Popular New European Sport: Desecrating Christian Cemeteries

The two incidents reported below occurred at about the same time last week in France and Germany. It’s not clear whether the French one occurred on Halloween night, but the German desecration definitely did.

It’s important to note that there’s no information so far indicating that any cultural enrichment was involved in these crimes. It’s quite possible that militant atheists or Satanists were the perpetrators. Or the criminals could have been Muslims — there’s no way to tell.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this brief video report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Hundreds of miles away, across the border in Germany on the banks of the Rhine, a similar scene unfolded last Friday. Miss Piggy has also translated this article from the Mainz Allgemeine Zeitung:

30 Gravesites Devastated in Finthen

Overturned gravestones, torn-out plants: Unidentified offenders raged through the cemetery in Mainz-Finthen during the night between Thursday and Friday.

by Carina Schmidt November 1, 2019

A scene of devastation was left for the cemetery visitors on Friday. During the night before All Saints’ Day, unidentified offenders destroyed lanterns, flower arrangements and decorations.

MAINZ — Gravestones knocked over, plants torn out, decoration and candle-light bulbs in shards of glass that are spread over flower beds. On the morning of All Saints’ Day visitors to the Finthen cemetery were shocked. During the night between October 31 and November a about 30 graves were destroyed.

The perpetrator(s) also broke into the main building of the cemetery. Whether anything was stolen is still unclear. The attempt to enter the nearby chapel failed because of the sturdy entrance door. The police were able to detect traces of blood on-site. It is still unclear to what extent they can be used in the investigation. It is not yet possible to make an assessment about the amount of damage.

Jeanette Wetterling, the chairman of the board of the business enterprise, was on-site on Friday morning to get an idea of the devastation. “The act is absolutely reprehensible and irreverent,” she emphasises. “The relatives are massively disturbed in their grief.”

The emotional damage is much worse than the material damage. On a holiday like All Saints’ Day, many people lovingly care for and decorate the graves. “The despondency of the relatives is great, that vandalism isn’t prevented even at places like a cemetery,” says Wetterling.

“It hasn’t been ‘just pranks’ for a long time”

Manfred Mahle (SPD), the head of Finthen’s local government, also condemns the act deeply. “This has nothing to do with Halloween,” he says. As Wolfgang Schmitz, the police leader on duty, reports, pranks are unfortunately common on Halloween. “But this is extreme and no longer a prank,” he says. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Wetterling can confirm this from her 20 years of professional experience in business.

Beginning next Monday, the company will contact all affected relatives. All the affected relatives are asked to contact the police directly, in order to place complaints, which will help officers construct a complete a picture of the situation. Witnesses are also asked to contact the police inspector’s Mainz 3 office directly at 06131-654310.

Video transcript:

00:23   Michel Gourinchas, you are the Mayor of Cognac. What happened in the Breuil cemetery?
00:27   Obviously imbeciles came here last night and broke crosses,
00:33   crucifixes, on a significant number of tombs.
00:42   It’s a very sensitive period for residents, since it’s a time
00:48   when they visit the graves of parents, grandparents and friends
00:57   to bring flowers to the tombs, and so it’s a total shock,
01:03   but it’s especially a blow to the morale of those being inflicted with this.

3 thoughts on “Popular New European Sport: Desecrating Christian Cemeteries

  1. This is the Initial Shock phase: everyone is mortified and upset.
    Next comes the Not Again phase: shock, but not surprise.
    After that is the Seen It AllBefore phase, accompanied by helplessness.
    Lastly the adjustment: this is the New Normal.

    Thus is the fabric of life in the West progressively degraded, the ever-fragile consensus of civilised behaviour destroyed before everyone’s eyes.

  2. Mocking the dead rivals by desecrating their bodies (in some instances – before consuming them) is well described in the eco-friendly tribal cultures. The globalists are pushing their habits on us, along with the tatoo, piercing, going naked, but also – initiation into the tribe by beating up or killing some stranger, etc, etc… Quem Deus vult perdere, dementat.

  3. I was just in Stuttgart, Germany and it has changed so much since my last visit I hope I don’t have to return. Everywhere young Middle Eastern, Afghan, and African men just hanging around at the train stations, malls, or just walking the streets in mobs. They’re usually drinking and seem to be looking to cause issues. The Germans I do see walk around wit the heads low, blank stares, or clearly a look of depression on their faces. This is not like the Germany I knew, the Germans look like a defeated people. It’s sad, but I am a believer in the strong surviving. If the Western Europeans are weak, then who ever is stronger will inherit their lands and riches. It’s how live o this planet has worked since Homo Sapiens began wondering the earth. Nothing changes, except who is the winner and who is the loser. Right now the Western Europeans are the losers.

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