Bombs for a Jewish Family in Hippolytushoef

The incident discussed in the video below took place in Hippolytushoef, a small town in the province of North-Holland in the Netherlands. A Jewish family has been harassed at that location for twenty years, but the two latest bombs or fireworks — one detonated in the letter-box, the other under a windowsill — seem to signal an escalation.

It’s important to note that there is no evidence that cultural enrichment played a role in the crime. The perpetrators could be native Dutch Jew-haters; there’s no way to tell.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Two articles about the incident (in Dutch):

Video transcript:

00:13   Good day. —Good afternoon, Dennis Schouten.
00:17   It’s my understanding you’ve lived a life of misery for the last 20 years.
00:20   You get cussed out, your windows are bombed. —Yes, that’s correct, unfortunately.
00:25   These aren’t isolated incidents anymore; this is a case where we say there’s a pattern.
00:32   So… it varies. It also involves children being bullied, and being told they should’ve been gassed,
00:42   and they’re called “f***ing Jew” and remarks like that.
00:46   I cleaned up part of it, I can’t have glass lying everywhere,
00:52   but you can see here the whole windowsill was blown out. —How was this done?
00:58   Well, where we were standing just now, a small bomb was placed,
01:03   in the letterbox, between the two flaps. That was around 2:30 AM.
01:07   Well, you hear the blast, you’re called downstairs.
01:10   My little boy yelled, “Daddy, another blast!” I thought, well, that happens all the time.
01:14   That’s the new normal. —You’re so used to it?
01:17   Yes, very much so. So. I go downstairs, and I’m on the other side of that window.
01:24   and BANG! This was the whole… look, what’s this called. This is completely busted.
01:31   So they were waiting until you were downstairs,
01:34   and the moment you were downstairs, the bomb went off here?
01:37   The bomb went of here, while I was on the other side, where we were standing just now.
01:41   And… that seems intentional, this almost military precision.
01:46   But… there may be an intent to vandalize, but I think there was an intent to really harm you.
01:52   I regard it as an attempt, in the sense of attempted murder. I’d go that far, yes.
01:59   The police agree? —No. The police have a different view. They filed it as vandalism.
02:05   How long has this misery been going on? —It’s been like this for 20 years.
02:09   It started with, let’s say, Jewish carnival, in April 2000. That’s when it started.
02:15   But… we have Christians living all over the country, Jews, Muslims;
02:19   why is it such a big problem your family is Jewish?
02:23   I can only guess. I think there are people who think “this is different”, and don’t like that.
02:29   Part of the community feels this is not acceptable.
02:32   We are different; I wear a kippah under this hat.
02:36   I wear a hat over it so as not to offend too much.
02:41   Flowers, but no window. —Yes, but flowers from the people who support you.
02:46   It looks like a flower shop. —Yes, those are… there are more in the living room, but yes it is.
02:52   And I have one child who was rammed off his bike; they honked their horn before [they hit it]
02:58   and afterwards it was a hit-and-run situation. Yes, of course
03:03   you can’t prove it’s such an [anti-Semitic] act,
03:07   but… you start to experience it like that.
03:10   He’s now disabled. —Because of that [incident]?
03:13   Yes. —So you want to flee, you want to sell the house,
03:16   but there are no buyers because everybody knows what’s going on here?
03:20   That’s what I suspect. I suspect it has to do with that.
03:23   I find the reason so implausible. Harassing people for 20 years because they’re of the Jewish faith.
03:28   Yes. —It’s not as if you’re trying to convert people, you’re not harassing anybody.
03:32   No. On the contrary, I’m not allowed to, so I certainly won’t do that.
03:36   Your faith does not allow it? —No. —But do you have an idea why they’re after you?
03:40   Well, the only thing I can think of, when my children are told “we forgot to gas you”.
03:46   and names such as “whore Jewess” are added, and things like that,
03:51   then I can’t say this isn’t anti-Semitism.
03:55   I just can’t manage that anymore.

2 thoughts on “Bombs for a Jewish Family in Hippolytushoef

  1. So, at the 3.13 mark of the video we get:

    (reporter): Yes. —So you want to flee, you want to sell the house, but there are no buyers because everybody knows what’s going on here?
    (response: That’s what I suspect. I suspect it has to do with that.

    I’d say that this exchange rules out the native Dutch, although the abusive quote: “we forgot to gas you…” suggests that the “we” could refer to the dreaded “Nazis”, except the lack of action by the authorities completely rules that out.

    The lies of omission in this video speak volumes.

    It doesn’t matter. My morale and sense of optimism disappeared years ago. I’ve given up.

    Now, I long for the military overthrow of every elective dictatorship and elective oligarchy currently in power.

    • I like your logic. If home-grown Nazis or nationalists had been involved the problem would have been solved long ago.

      But, are there concrete inferences that can be made in spite of the obvious news blackout.

      Why are the police so lethargic or ineffective concerning the ongoing harassment? Because the police have been beaten down by identity politics and infiltration by hostile foreigners that they literally will do nothing in the face of real crime. This is a direct result of massive immigration; the harassment need not be tracked directly to immigrants or Pakistanis. The degradation of police services can undoubtedly be so tracked.

      My own view is that a lot of things lead back to some critical decision, not always obvious, in the past. In the case of Holland, it may be the decision to institute effective socialism, giving people an incentive to rely on the government rather than indigenous clubs and organizations. So, once you have an isolated group, like this family, they have nobody to step up for them.

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