Bring Out Your Dead!

Here’s another curious case of African customs in Germany, this time in Hamburg. Maybe this is simply how they dispose of dead people in Africa.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the Hamburger Morgenpost:

Bizarre case in Hamburg — Who dragged the dead woman onto the street ?

BRAMFELD, Hamburg — This case is absolutely bizarre: A woman is carried out of an apartment building in Hamburg. She is dead. A neighbour accidentally sees the scene in the residential area near Scheidingweg, and informs the police. The first suspicion: the woman may have been killed. But then the investigation takes a bizarre turn. In the end many question marks remain.

A neighbour in Bramfeld saw from his balcony how a lifeless person was simply laid on the street. The next day he says to the MorgenPost: “At first I thought it was just garbage. But then he tugged at it like that. And then I saw the arm!”

The man searched for his cell phone and immediately called 911. Since a homicide had to be assumed at first, the police went out with a large contingent.

Forensic medicine in Hamburg must clarify how the woman died. The deceased is a 50-year-old woman from Ghana. However, it cannot be assumed that she was killed. “There is every reason to believe that she died of an illness,” a police spokesman said. Forensic medicine will clarify the cause of death. A autopsy was ordered.

The fact that the woman had been suffering from an illness for a long time was also confirmed by residents of the building from which the woman’s body was carried.

Hamburg: Corpse found — police search flats

The police officers, together with colleagues from the fire brigade and the State Criminal Police Office, were active throughout the night. In addition to questioning local residents, some apartments were also searched.

The investigation led the police to a neighboring apartment where the woman probably lived before her death. A 37-year-old man from the apartment and a 55-year-old man whom the police had previously met on the sidewalk next to the body were temporarily arrested.

Hamburg: Why didn’t the men call the police?

However, suspicions were not confirmed. The 55-year-old was released; the 37-year-old, who is a Nigerian citizen, remains in custody for the time being — there is suspicion of illegal residency. Was the 37-year-old perhaps worried that he might be deported if he reported the death of his alleged roommate? Did he therefore carry her out into the streets in the hope that he would not be associated with her death?

“The time, place and cause of the death are still unclear,” the police said the following morning. “The autopsy of the body has not yet been completed. The investigations by the competent state criminal investigation office are continuing.”

Hamburg Police: Relations between the parties are still unclear. Should a natural cause of death also be confirmed by forensic medicine, there will be no prosecution of the men, said a police spokesman for the agency AFP. Their behavior is “morally doubtful”, but not punishable. The relationship between men and women still had to be examined. It is therefore at most an administrative offence.

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  1. Germany slowly becoming 3th.. world country!!, Government ( Merkel) responsible for this hell hole , disgusting beyond..

  2. Let a native german drag a dead woman out into the street and leave her there and see what offence the police charge him with. I am certain it wouldn’t be just an administrative offence.

  3. This type of action is common in the Third World. I have seen bodies dumped in giant trash cans and wheeled refuse receptacles. Get used to it. It will not change any time soon. Blame the Left and its crazy fixations with trying to create a false surreality.

    The latest idea from “Extinction Rebellion” after hearing that the orbiting Moon causes high tides is that we should blow it out of orbit with a massive nuclear missile attack.

    We really are in the “Age of Erehwon”…..

    Along with killing forests of trees and plant life but also exterminating cows and forbidding meat eating or production, this latest “idea” is well up front in the lunacy table. People take this stuff seriously.

    I have already been offered bugs to eat…..

    No doubt sooner rather than later a Nutty “Fringe” group will ban that too!
    Oh yes they already have.

    A Diabetic pal of mine died recently after being bullied by a Vegan nut to stop eating meat. I only found out afterwards.

    These “activists” are the real planetary threat. I watched a load of them block the London Tube by climbing on the roofs…..

  4. They put her out on a non-recycle day and not properly package so the German authorities in charge of garbage pick up issue them a ticket .”Their behavior is” morally doubtful”? but not punishable”??Yes yes throw out our dead relatives and friends to the curb for the local garbage men to collect them ! In what country in the first world or even the developing country is this normal legal behavior ?Merkel will soon issue special garbage bins mark to be put out on recycling days to new refugees so they put their dead love ones to be recycle into mulch for public gardens and parks. WE in the west must think green and not offend these new comers with their strange wonderful cultural enrichment they bring to our lives.

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