afraid I won’t be there.

  3. I’m actually taking the US for my primary information, as I don’t know much about France or its laws of citizenship.

    The situation now is a who-whom. That is, it is a matter of pure power. The elites are destroying their countries because they can. There is no reasoning or consequence that would make them turn back, because their focus is not the well-being or survival of their country. In England, some rape gangs were charged because the rulers stood to suffer significant blowback if they didn’t do something publicly.

    Simple arithmetic shows that present trend of immigration and benefits can’t last. Even without cultural displacement, the situation can’t last. Elizabeth Warren refuses to concede arithmetic; her Pocahontas figures are calculated to get her elected; not to govern. What she will do will be to clamp an iron hand on the economy and personal life, and drain any personal capital surplus allowing a home-grown blogger or video broadcaster to insert unapproved opinions into a wide public.

    The dirty secret of immigration in the US is that with 22 + millions of illegals and many millions more legal immigrants, every alien baby is a US citizen with welfare and voting rights. And almost all immigrant demographics, including Indian and Chines with above-average incomes, vote majority Democrat (socialist). The US is on track to become Venezuela, but the prospect of becoming Venezuela in the next four years scared even the communist Democrat donors, who are threatening to withhold contributions if Warren is nominated.

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