It’s 1801 All Over Again

According to H. Numan, today the Barbary Coast has expanded to encompass the entire Western World.

It’s 1801 all over again

by H. Numan

At this moment the Dutch and other European governments have difficulty getting mohammedan nations to follow signed treaties. They are milked for all they are worth. It’s like going back into time to the 1800s when Barbary states did as they pleased. If you don’t learn from history, you have to do it all over again.

The Dutch government tried — in vain — to negotiate with Morocco to be able to deport Moroccan criminals back to their own country. The Moroccan government didn’t even want to receive a Dutch minister to talk about it. Other treaties are also not honored. For example, many Moroccans live on Dutch benefits for whatever reason. That can be disability, being unemployed, etc. Not a problem, they are entitled to it. However, you do have to declare all your possessions and financial accounts anywhere in the world. That’s what they don’t do. They consider possessions and money in Morocco (or in Turkey, or wherever) to be exempt. To do with whatever they feel like.

There is ample evidence that many Moroccan and Turkish nationals living in The Netherlands who claim benefits own real estate in their home countries. Or even have/run hotels there. Under Dutch law they have to declare those assets. The value would be deducted from their social benefits. Which would mean for them the end of their stay in Luilekkerland (candy land). One may be destitute in one country and claim benefits. Not if they own luxurious properties abroad, of course. That’s not how mohammedans like it. Infidels should pay their jizya humbly and without grumbling.

None of them sees this abuse of our social system as fraudulent. They merely collect their jizya. Nothing wrong with that. Neither do their governments. Both the Turkish and Moroccan authorities refuse to assist investigations into their citizens. Also, both Turkish and Moroccan law forbid their citizens to renounce nationality. It can be done — but it’s very very difficult to do so. Regardless of the fact that their citizens absolutely refuse to renounce their nationality.

We have the weird situation that several members of the Dutch parliament, including the chairman of the house, Khadija Arib, hold dual nationality. Mrs. Arib is both a Dutch and a Moroccan citizen. Likewise Ahmed Aboutaleb is the mayor of Rotterdam, with two nationalities. Dutch and Moroccan. Ahmed Marcouch is the mayor of the city of Arnhem. All of them flatly refuse to give up their original nationality.

It’s even worse than that. For example, Mr. Aboutaleb was interviewed. During the interview he was asked what he would do if his daughters were to come home with Dutch non-muslim boyfriends. He openly said that he would not accept that. His daughters will marry muslims. Period. Those are the words of our enlightened liberal mohammedan mayor of Rotterdam. He’s a moderate muslim. Just imagine a new mayor who’s less moderate … Abou was lucky to be interviewed by a progressive journalist. Image if he had been interviewed by a real journalist: he would have to answer the question ‘what would you do if your daughters came home with a black very dark-skinned atheist boy from Suriname or the Antilles?’ He’s clever enough to not say: throw both of them off the nearest balcony. But that’s almost certainly what he would have thought.

Back to the past. Most Americans probably know a bit about the shores of Tripoli. If you aren’t a marine, very little else. America was just an independent nation. American commercial vessels were targeted by Barbary pirates. Some things never change. Barbary pirates were exactly the same as Somali pirates are today. Like now, Western navies had to protect commercial traffic. And had to pay ransom to get them back when captured. Unlike now, those Western powers regularly had enough of it, and bombarded the ports. Our Dutch navy fairly often showed the flag. Admiral Michiel de Ruyter fought many times with the Barbary pirates, both as a merchant captain and later as a fleet commander. During one of those actions he was able to release protestant Hungarian ministers, for which Hungarians even today are grateful. That was a century before the USA came to be.

We haven’t learned from the past. Neither had America back then. In those days America had a tiny navy. When it was decided the fleet should take action against Tripoli, the navy department must have thought: ‘What, the whole navy? Both ships? And the marine lieutenant as well?’ Not quite that bad, but pretty close.

In a nutshell, the US navy went to Tripoli, tried to negotiate. Where they were taken for fools — in other words: as dhimmis. Signed treaties were ignored. US officers were humiliated. Not a real problem, because mohammedans can humiliate whomever they want to. Silly mistakes were made. In the end, the US did win. Sort of. Let’s keep it at: a victory not to be proud about.

See the similarities with today? Back then not that much was known about mohammedans. Not nearly as much as we do now. Back then the US navy didn’t look at (or knew much about) the many Barbary wars fought by every European nation. Likewise, nobody from the West knew much about mohammedan behavior. It was assumed they behaved that way because they were barbarians. Hence the name for the area: Barbary coast.

That’s the difference with us today. We should know better. Much better. However, our ruling betters do not. Facts are ignored because those are inconvenient truths, to paraphrase a pathetic Oscar winner. We have full translations of the koran and the hadith. We have excellent historical records. Our knowledge of human psychology and religions isn’t perfect, but light years ahead of what it was less than a century ago. We have the internet were you can find all information you want in seconds. And yet… everything remains almost the same. Back then, we had a serious problem: the Ottoman empire was a superpower. Not as strong as a century before, but still. Not a power to be messed with.

Right now, no muslim country is a superpower, or even a regional power. Yes, they dream of becoming one, but they aren’t. Even Pakistan cannot nuke India into submission. They can seriously damage India, but not defeat it. India is far too big, too well-armed and far too weary to allow it. Any other muslim nation cannot even stand in the shadow of Pakistan’s military might. Apart from that, recently a Pakistani F16 was shot down by an obsolete Indian Mig 21. As always, muslims have very big mouths but not the matching stout hearts. Either they lack the wherewithal or the numbers. Saudi Arabia could be a superpower, but only for one reason: oil. They have the money (actually our money) to buy whatever they want, but simply lack the numbers. Same story for Iran. I’ve been there twice. If Trump wants to bomb them back to the stone age, it would actually be an upgrade. Big mouths, big beards and very little else there.

Our most worrisome problem isn’t islam itself, but our own progressive fifth column. Our ruling elites, the media, the courts, educational system even most of the civil service is either paying lip service to mohammedanism, or actually supporting it. What is happening in America is happening in Europe too: your ‘Democrats’ are perverting democracy for their own benefit. The several attempts to impeach president Trump are nothing short of thinly disguised coups d’état. Like a sore loser throwing the chessboard on the floor. If they can’t win, nobody wins!

Those very same people pervert anything they touch. Racism is perverted and now stands for: ‘You disagree with me, and I have no real answer. Therefore you are a racist.’

Jerry Afriyie is the motor behind “Kick Zwarte Piet Out” (KZPO, an extreme left-wing and violent terror group.) This gentleman comes from Ghana. Yes, with two passports nowadays. He comes from the Ashanti tribe, in which his family holds a significant position. His goal in life — apart from creating a Marxist paradise — is to destroy the most popular children’s festival in Holland, Sinterklaas. It is highly unlikely my ancestors were involved in slavery. It is extremely likely Jerry’s ancestors got their senior positions within the tribe by catching and selling fellow tribesmen or neighboring tribes into slavery. That is something you will not hear a word about. Because that conflicts with the ‘whitey done it’ myth.

If I were to say black people commit more and more violent crime I would be called racist. Even if I can back it up with the necessary data. I’d also be a racist if I were to say that this is possibly genetic and most certainly cultural. Again, with the necessary data to back up that statement. However, saying that some African tribes produce better long-distance runners is perfectly reasonable — though it is just as racist.

The PVV (Party For Freedom) is the only party that tries to rectify matters a bit. They are tarred as an extreme right-wing party, little different from the Nazis. Complete nonsense, of course. We don’t even have to change the law. All we have to do it to apply it, and make it work.

Morocco refuses to accept convicted Moroccan rapists? No problem. In that case, we have to cancel our treaties with that country. Morocco refuses to cooperate with social security investigations? Again, no big deal. It simply means it will have to have consequences for Morocco. I don’t see any reason why we have to give Morocco development aid, for example. Financial transactions over a certain amount must be reported to and investigated by the IRS. Happens everywhere, I know all about it. Instead of turning a blind eye, we can unearth each transaction to Morocco and Turkey seriously investigate.

Is that racist? Or dictatorial? I fail to see how. If my neighbor plays loud music all day I don’t loan him my lawnmower. Whether he likes it or not. Calling me a racist bastard isn’t going to change my mind.

Dutch nationals cannot hold two passports. Supposing I were to apply for Thai citizenship, I would automatically lose my Dutch nationality. Such is the law of The Netherlands. Apply this law equally to all citizens, especially to those who want to serve in high office. After all, they have to set the example. One cannot, or should not, serve in high office with dual nationality. You cannot serve two masters at the same time. Many wars, in particular the Hundred Years’ War, learned that it’s a very bad idea.

If Turkey wants to buy Russian military equipment, expands its territory and ally itself with Arab nations, no problem at all. An independent nation can do whatever it wants to. Just realize that such a nation can no longer be part of NATO. Nor the EU, nor try to become a member of the EU. Most probably the IMF and the World bank aren’t going to like it either.

Oh, by the way. Please stop occupying North Cyprus. That we haven’t acted upon it since 1974 is not a weakness, you know. We just don’t want to go to war over it, because going to war is very expensive. Oh, your position on the Bosporus is strategically too important? Therefore we have to grant you every wish you’ve got?

Really? Well, I’ve got news for you. After passing the Bosporus one has to sail through our staunch ally Greece. That’s exactly as strategic as you claim to be. You can close the Bosporus all you like. Wouldn’t change a thing for us, because we would close the straits through the Aegean sea. Otherwise you ally yourself with Putin? Go right ahead. Just don’t be surprised if he by accident calls Istanbul Constantinople. It’s something Russia always wanted to have. Putin probably more than the czars. If he does, find someone else to help you. One charge of the Light Brigade was one too many already. If we have to liberate Constantinople, excuse me, your Istanbul for you? Well, we would, of course. But it would remain Constantinople. Just under Greek management.

You’re a Somali refugee seeking asylum because of the oppressive regime in your country? Welcome! Hey, wait a minute. We just saw you go back to your oppressively ruled country for a holiday. Well, seems you like it there. Nice to see things have improved in your country. Just don’t come back. Your asylum status is hereby revoked.

And finally: the only reason why mohammedans think they can rule the world is oil. Nothing else. Unless the world price of sand suddenly goes up. Oil dependence is something we can do something about, and should. I’m not saying we’re running out of oil real soon. What I am saying is that we — more correctly: our governments — are running out of moral courage. Militarily all mohammedan nations combined cannot defeat the West. They cannot compete on any other level apart from blackmail and what is euphemistically called ‘asymmetric warfare’, which is in plain English terrorism.

See? No wars are necessary. We don’t need a coup d’état or a dictatorial government. All we need is a little bit of common sense, and to clean out the stable. We’ve been too kind to notorious progressive and mohammedan freeloaders for far too long. If your main export is Turkish delight, asylum seekers, carpets, goats, your own citizens and criminals, you don’t set the rules.

If a substantial part of your nation’s economy relies on what your migrant citizens send back to the fatherland, you’re not a nation to be feared. You’re just a very rude beggar with a big mouth.

— H. Numan

17 thoughts on “It’s 1801 All Over Again

  1. ‘Most Americans probably know a bit about the shores of Tripoli. If you aren’t a marine, very little else. ‘

    I attended one of the better high schools and the Barbary Wars was only mentioned briefly in American history class.

    The only reason that I know about the American hero Stephen Decatur, a brilliant military figure in the Barbary Wars, is due to my interest in history.

    • As A Marine no longer on active duty, Us Marines are very much aware of the Barbary War in which Lt, Presley O’Bannon took the Pasha’s Mameluke sword in surrender in Tripoli to end the muslims reign of terror on the high seas, it’s in the Marine Corps Hymn, of which they never recovered, Marine Officers and Warrant Officers still carry the Mameluke sword to this day as a result. It amazes me that history is repeating itself where they extort money from us once again. It will take force of arms, once again to put a stop to this abomination.

  2. Wondering if this is true or fake news.
    Since I first posted on jihadwatch, I see others are reporting this.

    Sweden happily paying benefit money to Iraqi Defense Minister.

    Iraqi Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari is a Swedish citizen with a criminal record while enjoying years of benefits in Sweden for an alleged “memory problems”.

    Swedish right-wing media reports, Al-Shammari is a dual Iraqi-Swedish citizen and is currently listed as a Swedish resident and on disability allowance.
    With interesting discussion in the comments, questioning the credibility of the paper, but also showing it does it homework, so quite possible.

  3. A couple of years ago, the Prime minister ( like governor in US)of the land of Saxony went to Morocco to negotiate the repatriation of criminals.
    The article in “FrankfurterAllgemeine” said that the receiving officials made him wait three hours in his car, then served him with third- tier negotiators who advised him “to send criminals to Putin”.
    I wrote to him to explain the attitude: that is a moroccan third tier official has the life of an aristocrat, gardener,chauffeur, cook, maid. ( I have been there)
    In comparison, the german governor leads a working class lifestyle. That is how he got treated, but our politicians do not know about this.
    Only solution would be to cut all flights to and fro and thus abort tourism and commerce, all money transfers and visa. Criminals to be deported in cargo rooms of vessels and dropped off 500 yards off their coast. I once met a guy who ran a small restaurant in Saiidia who boasted to have gained retirement benefits in France aged 50 with a fraudulent birth certificate( 100$)
    BTW, Morocco has become much safer recently.Hard guess why?

    • The big problem of the repatriation of criminals and also illegal immigrants (as the difficulties on international cooperation between different countries with different laws and rules, to send back a convicted criminal to serve its time in prison) is mainly due to the humanitarian policies and human rights ideology of the western countries. When the legal representative of some european countries, goes to marocco, to ask to resend back their criminals, the first thing they ask is to give the criminals all the same benefits and rights they are normally expected to receive in netherland, germany, sweden, etc. This is a cost many countries cannot afford and is taking down the entire economy of advanced countries.

      Just for reference on human rights international organizations which increase the pressure on the repatriation of illegal migrants and criminals:
      “the Court has found that a group of migrants intercepted at sea by the Italian authorities should not have been summarily returned to Libya, where they faced a real risk of treatment contrary to Article 3. Instead they should have been given an opportunity to apply for asylum in Italy. ”

      At ECHR they can invent all the risks in any african country they please, because only in zerope there are these kind of rights which grant criminals benefits at the expense of taxpayers. Without all these human rights, keeping these criminals even in european prison would cost much much less, and asking foreign country to take them back would be an easier talk.

  4. “Unless the world price of sand suddenly goes up.”

    Actually, this is happening, due to the demand for cement. But desert sand, which has very rounded edges, is not of us. Only beach-type sand is. Persian Gulf countries actually have to import some from Australia sometimes, if I remember correctly.

    So even that doesn’t help them much :-).

  5. These sentences were outstanding:

    “Same story for Iran. I’ve been there twice. If Trump wants to bomb them back to the stone age, it would actually be an upgrade. Big mouths, big beards and very little else there.”

    “If your main export is Turkish delight, asylum seekers, carpets, goats, your own citizens and criminals, you don’t set the rules.”

    “If a substantial part of your nation’s economy relies on what your migrant citizens send back to the fatherland, you’re not a nation to be feared. You’re just a very rude beggar with a big mouth.”

    Very enjoyable essay.

  6. This comment is from France.

    What a great article! Full of truth and solid common sense… Gates of Vienna is one of my favorite sites because it publishes such good stuff.

    I think the dhimmi- attitude of the West towards the Islamic world is worse now than at the beginning of the 1800’s. ( In 1832 the French Navy bombed Algiers because the French were fed-up with “Barbaresque” pirates. Algiers, part of the Ottoman Empire then, was the biggst pirates nest in the Mediterranean. It was also the second largest Slave Market in the World, after Dar Es Salam on the East-African coast.)

    Today the situation is worse because, back then, there was the excuse of ignorance: information was hard to obtain. But today, as H. Numan points out, information is all over. The magic of the Internet allows everyone to be informed. There is no excuse.

    Things in Europe are getting worse. A few days ago in Paris, a horde of Muslim fanatics and some French ” Islamo-gauchistes ” ( pro-muslim leftists) were marching through the streetsshouting ” Allah U Akhbar.”

    And I read today, on the French site Dreuz Info, that last Friday in Amsterdam the inhabitants of the city heard for the first time the call of the muezzin comming from the loud of the main mosque! It had be authorized by law!

    We Europeans are being invaded and we don’t fight back. An if things don’t change, we will loose the coming war.

    Last time, in 1940, it was Nazi hordes that invaded us. We were unable to resist then but fortunately young GIs came later to fight and sometimes die on Normandy beaches to save us.

    This time it is Mohammedan invaders that are coming to overrun and defeat us, and again all we show is feebleness.

    But this time no GIs will come, and it’s all right, because we don’t deserve to be saved.

    • Having been to France numerous times over the years and watching it turn into a 3rd world [sump], I dare say we should have let the Germans keep it, for even the pesky Germans would have never in a million years allowed the 3rd world to flood France or anywhere in Europe for that matter.

      • And they would have preserved the art and artifacts. In that sense, they were of the same civilization, even if they were barbarians.

    • No. You don’t deserve to be saved as a people.

      But French culture deserves to be saved. Who else but perhaps Italians has offered the world as much?

  7. ” Oil dependence is something we can do something about, and should.”

    Good news!!! We’re already oil-independent. The US exports more oil than it imports. Most of the largest oil reserves are in the West. The Middle East has absolutely no strategic foothold over the West.

    It’s not Muslim oil, but Muslim money and expatriate Muslim politics that drive Western policy. In other words, the Muslim countries still make loads of money and use it liberally for bribing Western institutions and politicians. But, stopping Middle East oil production would absolutely not affect US military activities, and for the most part, wouldn’t even affect industrial production.

    “Right now, no muslim country is a superpower, or even a regional power. ”

    Perhaps part of our problem is not taking the Muslims seriously enough. There is not a clear boundary between us and them. Western countries think they have something to offer Muslim countries, like a Constitutional form of government, and inject themselves into asymmetrical military situations where Western armies are bled dry. To complete the circle, the Western countries feel themselves strong enough to admit millions of their Muslim “allies”, allowing an extremely tribal peoples to inject themselves into a political process very vulnerable to identity politics.

    In other words, we don’t take seriously the ability of the Muslims to destroy and dissolve us, if we take the wrong strategy. Surprisingly for some, taking the example of the ability of the Muslim countries to manipulate the UN, as described in Stephen Coughlin’s “Catastrophic Failure” Muslims are extremely sophisticated in adapting political institutions to their own ends. It’s exactly analogous to a parasite taking over its host.

    What are the root causes of Western vulnerability? Part of it is the genetic deterioration of the population due to the relaxation of Darwinian selection. Another part is the centralization of government and the growth of bureaucracies. Powerful bureaucracies attract Marxists like honey attracts flies. Marxists are not satisfied with accumulating wealth and personal power; they with to have an external validation of their ideas through the society itself adapting Marxism. The best path to this, in their minds, is the destruction of the current culture. Hence, not just the bureaucratic tolerance of Muslim abuses, but the positive protection and encouragement of Muslim abuses.

    Is the current government unable to sustain a welfare state and open immigration? “Great!” say the Deep State cultural Marxist bureaucrats. Bring it on. Just what we need: the dissolution of the current republican form of government and the institution of a Marxist dictatorship.

      • @Ronald B and Lu: more of the same Ayn Rand, specifically US, down home libertarianism.

        Anti any government, anti the bureaucrats who get to repair or control your Might is Right, History is Bunk, There s no such thing as a Free Lunch Pinochet Brigade.

        Your main delusion is that there exists your Norman Rockwell style, beloved Genuine Capitalism, as opposed to your Crony Capitalism, AKA Homo Globalism and that the two have nothing in common. Wrong.

        Do you people incl Coughlin, Bracken never read the business press these last 30 years. Do you not know that international banks were commissioning studies into white Caucasian demographics already in the 1990s, and why.

        And the EU has had a free trade area with Morocco for 19 years now.

        Heard of the WTO and Peter Sutherland at all is it that the same recent German Finance Minister Schaueble, the one who destroyed Greece for German and French banks and preached economic austerity to gladden the heart of your Hayek and Friedman also said since 2015, I quote approximately, how Europeans had to have sex with non Caucasians so as to avoid the current incest of whites in the EU breeding only with each other. Look it up.

        Islam is incidental to the economic motive, it could as well have been Buddhism, except that the desired aggregate demand to be imported to the EU to preserve GDP growth happens to live in nearby places that are Muslim and not Buddhist.

        And if you think that Schauble et al want to preserve the welfare state by importing Muslim Gimme Dat Dindunuffins because it is all a Marxist plot to keep leftists in power, well, you clearly never knew what economic policy incl. Treaty of Lisbon these people run.

        Not a mention either of China and Russia in the concerned eyes of Washington, the former of which has no oil and gas, the latter of which has it in spades, and what that implies in the 3 D chess that is always foreign policy.

  8. Thank you for a very informative and very interesting article; I did not know about the Moroccan and Turkish governments forbidding their expats by law from renouncing their citizenship and the mindset of these particular cultures who are unaccustomed to and maybe even hostile to Austrian and EU norms of behavior and law – knowing that they come from countries who’s government and justice system and bureaucracy are pretty much completely corrupt where nothing of official importance gets done without greasing hands; this explains a lot to me concerning my observations of Turkish people living in Austria who have immigrated from Turkey whom I know and have been acquainted with for several years, they seem to be living well beyond their means and make yearly month long excursions back to Turkey always in August – which could be a normal month-long vacation, but I do not know of a single Austrian or other EU citizen taking more than a two week vacation (excluding upper management of big companies); so I am wondering if they too are not reporting their property and or other financial homeland holdings back in Turkey to the Austrian government’s Finanzamt. I would like to know how big of a problem this is for Austria and for the entire EU!

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