Civil War in Yvelines?

Chanteloup-les-Vignes is a culturally enriched suburb west of Paris in the department of Yvelines. Last week “youths” went on a rampage in Chanteloup, torching containers and ambushing emergency services personnel when they arrived to respond to the fires. The mischievous youngsters then set fire to a recently-completed municipal structure that was used for a children’s circus.

As will become clear in the six videos below, the incident was more than just simple vandalism. The new structure in their neighborhood was considered an intrusion into their territory by the immigrant gangs that control the drug traffic in the area. What the government saw as a gentrification of the neighborhood was viewed as an act of war by the thugs that control the place.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: An early news report on the incident in Chanteloup.

Video #2: A more detailed report about what happened.

Video #3: An excerpt from a TV talk show featuring Geoffroy Lejeune, the editor-in-chief of Valeurs actuelles, a conservative political magazine.

Video #4: A continuation of the same program, with Geoffroy Lejeune speaking.

Video #5: A further continuation, with Geoffroy Lejeune joined by Gérard Miller, a left-leaning psychoanalyst, university professor, writer, director, and columnist.

Video #6: The final excerpt from the discussion between Geoffroy Lejeune and Gérard Miller.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   It took almost two hours of intervention before the firefighters were able to
00:04   control this fire. A municipal room inaugurated
00:08   last year. Yesterday early in the evening the police were called
00:12   for trash container fires. In their opinion it was an ambush.
00:16   In only a couple of minutes this neighborhood of the Chanteloup-les-Vignes in Yvelines became
00:20   a center of intense tensions. Several dozen individuals threw rocks at a bus
00:24   without causing any injuries; then they turned towards the municipal marquee.
00:29   The main thing is to avoid having it spread, to save victims if there are any.
00:33   We don’t have any victims. But it’s also about avoiding
00:37   the possible spread of this fire.
00:41   The police also report mortars being shot at them and trash container fires.
00:45   A little further on it was the fire station that became a target. There also
00:49   with shots from mortars and fireworks, but without causing any damage.
00:53   The town’s Youth Office was also attacked late in the evening.
00:58   According to our information there were two arrests following this
01:02   violent evening.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   This morning the marquee is still smoking. The building
00:04   caught fire at the end of the latest evening of urban violence in Chanteloup-les-Vignes.
00:08   The youths reportedly first torched trash containers in several places
00:12   in town, before turning towards the marquee. The firefighters
00:16   who were attacked had to be protected by the law enforcement.
00:20   There were about thirty individuals who were hiding behind
00:24   bushes, with their faces covered, with bats, with rocks,
00:28   with mortars. So, yes, I can confirm to you that it was an ambush. Yes.
00:32   Burned down, the building was recently freshly rebuilt.
00:36   It cost €800,000, and it belonged to the association
00:41   Live Spectacle for children [children being the ones performing]. The inhabitants are dismayed.
00:45   It’s appalling, because it was something for the children of our town.
00:49   It was not for… it was for the children of our town. —We have no right to destroy the dream
00:53   of our children. —The mayor of Chanteloup reminds us that
00:57   her commune has been a center of repeated violence since last summer.
01:01   The rehabilitation of this neighborhood, and the destruction of a row of apartment buildings
01:05   allegedly bothered the drug dealers. —The violence taking place for a couple of weeks now
01:09   which targets public buildings, targets the police,
01:14   which targets the firefighters, which targets public transportation,
01:18   which targets all those who serve
01:22   this area, in fact. Two police officers were slightly injured
01:26   last night during the clashes. Two people are at this moment
01:30   in custody, including one minor.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   It’s a cultural problem, basically. Those are people who think — the famous ‘imbeciles’
00:04   of [PM] Edouard Philippe — who today consider every presence of the State or of France
00:09   on their territory to be an aggression. They consider that they have annexed territory. In a minute
00:12   we’ll discuss annexation concerning another subject. They consider that they have annexed
00:16   territory. We cannot go there anymore. Today when you discuss those subjects: delinquency,
00:19   drug trafficking, etc. with police officers in ANY part of France they will ALL explain to you
00:24   that there are neighborhoods, we know it very well, where we no longer set foot, because finally
00:28   there is a social order that is governed by those caïds [Muslim gang leaders] and that today
00:33   bothering them risks an explosion. There, what we have seen in Chanteloup-les-Vignes is
00:36   not at all the question of imbecility or a question of delinquency, and so on. It’s in fact
00:41   just the premises of a civil war. They are sending us a message: if you continue
00:45   to put your noses in our territory, that’s what we are capable of doing.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   The truth is that they were neither imbeciles, nor was it an imbecility that was committed;
00:03   it’s a system that exists everywhere in France, and so
00:08   that’s what we have to investigate today. I’m not guaranteeing … anyway…
00:12   I don’t think I have solutions to this problem. However, a problem will never be solved
00:15   without the desire to begin to face it, and to know what it’s composed of.
00:20   And in the specific case of the arson of this circus, of this criminal act,
00:24   it’s extremely simple: in fact we simply
00:29   have an example — and there are many others — of a zone on French territory
00:33   where it is NO LONGER FRANCE. And where people… you know, we often say “lawless zones”.
00:37   In reality the term is scarcely adequate in the same way. It’s not a no-law zone,
00:41   it’s a zone where there is ANOTHER law that governs the organization of life in society.
00:45   I mean those are the caïds, the [Muslim] delinquents — call them whatever you want — who today —
00:49   thanks to their drug trafficking — hold those places. And when the State or ANY institution
00:53   that represents the French Republic suddenly comes to disrupt,
00:58   to do some work [state-mandated construction, firefighting, police work, mail services and so on]
01:01   or stick their noses in there, they are being consistently attacked.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   When you say a “not-France” I’m sorry, it’s like “anti-France”.
00:03   I don’t understand what you want to say, except what I already evoked,
00:06   while in fact… —Well, I’ll tell you: those are places… … doing the exegesis of your remarks.
00:09   What is a “not-France”? Does “not-France” mean the “not-French people”? —Those are places.
00:12   —No, those are places where the HATE of France has replaced PATRIOTISM. Voilà.
00:16   This is the not-France. Those are places where today the trend is to defy France,
00:20   to defy its institutions. This is why I said that it was very much linked to
00:24   the incarnation of the State, to the uniform as well — a cop
00:27   being pelted with rocks, or to institutions a little further away,
00:30   such as the firefighters, who can no longer enter certain places today. Today there are places
00:34   where this is the norm: it’s HATRED OF FRANCE. Those are therefore places that I call
00:37   “not-France zones”. Saying this doesn’t mean insulting an entire population of several million people;
00:41   it’s simply noting the reality, Gérard.

Video transcript #6:

00:00   You are reasoning as a utopian, and I’m reasoning as a realist. I mean, I’m not telling you
00:05   that I wish the army would go to the ghettos. I’m just telling you today: this is the situation.
00:08   The police NO LONGER ENTER CERTAIN NEIGHBORHOODS. Voilà. From the moment we made
00:11   this determination, which is an objective determination, shared by all the experts on the matter,
00:16   you say: either — you say like the utopist you are — we will send the police,
00:20   because after all there is work to do and so on; and so you will have problems because
00:24   today the police are less strong in those neighborhoods than the delinquents, or you reason
00:28   like me, saying: we have no other solution. And I don’t wish for that. I don’t wish for a civil war,
00:32   contrary to what you think. I, I… I prefer to live in a country at peace.
00:37   So I’m telling you I don’t know. I have no idea. I simply think that there is no other solution
00:41   in the end. Do we have to do it? I don’t know. I’m just explaining to you that today
00:45   the police no longer have any means to fight against that. They lost this part.
00:49   It hurts me a lot, but it’s the reality, unfortunately.

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  1. They tell us, but our leaders think they know better.

    “We are at war” – London 7/7 bomber: also Lee Rigby’s killer
    “Britain has always been Dar al Harb [the Realm of War]” – Anjem Choudary
    “We are coming… to regain our land and purify it … of the unbelievers” – Fouad Belkacem, Sharia4Belgium
    “Where is your weapon? Where is your weapon? Come to the Jihad!” – Omar Bakri

  2. Do you know why Vlad the impaler impaled the muslims on the stick?
    Because there was no other way

    • Some people like to impale butterflies or rare beetles. Others like to skewer kebabs or marshmallows. Vlad the Impaler enjoyed skewering cockroaches. Everyone needs a hobby…

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