Germans Are Easy Prey

The following video highlights yet another instance of painstaking research by social scientists to discover something which is obvious to most people. In this case, it’s the amazing news that people who don’t defend themselves tend to targeted by violent thugs who prey on the weak.

One might infer that the situation discussed in the video can be ascribed to the unique national character of post-war Germany, which was formed under a long occupation by the victorious allies. Yet the same conditions may be observed in other Western European countries, especially Sweden, which hasn’t had to endure a humiliating military defeat and occupation for more than 200 years. So different causes must be sought for the craven and submissive behavior of Western Europeans.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Germany is very easy prey, simply because these liberal democratic principles that we all value,
00:07   in which we live, are very susceptible to people who don’t feel committed to these values
00:13   and who place themselves above them. Let’s say for example, a young man living in north Duisburg,
00:18   who grew up with a protection payment racket and extorts money on the way to school attacking
00:23   13- and 14-year-olds. He says that he only targets German kids. He doesn’t bother with the
00:28   numerous Turks living there or the numerous Roma children growing up there because they
00:33   would defend themselves. The Germans don’t defend themselves. That’s what people told us
00:37   during our research. So the conclusion can be drawn that we, with our liberal democratic
00:44   disposition, make us a particularly vulnerable society for people capable of doing anything.

16 thoughts on “Germans Are Easy Prey

  1. The German Left is correct! Crime committed by immigrants is the fault of native Germans.

    Only it’s not due to racism, it’s due to not raising their own kids to defend themselves for fear of being thought racist or something.

    • In my personal opinion this has been a recent phenomenon, you can look as recently as the 90’s to see germans shouting and screaming in masses with flags

      Nevertheless, what excuse then do the English have for being such pushovers? Getting told to leave your own country for a “white one”?!

  2. Germans seem to have a particulary nasty character flaw in which they are meek as lambs while also harboring a sadistic streak; this allows them to do utterly reprehensible things to others at the behest of anyone who speaks to them authoritatively. Time and again this was proven out in the 20th century, and one shouldn’t be fooled by their apparent docility and willingness to import hordes of Third World rapists. If Frau Merkel had instead ordered her fellow Germans to shut the borders, shun the foreigners already in their midst, and cooperate in the rounding up and deportation of any foreigners and confiscationn of their property, they would have done so with equal enthusiasm.

    As for the submissive nature of Western European countries, I believe it has much to do with seeking to abrogate responsibility for one’s existence, which is all that the modern welfare state seems to exist for. Cradle to grave everything, and all one has to do is show up and not rock the boat. Declining fertility in all Western European countries for decades is clue number one. With no threats and everything provided for one’s comforts, their is little reason to reproduce anymore. Apparently, there is also little reason to defend one’s culture or heritage as well, and this even applies to defending one’s self from the depredations of aggressive, invasive foreigners.

    • Exactly. What scares me is that one day, they’ll be taking orders directly from Islamists.

      It’ll end up being a very similar style to the outfit that the Nazis were running, at that point.

      • Mike, The Germans are incompatible with islam to their core, what will end up happening is the Germans will get a leader who isn’t afraid to call things the way they are and point the Germans to their troubles, namely the 3rd worlders and Marxist traitors in their midst and do what they do best once angered, turn on them with a bloody vengeance. That day is here and the fun is just about to begin.

    • “Germans seem to have a particulary nasty character flaw in which they are meek as lambs while also harboring a sadistic streak”

      Funny, how well your – the Allies of the last war – anti-German propaganda still works.

      “If Frau Merkel had instead ordered her fellow Germans to shut the borders, shun the foreigners already in their midst, and cooperate in the rounding up and deportation of any foreigners and confiscationn of their property, they would have done so with equal enthusiasm.”

      No, they wouldn’t, but I’m not going to explain why not. I’d have thought that to be obvious.

  3. It’s just that Europeans are not accustomed to living under conditions of morally disfiguring factors.
    Previously, it was the prerogative of the state to clean up with an iron hand when it was required and to educate its citizens.
    But where is this state? Please respond …

  4. Maybe its got something to do with Mothers and Fathers 30 -40 odd years ago, sending their children to nurseries to be brought up. If you say goodbye to your child aged under 5 at 8 O’Clock in the morning and do not see them till 6 at night for an hour or so, don’t be surprised if their personality is moulded to be compliant. how else can a roomful of 3 years olds be controlled? That and the worship of the feminine and demonisation of the masculine…I give you today’s young person!

  5. Turks and Roma would defend themselves and Germans don’t?

    I cannot view the video, but 10 minutes on a street in any German city shows what is going on:Turkish male youths and Roma move around in squads of at least 3 and ethnic German teen males are usually alone or at most with a male or female friend.

    The latter of course provokes wild sexual jealousy and can lead to the death of the German male.

    If the Turk happens to be alone and threatened, he knows he can and does call for reinforcement of blood male relatives by cellphone. It is common for Turkish male youths to threaten a German to “get my cousin onto you” if he thinks he is not being paid adequate respect, let alone physically threatened.

    So putting all the abstractions about WW2 and re-education and feminism to one side:

    if I am outnumbered 6 to 1, my options are limited. If I relinquish my cash, I will not get knifed to death perhaps,.

    And don’t come at me with the 2nd Amendment: gun and other deaths happen often enough in CONUS on the street in spite of concealed or open carry allegedly being a deterrent.

    In addition, Kevin McDonald recently gave a speech at Scandza (Youtube) in which he mentioned the genetic basis of increasing individualism as you go north in Europe

    • You gave a practical analysis of why on an individual level the average young german male is at a disadvantage in a confrontation with the “new germans”. What intrigues me is why, when ethnic germans still outnumber the invaders, do they not adopt similar tactics or better ones to counter such threats?

      For example, why do german males not also walk around in gangs or carry weapons such as a blackjack, length of pipe, or chain? Why don’t german males also call in reinforcements when facing confrontation? If Turks and Roma have figured out to band together in their predations, why do ethnic germans not retaliate collectively as well; perhaps peacefully by not frequenting or boycotting foreign owned stores and services, or aggressively by destroying the property and storefronts of turks, or even violently by beating or killing random turks when one of their own kind is beaten or raped or killed?

      I still contend that the modern welfare state of which Germany is very far along in implementation, has created conditions which have lulled all of its members into a kind of ennui or psychological gelding which emasculated the defense response in males especially, and left them vulnerable to the depredations of invasive foreigners. Not one western european welfare state has a military that is not a joke, as the response to invasion is played out on a national scale their police forces, political, and legal systems are similarly cuckolded and powerless in the face of an onslaught by aggressive invaders, and on a local level men (well biological males really) refuse to defend themselves or avenge those who have been aggrieved by the attacks of foreign males who are not similarly infected.

      Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

      • They probably don’t have a criminal upbringing.
        If they did employ these tactics they would be punished more harshly than any non-german.

      • Thanksgiving wishes reciprocated;

        you ask, why no similar tactics?
        Brief provisional answer:

        1. even if ethnic German males currently still outnumber non-German males aged 15-25 this is not useful in a given small situation on a street, as we are not deploying armies against each other in big battles where such numbers count.

        2. if I want to build a fighting force I need to create group cohesion and trust within the fighting unit; the non-German has it by blood ties in advance, the German unit would have to be deliberately formed out of many single-child families (by whom?) and build that trust.


        This URL is a useful, albeit homoglobalist, account of HOGESA; it was very obvious in 10-2014 in Cologne that the police had received stringent orders to suppress this anti-Islam(ist) movement of young German soccer fans; the presstitute media also lied heavily about what ensued.

        This is because HOGESA in my view was the only group in Germany that, via shared love of football, could equal the group kin cohesion that e.g. West Asian male foreigners derive from their mothers’ multiple male offspring.

        If you have wondered why “German Nazis” have not been fighting or even patrolling like the Sons of Odin since 4.9.2015, I suspect that the drastic homoglobalist treatment of HOGESA may be an answer.

        Compare the current judicial sentencing policy in the USA against “Rightists” who defy the Republicrat agenda, eg Charlotteville.

        You blame the German welfare state: well, CONUS is not a welfare state, but I cannot see that even the existence of the 2nd Amendment has led or encouraged whites in the USA in the race war since 1965 (as shown by crime figures) to ever retaliate against US blacks in the organised way you are recommending for the EU welfare states.

        So “Ennui? Psychological gelding” in CONUS?

  6. I think one of the main reasons for the utter weakness of Western males is the rampant feminism that has reigned, really since my early teens in the late 60’s. It’s only gotten worse with time and a large proportion of our men have been cowed into submission and silence. “Manly virtues” are now vilified and young boys and men “encouraged” to be more like women – with predictable consequences. Funny thing is, most women secretly (and not so secretly) prefer self-assured, decisive (and wealthy) men – even outright “bad guys”. Wimps get left behind in the mating game.

    I could write so much more but it depresses me.

  7. First, one must have an identity worth defending, an identity that provides a clear unfettered sense of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. In many cases this comes under the banner of ‘nationalism’.

    When we destroy nationalism, we destroy the cohesive community, so each becomes an island, on among many, but with only a vague sense of morality. Defending oneself against cultural minorities has been deemed ‘racist’ so one must just leave a majority victim to the predators, interfearing is likely to draw heavy penulties from the overseers.

    Passing by on the other side is now the prescribed action, anything else is likely to draw the attention of the anti-Christian overseers.

    So we must keep are heads down and keep picking the cotton for our masters as we have been taught, and not “Stand fast in the liberty wherewith [Christianity] has made us free and be not entangled again in the yolk of bondage [Socialism]”

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