Don’t Hurt Me, I’m Dutch

A series of culturally enriched attacks in the city of Gorkum (also spelled Gorinchem) in the Netherlands has been prominent in Dutch news media for the last few days. Videos of the attacks were spread on social media, showing culture-enriching gang violence — six to twelve attackers — against lone Dutch youngsters. White youngsters, I hardly need to add.

The videos below highlight something that has become obvious in the last few years, but which I try not to think about because it is so depressing: the war in Western Europe is already over. The enemy has the numbers. Even if young native Dutch boys were able to summon the masculine fortitude necessary for a successful counterattack against their Muslim tormentors, they don’t have the numbers. In that age group — the 12-17 range — boys “with a migration background” are in the majority. There simply aren’t enough native Dutch youngsters to prevail in any street battles.

Even if the Dutch media were to stop lying and obfuscating and papering over what is going on; even if the Dutch people were to become fully aware of the dire plight their country is in; even if the Powers That Be were to stop importing more culture-enrichers — which is so unlikely as to be laughable — the outcome would still be pre-determined. The Dutch people have lost. The Muslims have won. Over the next decade or two we will simply see the consolidation of their victory and their gradual occupation of all the positions of political power.

Yes, I know the newcomers are totally dependent on the Dutch welfare state. But there’s no sign that the government will withdraw those benefits from the enrichers. Not until the existing system collapses — after that the situation will become chaotic and violent and unpredictable. We don’t know how it will all shake out, because it is unprecedented — nothing like this has ever happened before.

And I assume that a similar situation exists in the rest of Western Europe. We are approaching the endgame of European civilization.

Ten or twelve years ago I said repeatedly that it was not too late, that there was still a slim chance to reverse the Islamization of the West by non-violent means. But I don’t say that anymore, because it is no longer the case, at least in Western Europe. Especially since Mutti Merkel invited in those two or three million additional migrants starting in 2015 — the newcomers now have more than enough young men of fighting age to prevail. Even if native European youngsters weren’t gender non-binary snowflakes, this would still be the case.

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Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: TV news report about the attacks in Gorkum

Video #2: Another TV news report from the Dutch MSM

Video #3: What everyone is talking about

Video #4: Thierry Baudet speaks out in the Tweede Kamer

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of Forum for Democracy, a conservative EU-skeptical political party. Since it was formed three years ago it has been sucking votes away from Geert Wilder’s party (the PVV) and especially from the VVD, the major “center-right” party in the Netherlands.

Video #5: Geert Wilders’ response to the attacks in Gorkum

Video transcript #1:

00:00   But, Rob, first: On social media, videos from Gorkum are being shared.
00:06   Yes, and they’re shocking. There is a lot of discussion on social media. Indeed, these are
00:09   shocking images of young boys, a group of young boys who
00:13   assault other young boys. All of them together against one boy.
00:17   They go very far, up to kicking a 14-year-old boy in the head.
00:21   An absurd action of course, and people react with disgust.
00:24   Politicians as well. Christian Union’s Gert-Jan Segers talked about the videos at WNL.
00:29   What can you even say about this? —Well, it’s nauseating;
00:32   this is really… I saw a few clips, and it’s stomach-churning.
00:38   Facebook scrubbed the videos in the meantime, and we won’t show them either, because
00:44   police emphatically asked everybody not to spread this, because it won’t help the victims.
00:50   Meanwhile, people are speculating on social media about the background of the perpetrators.
00:55   A local spoke to De Telegraaf [newspaper] about boys
00:59   with a migration background, and several with a Dutch background.
01:02   Officially, nothing is known yet about motive or background,
01:05   but Geert Wilders is already saying on Twitter: “Fewer. Many fewer.”
01:08   Yes, in the case of Geert Wilders everybody knows what he means by that.
01:12   In parliament, all parties strongly condemned the videos, and
01:16   Thierry Baudet submitted a request for a separate debate about this issue, which was rejected.
01:20   It all happened here, in a park in Gorkum, and there were probably multiple incidents.
01:25   police say five separate complaints were filed that are possibly linked to the same group.
01:31   Several suspects have been identified, and police say they’ll be apprehended.
01:35   RTV Rijnmond spoke with locals in Gorkum. —When six, seven guys
01:39   kick a boy to a pulp, that’s just not done, that’s disproportional.
01:43   Makes no sense. —I especially worry about where our society is heading.
01:47   Unacceptable. Gorkum is a quiet town, why does this have to happen in Gorkum?
01:52   Yes, I’ve seen the footage too, Rob. It’s no picnic. Indeed, it’s very intense.
01:58   But you have to wonder why it’s filmed. Because the perpetrators, they
02:02   make it easier for police to catch them. —It’s similar to the video
02:05   from Spijkenisse, we saw kind of the same thing
02:08   earlier this year, a boy who was also assaulted by a group,
02:11   and a video was uploaded, which also showed the perpetrators,
02:14   which led to a lot of indignation, while for young people, it seems to be completely normal
02:20   that such footage is online. This became clear in [prime-time TV show] DWDD:
02:24   Suzy, were you shocked when you saw the video? —No, not really.
02:27   You weren’t either? —No, I receive such videos on a daily basis.
02:31   So I was like, oh, I won’t watch this, I’ll delete it from my phone.
02:36   It’s remarkable, Pieter-Jan, that a perpetrator puts such things online,
02:39   knowing that there are serious repercussions.
02:42   The police have now identified the perpetrators. According to
02:45   the sociologist Don Weenink, they share such videos mostly out of pride.
02:48   It’s something to show: “Look how we handled this”.
02:53   “Look, who did what, who threw the first punch.”
02:58   These things are indeed specified, online.
03:02   These so-called “head-kick” videos are not isolated incidents, I already mentioned Spijkenisse, but
03:06   this year we’ve already seen several incidents with perpetrators of different backgrounds.
03:11   The question is, does the increase of such videos mean there’s more violence among young people?
03:17   The phenomenon of violence in public spaces is decreasing, but,
03:22   possibly because our society is relatively peaceful, this causes a lot of consternation.
03:30   Well, let’s hope the perpetrators are arrested soon. —Certainly. Thank you.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Police in Gorkum are looking into a series of assaults. Yes, and these are not just
00:03   regular assaults. These are assaults by very young people.
00:06   A group of youngsters, about six, who kick one single person to the ground.
00:10   Very intense, what’s happening there.
00:13   They make videos, which makes it worse, everything is recorded.
00:18   Allegedly, there were multiple incidents. Police have one of the videos, and we’ve seen it too,
00:23   but we chose not to show it here, it’s very nasty,
00:26   and it’d only generate more attention for that group.
00:30   Unfortunately, police have not been able to arrest anybody yet, and are asking bystanders
00:34   to make a report, because there must be witnesses, and of course
00:38   they want this to be solved as soon as possible.
00:41   Yes, everybody who hears and sees this will wonder: why?
00:44   Yes. I’ve seen some of the footage, it’s nauseating.
00:48   So I hope the perpetrators are identifiable, and will be arrested, and
00:53   have to face one of those victims. What does it do to a person when six boys beat him up?
00:58   That’s so terrible, so pointless. But these little men… they’re… this is one 14. 13, 14, 15…
01:03   and that photo… that backpack is easy to identify? —[in background] that’s not a photo of the…
01:07   Oh, that’s different. OK. —That’s just a stock photo. That’s just for the…
01:10   but those boys are young in any case,
01:13   and that’s maybe the most shocking thing about it.

Video transcript #3:

00:02   Don’t kick me! Help!
00:09   Attack!
00:15   Who are you touching!?
00:22   Acting all tough huh, motherf***ing [?]Acting all tough, motherf***ing [?] dirty [?]
00:26   Acting all tough [?] punch [?]
00:32   Don’t act tough! Then we’ll cut his balls off!
00:45   Motherf***er!
00:55   [Throw him] in! [X5]
01:00   Come on! Throw him in the water, boys!
01:15   Yes, I have all the motherf***ing stupid [?]
01:20   Break your neck, boy [?]
01:35   Get him! Get him!
01:45   [Throw him] in! (x5)
01:50   Come on! Throw him in the water, boys!
02:06   Yes, I have all the motherf***ing stupid [?]
02:09   Break your neck, boy [?]

Video transcript #4:

00:00   For he last few days the Netherlands has been shocked by a series of racist incidents.
00:04   The most recent example is what happened in Gorinchem.
00:08   Yesterday a number of videos were spread that showed
00:11   a group with immigrant backgrounds targeting white youngsters.
00:15   Earlier this year the same happened in Spijkenisse. These incidents were recorded as video, so
00:20   they generated a lot of media attention. But unfortunately,
00:23   assaults by groups of immigrants, mostly Moroccans and Turks,
00:27   against natives occur so often that it can’t be dismissed as quarrels or incidents.
00:34   These targeted attacks are racially aggravated, which is unacceptable, this has to be discussed.
00:39   This is why I want a debate with the minister of Security and Justice about a policy
00:43   to deal with group assaults by immigrants against natives.
00:47   After this we’ll discuss the budget for Security and Justice.
00:50   There are a lot of questions, so I’d like to…
00:53   the debate today. So, no support for a separate debate,
00:57   because we’ll be talking about this in half an hour.
01:00   [Christian Union MP] Mr Voordewind, speaking for… speaking for…
01:03   This makes no sense. —Mr Baudet, you had your turn. Mr Baudet, no, no.
01:06   Yes, but we already had a debate about Security and Justice. So, this is the typical game
01:11   of hide-and-seek by a VVD politician who doesn’t even want to talk about who the perpetrators were,
01:16   where this violence comes from, and therefore talks about “youths”.
01:20   Mr Baudet, you are very angry. —Well,
01:24   very angry. I’m very frustrated about the way parliament is avoiding the debate.
01:30   A debate about a group assault on a white boy.
01:35   Yes, it’s not the first time this has happened. We’ve seen [it in] Spijkenisse, there are
01:38   many examples, too. I used to [?] receive many mails and phone calls,
01:42   people with [such] experiences, members who have kids in school who experience these things;
01:46   it occurs daily. And the members of the establishment, the party cartel etc.,
01:53   they don’t want to talk about this. The only thing they say is: “Let’s have a conversation about
01:58   violence in society in general.” Give me a break! That’s not what this is about!
02:02   What this is about is that large groups of youths of immigration background, Moroccans, Turks,
02:07   who take pleasure in hunting down white youths, beating them up, also other people,
02:15   such as people with a homosexual orientation, of Jewish background; those are the minorities who
02:19   are really in danger in our society nowadays. It’s getting less safe,
02:22   and people won’t face up to this. They don’t want to talk about it.
02:25   Well, everybody wants to talk about it, but not the way you requested.
02:30   And also not that urgently, and not by singling out a certain group.
02:35   OK, that’s a different way of saying the same thing. But for me that’s not what this is about.
02:41   I think this issue should be approached with a sense of urgency, and with focus.
02:45   Why? What have you seen that makes you so angry?
02:49   I see a pattern. I see a pattern in which integration fails, which leads to tribal action,
02:57   so, in a tribal federation, in which Moroccans stick with other Moroccans,
03:01   and have a deep-seated hatred of whites,
03:04   against the natives of this country, and also use violence.
03:09   Are very aggressive… and yes, that’s a big problem.
03:14   Isn’t this just an incident? —No, it’s not an incident. That’s the whole point; it’s a pattern,
03:20   it’s a… it’s a trend we see. And our inability to face facts, and generalize instead,
03:27   about “intolerance in general”, that’s what’s ruining this country.
03:33   I have to congratulate you with your five-year anniversary. —Well, thank you.
03:36   So, [our party] Forum for Democracy is very much needed.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   Our country is plagued by the terrorism of the street. Day in, day out.
00:05   Dutch people, who are humiliated, assaulted, traumatized for life
00:11   by cowardly street punks, and spineless hangers-on,
00:16   who don’t help the defenseless victims. This has to stop.
00:21   Now. Arrest these scum!
00:24   Throw them in prison! And if they have dual nationality,
00:28   then we’ll throw them out of the country, after they have served their sentence.
00:31   Together with their families.
00:34   Get out of here! They don’t belong here.
00:38   The same way the multicultural society’s racist violence
00:42   against white Dutch people doesn’t belong here.
00:45   And let the police rule the streets again. Now!
00:50   Because this is our country!

56 thoughts on “Don’t Hurt Me, I’m Dutch

  1. well, to be fair “migration background” could include everything from eastern euros to asians, is it really accurate to say polish migrants in the netherlands are a threat to the dutch?

    • Just one facet of the newspeak. Al those “Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian” thugs and drunks, who are actually Gipsies (or “Roma” if you prefer). I wait for someone to write a politically incorrect history of the Gipsies. How these guys appeared in Europe in 12-13 cent AD and over 700 or so years they didn’t assimilate or absorb anything benign from the peoples surrounding them. Such a history would be the death knoll for any “diversity” propaganda. If the Gipsies being outnumbered 100times by the locals and carrying a generally non-violent religion came to the position of “king-makers” at elections and 2-nd or 3-rd number of voters, what to expect of Pakistani, Somali, et etc etc…

    • At this point there is only one group in the world that is a real existential threat to anyone, and that is Muslims. No Italian, Russian, or Asian mafia represents a significant or lasting threat to civilization. Nor does MS13. All of these gangs and organizations could be easily wiped out if there was a will to do so.
      But Islam is surely different. It’s like a perpetual generator of evils.

      • Alright then, then let’s not put “migrant background” altogether in one heap, it’s exhausting

        • Putting them all in one heap sounds good to me. I keep thinking of that white guy w/ a briefcase on the NYC subway was being harassed by 7 or 8 ‘youths’, and when they got violent he reached into his case and pulled out a 9 mm and calmly shot 4 often and the others took off.

          Will Euro weasel-land ever man up? This could be brought to a stop in less than 2 weeks if people started really fighting back, and meaning it 100% b/c they’re fighting for their culture now.

      • Plum, You know it deep down that every single last muslim is going to have to go, and they won’t go quietly so they will be dealt with medieval methods. Once they start to fear you, they will flee, the more horrific you make it for them, the sooner we can end it.

        • Hear, hear!

          The quislings that invited them in and their enablers in the press and academia will also need to be given the boot, and the franchise severely restricted after hostilities are over in order to eliminate the possibility of low-information voters ever having control of the direction of the country again.

          • Moon, our Quislings and leftist prestitutes need to be [redacted] as an example to all of what fate awaits them when they side against their own go power and riches.

        • Whenever I read about migrant boats I think, why don’t ordinary citizens wait, then head out in their own boat and just sink it. It wouldn’t be difficult. It’s crazy to still have compunction when the law is being broken, with cops and officials getting a cut from the Euro version of ‘coyotes’.

  2. even if the Powers That Be were to stop importing more culture-enrichers — which is so unlikely as to be laughable ”

    Why Laughable? Yes, Laughable?

    It is amazing how I laughed at Holland or Europe to stop invaders before I read the word Laughable. I f I want to fathom that I have to imagine that bthe writer felt so poignantly about this issue of invasion as to describe the deepest sentiments when one feels the motive behind the actions: i.e.

    So easy to avoid disaster but so difficult to take steps and decisions. Kafka says even the easiest issues are very difficult.

    You take decisions only those that keep you or bring you to power regardless of the nation’s fate or population.

    Invaders are the deciding factor now The real rulers. The rest are figureheads. paralyzed by the stern look of invaders.

    • We are at war, time to arm up and take your block back, then your village, then your city using whatever methods ones imagination can dream up and carry them out.

      • G, significant portions of northern/western Europe are indeed at war. Fourth-generation war, but war, none-the-less. As more and more ordinary Europeans in places like France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Germany wake up to this reality, it casts in a new light the recent statements by globalists, such as President Macron of France and EU President Jean Claude Juncker, that the European Union itself must have its own independent military force, one separate from and not under NATO control.

        A development which begs the question: For what purpose would such a military force be used – to protect and defend the member nations from the Islamic marauders, or vice-versa?

        It is extremely significant that all of these nations – France, Germany and the rest – have sizeable well-equipped and well-trained military forces, yet none of them has been tasked with fighting these new enemies in the heart of Old Europe. Instead, the NATO members are kept busy chasing illusory threats from Russia which will never materialize. That fact alone is very illuminating concerning where and to whom the loyalties of their leaders lie.

        The leaders of the Visegrad Four nations of Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia, on the other hand – have broadened the rights of their citizens to own firearms and other weapons for self-defense. They have also taken steps at the national level to increase the security and safety of their alliance, nations and peoples. Imagine that – national leaders who actually lead!

        • The situation in Europe will get so bad to the point that the militaries of Europe will take power from the politicians, and the politicians know this, and that is why they constantly under fund them. As for an EU force, it is a pipe dream by these international socialists for the situation is deteriorating by the day, the people are waking up to this nighmare are going to get very angry and once the pushback begins, the military will step in on the natives side and the politicians will be put up against walls and hang from lamp posts. It is coming and sooner than anyone could have possibly imagined.
          As for firearms, the black market is booming, for the weapons bunkers of the eastern Europe and Russia are filled with WW2 and cold war weapons filled to the brim, they re now starting to trickle into western Europe. So arms won’t be a problem once those thousands of bunkers are opened.

  3. Consider this:-The hidden government of the world, those who are never elected and seek no election have decided that ‘race,’ is the cause of all war.
    Taking as their extreme example, Nazi Germany, they have conflated this one extreme example to desecrate Nationalism and to impose, (first by a process of psychological denudation- the language of Political Correctness- and it would increasingly appear, if necessary by coercive force) enforced ‘diversity’ upon the Nations of the world.
    The legal apparatus is already being used to inhibit and deter Nationalist defensive positions towards an enemy which is clearly beginning to manifest itself with impunity against our Nations.
    No nation, anywhere in the world, will be allowed to express any concept of racial integrity, without submitting to the will, psychological and coercive of the New World Order.
    The process of deracination, literally destroying the racial integrity, has already begun in earnest in Holland,France, Germany, Belgium and now the United Kingdom, and many other former nation states of the former sovereign states of Europe.
    Islam, has been chosen, as the universal ‘unifying force’ which will destroy racial uniqueness and (or as the perverted NWO order see it racial prejudice) replace it with a homogeneous one world religion, as chosen by the slave-masters who are currently socially engineering such a goal. The demographic future of Europe and the civilizational conflict that seems likely to occur sooner than one might have thought – If you were told that within twenty years Europe could find itself engaged in a civil war so bloody it made WWII look like a bun fight, you might logically consider the person that told you a candidate for the men in white coats. You would be wrong, however. Based on the demographic evidence collated for this article, such a scenario looks not merely possible, but inevitable. In 2005 European males aged 20-40 outnumbered Muslim males of a similar age by 18:1. By 2025 this ratio could drop to a mere 2:1.There is a common misconception that a significant erosion of our present 95% non-Muslim European majority could not possibly occur for many decades to come. The Muslim population, with its birth rate of 3.5 children per women effectively doubles its next generation, whilst the European birth rate of 1.5 children per woman ensures the next generation is 25% smaller than that of its parents.

    This loss of almost one third of tomorrow’s generation necessitates massive immigration in order to prop up our welfare states, the majority of which is set to come from Muslim countries. According to the Daily Telegraph, the UN predicts Europe will need to take in 2.2 million immigrants per year, through to 2050. What is happening to the Dutch is the begining of the end. I quote Sir Winston Churchill :: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    • Very good comment.
      I live in the EU, and have travelled, outside and inside.
      I think native Europeans (and others) are waking up to our manipulated situation (“Divide and Conquer”, “Problem, Reaction, ‘Solution’) but it has been a painfully slow process to observe, and many, many innocents (on all sides, if you understand me) have unfortunately paid dearly in the interim.
      Obviously, a peaceful solution where a country’s politicians listen to their native-born citizens’ concerns and act accordingly in good faith (!) is optimal, and I would argue still achievable without bloodshed in most countries, where the franchise is relatively universal and respected by their elites. (Where a politician loyally represents their national citizens’ interests first, not Corporate ‘citizens’ or supra-national bodies like the EU.) That said, patience is not infinite, and true situations trump propaganda.
      “Globalism”/C21st worldwide Serfdom, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, Agenda 2030… whom ultimately benefits from all this chaos, that is the real question.
      Of course an unreformed Islam is a civilisational threat, and needs to be dealt with, but I find it very curious that Islam has also been ‘set up’ as an mirror opposite of Christianity in its ‘end times’ belief system. Either by Holy design, or man-made design.
      I think our rulers would prefer we are all artificially crowded together so we focus on fighting each other rather than focus on them. Divide and Conquer; Problem, Reaction, Solution.
      Why has technological development arguably effectively stalled since 1945?
      Why are there still so many poor people worldwide when the world is full of abundance and natural resources?
      Is 1984 already here?
      Do we live in a ‘soft’ version of ‘The Matrix’, where while we are NOT in tanks, we are all fed a steady diet of lies and obfuscations to make us good little workers and consumers, to not question ‘our betters’ and to distract us from what’s really going on?
      How long have we been lied to?
      How far back in history does it go?

  4. When Merkel compared her 1 million asylum seekers (since grown to 3 million) she compared it to the total population of Europe which was 80 million. That was a preposterous lie of omission. Since the invaders are military age men, the true comparison is with the size of the armed forces. That is 208,000 which tells us immediately that the German army is surrounded and outnumbered by 15 to 1. The numbers fit for service are almost 30 million which looks a bit better until you realise that earlier invaders are included and ethnic Germans among them are mostly responsible family men who are at work all day.

    I don’t know what the Dutch numbers are but the same principles apply.

    • There are 5.2 million Muslims in Germany post refugee invasion give or take a few hundred thousand, argue the proportion that are fighting males, but in addition to 65 million ethnic germans (62 million “without migration background, 3 million ethnic germans repatriates) there is 3 million poles, 1.5 million Romanians, 1 million Russians, 800,000 Italians, 700,000 Greeks, 500,000 Austrians

      Argue about the willpower and age factor all you want but the numbers simply aren’t as blackpilled as people push, if all you car evaluate is taking the black pill then whatever

      • @ Michaelfox

        Re: “Argue about the willpower and age factor all you want but the numbers simply aren’t as blackpilled as people push, if all you car evaluate is taking the black pill then whatever”

        The precise numbers are not critical. Rather, what is critical is that the invaders/interlopers have attained the critical mass of numbers to pose a genuine threat to Germany and the other nations of Europe.

        Given the networked and interconnected nature of modern, high-tech societies, a committed force of only modest numbers could wreck havoc across Germany and Europe proper. Think Mumbai on steroids for something like what would occur.

        Add in the additional multiplier effect that the soldiers of Allah do not care if they perish on their missions of jihad, and it quickly becomes apparent that a rather toxic stew is coming to a boil.

    • I haven’t seen a figure of 3 million, but a fair number didn’t stop in Germany, many continued onto Scandinavia

    • To be fair, it wouldn’t be a truly German style fight without the odds stacked, Monte Cassino comes to mind

  5. Dear Baron , Dear Vlad ,

    I thank you for showing this to the world .
    I was born in Amsterdam in the sixties , we had three children of foreign descent in our class , one girl from Turkey , one boy from Surinam , and one more boy from Yugoslavia.
    Back than There wasn’t any problem when there were a few foreigners among Dutch children .
    Ever since the situation is the other way around discrimination is the reality of the day , every day .
    Keep up the good work !

  6. I wish I could say it was beyond belief.
    Europe’s only choice now is total unconditional surrender to Islam, or civil war.
    All thanks to Europe’s open-border Kalergi Quisling traitors.
    They should all be hanged.

    • Absolutely, Matt. What we have seen in Europe since 2015 is nothing less than the latest phase of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

    • Amen, mr bracken. I’d like to see those punk gangs try that here in the states. They’d be in for a big surprise.

      • They seem to get away with it just fine in Minneapolistan.

        It is an interesting question whether cuckolded american populations were responsible for invader congregation in certain regions and cities, or if their congregation drove out normal americans and left the cuckolded behind with their imported bulls.

      • @ BB

        Re: “Amen, mr bracken. I’d like to see those punk gangs try that here in the states. They’d be in for a big surprise.”

        Why do you think the ruling class – here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West – has been so desperate to disarm the free peoples who still bear arms in self-defense? Everywhere in the West, the individual right to keep/bear arms is under assault. The United States, Switzerland, Finland, the U.K. and Commonwealths, etc.

        Given the role the right to keep/bear arms has played in keeping nations like Switzerland free, prosperous and unconquered over the centuries, one would think that EU politicians would hurry to praise armed, free men and women – but that is manifestly not the case. Why not?

        The only answer which makes sense is that they – the globalists at the EU – do not want nations like Switzerland to remain unconquered, and they do not want people like the Swiss to remain free. The mandarins at the EU want Switzerland and the Swiss under their control, so that they able to hand it over to the Saracens at their leisure.

        The same dynamic as above is in play in the United States. Given her size, imposing geography and stubbornly independent people (well, some of them anyway), cracking that nut is the toughest of all, but anti-gunners and their globalist pals keep trying.

        It really is true: Tyrants always seek to disarm first those they would tyrannize, abuse and ultimately seek to exterminate.

  7. Two additional points:

    1) There is a wide Dutch-descended Diaspora in many other countries. Should the Netherlands gain a spine, they could call upon these to bolster their numbers. That said,

    2) Numbers alone do not determine victory. As scripture says: “…it is easy for the LORD to save to save either by many, or by few.” (1 Samuel 14:6)

    or 1 Maccabees 3:17-19:

    “But when they saw the army coming to meet them, they said to Judas: How shall we, being few, be able to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, and we are ready to faint with fasting today? And Judas said: It is an easy matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few: and there is no difference in the sight of the God of heaven to deliver with a great multitude, or with a small company: For the success of war is not in the multitude of the army, but strength cometh from heaven.”

    • The Jews pulled that notion that if God be with us who can be against us and found themselves at Masada. Numbers matter and if you wait too long you are lost.

      • @ Darrell Cloud

        Yes, numbers and strength matter in warfare. There is ample history to prove that point. But sometimes, it isn’t Goliath who wins, but David. Or as we redneck types like to say, “It ain’t the size of the dog, it is the size of the fight in the dog”….

        Charles the Hammer Martel and his armies were outnumbered at Tours in 732, yet triumphed to end the northward advance of the Moors into Europe. So were the Christian armies under Polish King Jan III Sobieski, who broke the Ottoman siege at Vienna in 1683, and sent the Muslim hordes into full retreat back from whence they came.

        In 1898, the Sudanese Mahdi armies of Abdullah al-Taashi outnumbered a British force commanded by General Sir Herbert Kitchener by a ratio of more than 2:1, but the soldiers of Allah were routed by the superior discipline, training and weapons of the smaller British-colonial force. “We had the Maxim and they did not”….

        It is never wise to count out the western soldier. When the stakes are the highest, he is at his best.

        • In a war, the numbers are not all that matters… superior technological weapons and strategy make the difference.

          A cultural (philosifical or spiritual) war cannot be won by numbers either.

          The only thing the muslim invaders can get by multiplying their numbers is political power by democratic means. This has been stated by themeselves so many times… they aim to become democratic majority in a country and take control. I am not implying that democracy is the problem, because true democracy is populism (demos means people) at its best. The way the citizenship is granted to muslims is the real problem.

          The real problem of citizenship is conceptual:
          – equality (started from noble to servants, then any race to others, then male to female, then gay to non gay, today we are dealing with LGBT, tomorrow animals and humans)
          – relativism in religion (there is no one real universal truth, what is truth for me can be false for muslims or others, so we have to accept any point of view as legitimate, with no authority that can say what is plain moral wrong (like polygamy, human sacrifice, the curan has the same worth as the bible in a formerly christian society) except for unquestionable and undisputable neopagan religion of human rights
          – multiculturalism (any culture will benefit each other by their sharing of same country, like enjoying going to try a different country restaurant)
          – diversity (it is a strength, both racially and culturally)

          All these lies (which are propagandated by the institutions of western countries) are the root cause of the easy citizenship implemented in western countries, which is foolishly driving toward balcanization of the west.

        • Ah yes, the Battle of Omdurman. There, the British fighting men with native forces sloshed the Fuzzy-Wuzzies with Martinis an’ it wasn’t ‘ardly fair’.

          Final tally was 58 dead to 12,000 of Allah’s warriors. Undoubtedly there was a severe shortage of virgins in Paradise for many years to come.

  8. In Britain between 1999 and 2006 reports by The Independent, the BBC and even The Guardian stated that when it came to racist violence and murder the indigenous Brits were disproportionately the victims.

    In the last 13 years these news reports have stopped. It stands to reason that with far more immigrants there is far more racist violence from them. It’s not that the racist violence against the indigenous people has stopped – it’s that the Stasi (the Police) now refuse to record such crimes against the British as racist (I know from personal experience when my family came under sustained racist violence, the police refused to even attend the scene of the crime). The police, the prosecutors, the judiciary are all politicised and run a two-tier system of justice where the replacement population are permitted and encouraged to trample on the native people.

    At least European nations have proportional representation, so in those countries political parties have arisen who will address these issues (these parties are of significant size in every European nation). Such parties exist in Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland.

    Britain is the only country in Europe where there can be no such political change. The oligarchy-disguised-as-democracy in Britain ensures that no party can ever arise which will be able to get a single representative in the 1400 seats in Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords).

    When the people of Holland have suffered enough, they will be able to vote to stop this state-sanctioned violence against them. The Brits will not even have this possibility. There’s a long list of racist murders of indigenous Brits and 99% of Brits couldn’t name a single victim off that list.

    • The reason you gave as too the police did not help you is the reason why us Americans are armed to the teeth, and no matter how much the left tries to disarm us, for the children of course, they will get the fight they should have seen coming. So my advice to you and yours is, arm up, handle those problems yourselves and forget calling the police and damn what is legal or not, you are at war, start fighting it and be absolutely ruthless about it, for Victory goes to those who are willing to win by whatever means, for Queensbury rules and so called rules of engagement are now out the bloody window.

    • No matter how many times people state these facts about the British police, I am still amazed at the COLLECTIVE nature of their cravenness. I just don’t get it. It’s one thing to have a few appeasing cowards in your midst; but an entire body of law enforcement?

      This is going to puzzle historians in the future like the old question about “ordinary Germans” and their complicity in the holocaust puzzled my generation.

      That is, if the culture of the “seventh century desert tribes” doesn’t wipe scholarship off the intellectual map.

  9. Isn’t it rich how some of the media just wring their hands and bleat like sheep. “Why is this happening?” “It makes no sense.” So terrible, so pointless.” “Why would they film themselves?” “These little men…..”

    Little men? Seriously? They pretend not to know the real reason. Even the ones who are talking about a cultural component (Morrocans) and a racial component (hatred of Whites) are still dancing around the real cause of this violence. And the real cause can be summed up in one word: ISLAM.

    Import enough Muslims into your country and this, and far worse things than this as time goes on, is what you will get. Every single time. Without exception. Over the last 1300 years Islam has proven itself time and time again without exception that it is a religion of violence and hatred. It is absolutely not compatible with any other religion. It is fundamentally opposed to Western civilization.

    I believe the media, at some level, knows this. But like the thoroughly corrupt mainstream in the US, they PRETEND not to know. They purposely throw out the red herring of ‘mental illness’ to explain away lone wolf acts of violent jihad, while carefully self-censoring to make sure they do not ever say That Which Must Not Be Said.

  10. This must be stopped, if the government fails the people then the people must rise and take back control. Assemble in large groups and make life uncomfortable for these invaders. Harassment 101…. hunt down criminals, ensure you work in shifts and keep them under 24/7 surveillance and make life a living hell….Shutdown 101… block roads, block entrances to the nazi leftist media, stop parliamentarians from entering buildings and make sure no university can operate. Control 101… ensure all businesses and or organizations that feed or fund them are boycotted with immediate affect.

    • We are way beyond that point now, you are at war, start acting like it, when you begin to [redacted], they will start fearing you. Leave signs everywhere that read, muslims out or you will be sent to the devil and 72 minions at our pleasure. Target the politicians and press who advocate for the 3rde worlders, when enough of them are a statistic, the smart ones will jump on your bandwagon and join you.

  11. Yup. Well I guess that is just their tough luck. If we in the U.S. don’t wake up, it will be ours.

  12. Sadly Baron, I have to agree with you. It’s all over for Netherlands, Germany, France, UK and the rest of Europe as we once knew it.

    I will never forget the videos I saw just a few short years ago, of the savage barbarian hordes, comprised mostly of aggressive young men, marching with impunity as invaders of Europe. It was truly horrifying and to this day I still can’t believe that the powers that be didn’t set up weaponry like the cops are using in Hong Kong, to stop the barbarians in their tracks. There is no recovering from this mistake.

    Our best hope here in the US is that we have an armed population with millions of guns in private hands. If the Communist/Left/Socialist/ DemonRats try to mess with the 2nd Amendment and do a gun grab, they will see what happens in short order.

    No way can they disarm the American citizens who know all about self protection, especially from our friendly and helpful Government officials. There will be a war in this country the likes of which have never been seen. Let us pray it never comes to that.

  13. I wish I could remain optimistic, but it is getting harder and harder to do so by each passing year. Sometimes I fear that I am writing about a dead civilization, comparable to ancient Egypt. Perhaps some parts of European civilization will survive this. But the damage done to many parts of Western Europe is already substantial.

    • I enjoy your writings, I too am not terribly optimistic. I think it will get a whole lot worse before some europeans finally wake up and realize they are men.

      If you are into sci-fi, I highly recommend the Forerunner series from Greg Bear. It describes the onslaught of an implacable enemy that slowly and methodically wears down the most technologically advanced and powerful civilization in the galaxy over millennia, and the decisions and miscalculations that allowed it to happen. Not very optimistic reading I am afraid, but it is an interesting parallel with present events.

  14. Pope Francis and the Vatican support a new world order. They promote open borders while maintaining walls around their jeweled city. Flood Europe & North America with third world migrants and use Christianity to help the poor, downtrodden masses. Meanwhile nothing changes for their comfort and wealth! Anyone holding onto Catholicism today is blind & naive! Jews & Christians were told to have no idol worship! Our millennial relatives are self-absorbed worshipping themselves and embracing the occult through white magic deceptions like Harry Potter books, movies & amusement parks. Witchcraft and the occult is gaining popularity while churches are being defiled by Muslims and replaced with mosques.

    Learn from Europe’s mistakes because America is on election behind them! You vote Democratic globalists into power in 2020 you deserve the chaos and change forced upon you by a one world government and religion called “Chrislam”.

  15. Here is the prototype for new world order worship – “Abu Dhabi’s Abrahamic Family House”. It’s really a blend of Christianity & Islam inside a synagogue. This is how Pope Francis (aka the “False Prophet”) & Imams will unite world religions. NWO police & military will destroy Jews, Christians or anyone who revolts when the globalists form a one world government! Coming to a city near you if they rise to more power in 2020 and beyond…

    • The militaries of Europe will one way or another be forced to take action against the 3rd world invaders and the governments that allowed it. The militaries have that plan for when it finally comes necessary to do so. Democracy is dead.

  16. West is invaded. When time will come, in the west we’ll have streets covered with blood and the east invaded by ottomans. This is how I would do if I was the caliph. Europe is at the end.

  17. “In that age group — the 12-17 range — boys “with a migration background” are in the majority. ”

    Source of that factoid?

    • Factoid?
      I have searched for that too, and the demographics and statistics of the Netherlands are difficult to decipher.
      Would also appreciate a source.

      I would not be surprised, considering some classes, indeed schools in some areas would be majority muslim.

      I do note their are about 650 high schools in the Netherlands, but no idea of the demographics.

      Trends like the most popular name Mohammad or variant of, are all pointing to the coming changes.
      Are there other ways to measure?

      And trends of births, conquering by the womb, and the ones here are busy.
      Not that many woman have come by the influx of immigration.
      I know there will be family reunification’s, over time, imported brides, marriages, etc..

      And of course those males will “hold the fort” a beach head in the mosques, as the adhans call.

      So better still if there are government numbers, statistics, that can be teased apart.
      Truth may be slow to get there, but it is very necessary.

  18. The Dutch are really thick ,smug ,sanctimonious and arrogant ,in the main.

    Geert Wilders and the PVV are the exception.Which is why they only have a small number of seats in the Dutch parliament and are easily outvoted and overruled and shouted down.

    Sadly the Dutch boomer population is too smug and self-satisfied to admit that they were wrong to allow first the Turks and then Muslims from Africa and the Middle East to enter .

    The younger school age population (their grandchildren) are being beaten up and sexually assaulted by migrants as a result .

    • And it will be those grandchildren who learn to hate those who have oppressed them, they will fight at some point and when they do, there won’t be any mercy on those who brought this hell upon them. Let it rain.

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