Culture-Enriching Machetes Visit a Disco

A group of asylum seekers were affronted by being denied entry to a disco in a suburb of Berlin, so they hacked up the door with machetes. They would have hacked up the bouncer, too, but he was able to get inside and lock the door.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   We’re in Trebbin. That’s about 20 minutes by train from Berlin-Südkreuz.
00:10   Here in the old House of Marksman, built in 1911, is the Disco “Kulti”.
00:17   This disco is frequented by locals from the surrounding area, but also by people from Berlin.
00:23   This past Saturday an awful incident took place here. According to the owners,
00:28   a few asylum seekers who were banned from the premises for misconduct two weeks ago
00:35   returned on Saturday with machetes. When they were told that they would not be permitted
00:41   to enter, they tried to hack a bouncer in the head. He was just able to fend the blow off
00:46   with his hand and close the door. That’s when these young men started to hack the door.
00:54   Here are the hack marks and they smashed windowpanes.
01:01   Fortunately no one was badly injured. One woman was injured by the splintering glass.
01:05   The police were called and the perpetrators fled from the crime scene.
01:09   As far as I know, despite an extensive search by the police in the vicinity and
01:13   in the surrounding area, they weren’t found.
01:17   I don’t think they wanted to be let in. Then they more or less just took their anger out
01:25   on the bouncers, because they weren’t allowed to enter the building.

9 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Machetes Visit a Disco

  1. A pity the bouncer didn’t have any effective kinetic way to respond to such scum.

    I can understand that the elite traitors that run the EU do not want anyone to harm their pets, but it seems that an enterprising firm could invent a non-lethal type of self defense implement that fires some kind of projectile that requires medical intervention to remove due to excruciating pain, maybe from barbs or capsicum, or potentially lethal infection from bacteria secreted on the projectile, that would allow the police to pick up said scum when they show up at an emergency room for treatment.

    • how truth , but seems like nobody a-specially police cares what is happening this days all over Europe , its just like a bad dream , and you want to wake up to see is over ..

    • Are you serious? firing lethal bacteria? and why do you want to overload German public hospital ER with even more immi-vaders? is it not enough that the German taxpayer has to pay both for them to be stitched or operated on, once they knife each other, and for their Indigenous victims?

      The non-lethal defence tool in Germany is the teargas pistol, manufactured there by various firms. It fires CS gas cartridges and often looks exactly like a lethal Glock or .38 Special, etc. So there are revolvers and semi-automatics. However, their range is only about 5m max. And the wind had better not be against you,and there should be no gas blowback past the revolver cylinder in your direction.

      Actually, the problem with using on on a pack of Culture Enrichers is that they are possibly more likely than a white Indigenous to assume, for good or bad, that the weapon is lethal, given their backgrounds and lack of knowledge of Germany overall.

      It is this weapon that is often misreported and misunderstood in English as “pistol” or”revolver” outside Germany, likely because of 1. the unique 2nd Amendment in the USA and 2. illegality of tear gas weapons in UK, Aust, etc., and hence lack of awareness of them.

      Capsicum spray is illegal for use on humans in Germany, but is legal as an anti-dog device.

      It requires a licence to carry a teargas weapon, the so-called Little Gun License, kleiner Waffenschein but anyone over 18 can buy one over the counter and keep it at home.

      But I have not read of any bouncer using one on pesky disco guests, I suspect for legal reasons?

      Possibly a teargas pistol firing coloured indelible dye would be useful.

  2. These are interesting times. The third world trash has no place in the white countries. They should be eradicated or exiled. The west should also totally stop all trade with China, because their insistent push for globalism over the years is what has driven western society to its current state. But hey, that just sounds like nutty conspiracy talk to many people. Never mind it! Just open those borders and grab your ankles, because here comes cultural enrichment!

    • “Eradicated”, John? Leaving aside this apparent incitement to violence being interpreted as “hate speech”, and potentially exposing GoV to censorship or worse, you’d need a plan to separate the sheep from the goats, so to speak.

      The health care system here in the UK would collapse without “third world” workers, as would social care; in the sheltered accommodation block where I live, owned by the local authority, the residents whose health and mobility are rather worse than mine, depend on visiting care workers, almost all of whom are West African women.

      • The health care system here in the UK would be thriving but for the demands placed upon it by ‘third world’ interlopers.

      • Mark H, I do admire your wishful thinking and clinging to civilizational norms but, we are now past the point of no return where those norms are concerned, deep down inside yourself, you know that what is coming is going to be brutal, medieval, very bloody, horrific and a scope and scale not seen in a millennia. When the blood begins to flow, nobody is going to care what kind of 3rd worlder they are, they will all be dealt with in a most expedient manner. We are about to get very tribal.

        • I really hope you’re wrong; any innocent people, of all ethnicities/religions, would be victims.

          • MarkH, In war, there are no innocents, only predators and prey, Victors and vanquished, it is that coldly simple. The west after WW 2 tried to civilize warfare, and it made a quagmire of blood and treasure of any foreign adventure ever since. Since The Balkans is the closest thing that we can study and learn from, I see, in my most humble opinion, the very same scenario happening to a western country near you including the US and Canada, were we will be forced to tribalism as our collective survival will depend upon it, it is in mans nature to do so since the dawn of time. Once an incident, event or political maneuver goes south, the 2 per centers will act and then another 10-15% will join the fray and whatever anyone has to say about it will be irrelevant and immaterial as force will be the coin of the realm and the most ruthless will be the leaders and orders will be carried out by whatever means necessary. Since there is nowhere to flee from this leftist madness of mass invasion by 3rd worlders, western man will be forced to act and act he will. Unfortunately, I won’t be wrong, human nature and history bare me out in this regard. I do wish you well, but arm up, things are going to get extremely nasty soon.

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