What Went Wrong in the Local Elections in Hungary?

Last Sunday the leftist opposition made major gains in local mayoral elections in Hungary (see this Reuters article for more). Our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare sends the following analysis of the results.

What Went Wrong in the Local Elections in Hungary?

by CrossWare

There was an election of city council mayors in Hungary on October 13.

As a result, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party lost control of the capital city Budapest as well as seven other major cities, more than half of the major cities in the country. The opposition — which was a loose alliance of neo-Marxists, old-Marxists, socialists, neo-Nazis and other criminals — won significant bases in the country.

How could such a thing happen, when conservatives all over the world admire Viktor Orbán’s thoughts and principles and look to Hungary as some kind of Christian conservative paradise?

The answer is not easy, because we have to face facts: Viktor Orbán, while a larger-than-life politician, is still human. Also, we have to acknowledge that his party Fidesz is not filled with a lot of other Orbáns.

The problem is that the present governing party does nothing about the Communists presently residing in various strategic places, despite the fact that Fidesz declares itself to be a fierce anti-Communist party.

The scandal first started a couple of years ago, when Fidesz attempted to retire the old and 100% Communist judges from the Hungarian legal system. The EU blocked the decision, and now everybody understands why they saved their dear comrades. The Fidesz government backed off and the Commies remained in the system, and even started to organize their own resupply of candidates.

Despite its election promises, the Fidesz-led government never reorganized the education system, so now higher education just as full of Marxists as in any Western country. Conservative students report that their teachers spend their teaching hours bashing Orbán and “his fascist regime”. Nobody gets punished for this, despite the fact that we have a law forbidding educators from expressing political opinions in their workplace. The teachers remain in place, and the government just stands there doing nothing to resolve the problem.

Hungarian cultural institutions — theater, film and media — heavily rely on government support, and despite the huge amount of money that lands in their accounts, more than 80% are heavily left-leaning Orbán haters. Right-wing authors and actors are shunned, ostracized. Left-wing neo-Marxists call Orbán a scumbag, while receiving awards afterwards awards from the government. Most Fidesz supporters, myself included, just look at all of this blankly; we do not understand… We gave this government a two-thirds super majority to take care of the parasitic remnants of the last thirty years, within the rule of law, of course. But instead we see the opposite: the government happily supports forces bent on overturning the present system and handing over full power to the Globalists. What is causing this? Why this is happening?

One thing I can say is that the problem lies with Orbán himself. On multiple occasions he has affirmed that he and Fidesz openly and fairly stand forth with an “open visor” like a knight ready for a fair fight. That is a faux romantic self-indulgence, a kind of virtue-signalling — painting oneself as hero, a white knight, who only fights fairly and openly… a misplaced moral superiority, doomed to failure. Just like the light cavalry failed against the machine guns in the First World War, because life is not fair and the enemy (especially the Communists) never play fair.

What other problems are at work here? Fidesz has become overly comfortable with their third consecutive two-thirds victory, and they forgot this is not because of their genius strategy, but rather a reaction to the nightmarish governance of the Communist-Liberal government between 2002 and 2010. That Globalist government completely plundered the country during the period of their rule, and the older people still remember vividly. However, those people are aging, while the younger generation is influenced only by their Marxist teachers in school, and Fidesz is having trouble connecting with the younger generation.

The present leadership of Fidesz is mostly made up of the people who established Fidesz, the classmates of Orbán from his university years. That is not a good enough qualification for being a lieutenant of Orbán, and it shows. There are the incompetent old and fat ones who blew the present election campaign, the rich “resourceful” ones who, using their influence unlawfully, alienated many potential voters. Most of them live in Budapest and are far removed from what is happening in the countryside. So Fidesz created its own little swamp, in which party sub-leaders are comfortably wallowing, while Orbán and some of the others are working themselves to death, trying to save the country from the EU.

The reality is that Fidesz is slowly losing ground. This process began and was visible during the EU election a couple of months ago, where the campaign was almost non-existent, and out of 21 possible seats Fidesz won only 13. (The expectation even from the opposition was at least 16 seat for Fidesz and the rest for them!) Now eight guaranteed Soros-soldier traitors are voting against Fidesz in the EU. They have already successfully blocked candidates from being elected to important EU positions. Now with this latest election, the loss is even greater. Most large cities and Budapest itself landed in the hands of the enemy, which will provide them with support and economic sustenance until the 2022 general elections. The opposition has already announced that they will attempt a solution similar to that of their USA Democrat counterparts, with the sanctuary cities, defying the government and accepting migrants from the EU directly.

Oh, and another little fact: in Budapest almost 90,000 foreigners voted (according to EU rules, foreign citizens living in another country can vote in local elections). Based on unofficial records, significant portions of them were Jews who moved here from France and other places, where Muslims were tossing them out of windows and murdering them in cold blood. Now they are here and safe and they voted for the LEFT, who want to create in Hungary the very same multicultural hellholes they escaped from.

This prompts another recognition, at least for me: we should never accept the fleeing whites from Western European countries, because with few exceptions they will vote to establish the very thing they escaped from. The same process can be seen in Texas (Austin and other major cities).

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  1. Oh, and another little fact: in Budapest almost 90,000 foreigners voted (according to EU rules, foreign citizens living in another country can vote in local elections). Based on unofficial records, significant portions of them were Jews who moved here from France and other places, where Muslims were tossing them out of windows and murdering them in cold blood. Now they are here and safe and they voted for the LEFT, who want to create in Hungary the very same multicultural hellholes they escaped from.

    ^^^Important. All the Jewish People I have ever worked with in America and Abroad were communists. I know this is hard to believe, But Israel itself was founded as a communist state. Only Europeans and Americans are brainwashed into believing they are religious crusaders saving the Levant from Islam. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I am so disappointed in America, and Europe, that I am considering moving to Brazil to fight communists and start a new life. The Brazilian Women don’t chop their babies into pieces and sell their body parts. They are catholics and they respect themselves and the creation of life. Unlike EVERY girlfriend I ever had in the US.

    At least Brazilians shoot heroin dealers and gang members on sight. In America and Europe we make them famous and willingly feed them our women.

    • I agree overal, but you should read more about Brazil if you think you’re going to be any better off over there. The troubles might differ, but it’s hard to say which is worse. And frankly, if you looked for a catholic girl in rural America, she would hardly support abortion either.

      • Troubles differ, indeed.
        As a Brazilian (a 73 years old one) I must say things are not so very different here. Yes, we elected some people who indeed oppose (thank God!) our former left wing PT (“Partido dos Trabalhadores” – (Workers’ Party) – which should be more properly named Party of the thieves). May they never return to power! But our midia is almost 100% left leaning, and fights continuously against our president. I am not a great admirer of Mr. Bolsonaro, but other options were (still are) worse. Please remember the fight against Evil (Left and Islam are two of its faces, in the present world) is truly global; no one and no nation is spared!
        God help us all, wherever we live!

    • So Hungary is no longer an option for those of us who consider escaping from the inevitable collapse of Western Europe. Maybe Brasil is not so bad after all. Something to think about.

      • I really hate to break this to you and yours, but there is nowhere to run to any longer, that avenue is gone for good, so prepare yourself and yours for the coming troubles, for make no mistake, it is coming, so arm yourself and steel your spine for what is to come.

        • There are parts of the US that are not too far gone.

          I leave the details of their discovery to the interested student.

    • I understand what you say, and this way of talking is not the first time I have heard of. But consider this, if everybody think just to escape and flee his own country, who is left to fight for the fatherland ? There is no salvation on the earth, so even if Brazil could be somewhat better (I personally have no idea, because I have never lived there, but I think there are some problems also there), in the end the only paradise could be in the afterlife; life is probably not easy in any place on the world. But we need to stay and continue to fight where we are. Also I think finding a small local community for survival in the proximity, could be better than moving far in the unknown.

      • My country has abandoned all common sense. Our women are taught to hate us, and not take men seriously, or even be nice to us. Illegals wander around on drugs; stealing and raping everything in sight. Worse still, my government finances transgendered story time, and I am taught that Islam is the religion of peace in my college and that communism is a viable economic system.

        Everything about America sucks. But in Brazil, My American Dollar would go farther than it would here. I get disability for the rest of my life. I would live like a king in Latin America.

        In America I am treated like a leper with no home and no friends.

        Also, The women in my country are so overweight, I am not even attracted to them. They are rude, unattractive, and aggressively anti-western. And they listen to rap music(Trash)

        So what exactly would I be preserving if I fight for my own country?

        No-one can even remember what this country stood for any more.

        I don’t have any motivation to die for something that hates me.

        • Johnny-

          I hear you brother.

          I make a good living in the defense industry. It is extremely difficult to stay motivated when you are keenly aware that you are supporting a government that hates people like you and me and wants us both dead.

    • Secular Jews tend to be very left-leaning, indeed.

      Religious ones, not so much! Sephardic ones, also not so much.

      Russian Jews are a quirky bunch: while they tend to be secular, they also tend to be right leaning.

      Israeli Jews are more right-leaning that the ones in Western countries.

      Many French Jews are also right-leaning.

      North American Jews who are non-Russian secular (myself excepted!) tend to be disgustingly left-wing. Probably not significantly more so than other secular urban populations, but being concentrated in urban areas really does make the situation appear particularily bad.


      I agree that the first thing many leftists do upon having fled their creation is… TO VOTE FOR LEFTISTS in their current residence.

      This trend can be seen with the members/victims (often one and the same people!) of other destructive ideologies, such as Islam.

      To vote for what you fled is insane pure and simple. But shockingly common.

      • Leftoids seem to believe that if you can only just Elect-The-Right-People, paradise will come. (New Soviet Man, etc.)

        Right-leaning people tend to believe that if the proper laws-and-policies are enacted and applied equally to all, MOST people will obey those laws and MOST of society will function well-enough to get by.

        But “well-enough-to-get-by” doesn’t sell well. It doesn’t “inspire” like Utopia does.

  2. I commented the same on some other post a while ago: Hungarians might be welcoming Americans, French or Germans now, because they keep small communities around former tourist hotspots alive and bring their cash with them, but they also bring their mentality with them and eventually it’s going to change Hungary just as much as an islamic invasion would. That is “beyond recognition”. The fact that those people then vote the “wrong” parties in is just another effect of that migration. The good thing is: most of those people are pensioners who won’t be having any more children anyway and the few young families most likely won’t go beyond two children.

  3. exactly right….leftist whites are a bane for Western civilization…
    they’re the knes giving over their countries, resources, natives to be plundered by third world invaders…

    leftists whites are the same people intermarrying with vagabonds from third world.

    leftist whites are the same people who sell their souls to go and work for Gulf countries, selling intelligence, information all for filthy lucre.

    they are the reason why western countries are fast becoming hellholes…

    they’re the traitors, whi nationalists need to know how to deal with them…first!

    • Uh, most Gulf expats are pretty conservative.

      The leftist junk tends to congregate in the diplomatic corps, which is one of the main institutions of the Leftist deep state.

  4. Anti-Semitic [material I deperecate] blaming the Jews for communist problems in Hungary at this time. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has elected officials running it and is not a hell hole it is not communist. How many Jews including “people only visiting Hungary ” are there in Hungary today ? The Pope who I last check runs the Catholic church is from South America he has more communist leaning ideas then any previous Pope in history.

    • You know nothing about Israel. You only know propaganda and lies.

      Israel and Palestine are running a game on us.

      Israeli’s don’t like America. All they do is mock us. And treat us like garbage.

      Palestine doesn’t even exist, and yet, I am lectured on how its MY FAULT at my college.

      Everything in our society is a lie. Which is why we cannot fight back.

      4th Generation Warfare Propaganda requires AT LEAST a 120 IQ to understand. Let alone resist; and fight by any means.

      Its over. For the west. They poisoned our food and water, and lied to us 24/7. We lost.

  5. It boggles the mind [almost] the number of parallels to current occurrences in the former USA – seeded to a large extent by what was allowed to happen beforehand.

    – genuflecting to an external authority that does not have your best interests.
    – tolerance of the decay in educational institutions since perhaps the ’30’s but certainly post- WWII.
    – failure of the current administration (yes you, Trump!) to suffficiently clean house, to wit: “All appointees from the previous administration will submit your tentative resignations to be effective 20 January 2017.”
    – bringing in “fat cats” who don’t have your back into the fold because they have expertise working within “the system” [which they helped create].
    – Underestimating the ruthlessness with which one must address opposing forces, because “civility” and “fair play” and “transparency”.
    – Condescending to those whose extremely narrow personal interest still has them voting for the very enemies who would ultimately enslave or destroy them.

    And it goes on & on.

  6. What is happening in Hungary is frightening. Hungary is the country I was considering escaping to when my country of birth (France) would finally be overrun by Muslim invaders.

    We are almost there and I was thinking these days of getting my bags ready. Where to go now?…

    This article is interesting, but it misses a reason for the voters turning away from the great Victor Orban ( my hero!)

    To understand the reason for the voters turning away, you have to remember what people like Antonio Gramci in Italy, Saul Alinsky — two marxists-and Steve Breitbart ( a true genius)in the US explained: thatwars are not really won on the battlefield but in schools ( I simplify).
    To say it another way: The Pen ( or the microphone or the TV screen) is Mightier Than The Sword.

    The battle is won in the minds first. If you control the educational system and also the medias of a country, just be patient and this country will be yours. Who controls the information controls the world!.

    Marxists know that. Soros and Globalists know that. I read somewhere a while ago that a billionnaire( I forgot his name) was going around Estern European countries — the Visegrad ones — and buying up all the local TV stations. He has lots of money ‘ Soros money?) and is quite successful. Wait a bit and these countries will soon vote for the Left. The Visegrad 4 will be no more.

    In France it’s over. Marxists run all the universities and globalists own all the medias.

    In Hungary, with commies running the universities, it’s probably too late already. Patriots all over the West should understand that the battle for the minds is vital. They muststart their efforts there.

    To succeed, patriots everywhere have to wrest control of the media and of education from leftists. Otherwise we are lost.

    • We can win if the power goes out and we fight really, really hard.

      I cannot even leave my house without being on a camera linked to the internet. If I walk or drive down my street, I am on camera 12 times at least.

      We cannot fight back living in a prison.

      We will be hunted down and executed for resisting.

      People do not sacrifice themselves for no gains.

      The selfless hero is a Hollywood myth.

      A made up fantasy. Pure and Simple.

      I have lots of friends who want to fight back. But they have families and jobs. We just cannot do it.

      Meanwhile, Mohammed and his friends GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT.

  7. This is disturbing, but please don’t despair. We must see this as a cautionary tale about complacency, and what can we learn from it.
    – It is not enough to convince people to vote conservative. They need to be thoroughly red pilled.
    – Do not rely on governments, even right wing ones. Just because a right wing government is in power doesn’t mean the war is won. Keep fighting!
    – Assume personal responsibility for the education of your children and grand children. As a person I was once knew said to his son “Your teacher’s job is to teach you things. My job is to educate you.”
    – Above all, never give up!

    As for moving to Hungary or Brazil. Running away is not the answer. Eventually there will be nowhere left to run to.

  8. Johnny Paratrooper…I’m guessing you may have served a tour or two in the U.S. Army and you’re a male under 40 years old? My hunch is based solely on your name & GoV blog comments.

    Living on the West Coast as a retired veteran, I understand & agree with many of your sentiments. I too thought the Visegrad 4 countries were promising for patriots & nationalists who need to relocate soon. Now Hungary could be turning more left & “progressive”. Heartbreaking!

    Something I learnt years ago is this important fact: Law enforcement & military leaders fear the lone sniper or lone wolf more than they care to admit. Anytime a person does something extraordinarily good or evil, his/her chance of getting caught, rewarded, or punished will double if one other person knows about it!

    The infamous Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski lived alone in a homemade cabin and told nobody of his letter bombing antics. He lived completely off the grid with zero tracking devices around him (phones, vehicles, computers, etc). It took law enforcement several years to locate & arrest him. Yes, it will be more difficult to live entirely off the grid in coming years and not be visually detected by cameras everywhere. Even in the countryside! Conspiracy theorists make a good argument today that individual arsonists & globalist elites (using laser, microwave technology) are setting fires everywhere to drive people out of rural areas into pack & stack housing. This land grabbing is a planned, devious way to save the planet from global warming. The United Nations call it “sustainable development” with roundabouts installed everywhere to slow down vehicular traffic even in third world countries. This will allow governments to usher in 5G surveillance with driverless vehicles. Fire insurance is now increasing in rural areas along with fuel prices & property taxes while housing prices are decreasing and impacting potential buyers! “Voting with your feet” may give you a few peaceful years in Brazil. Learn some Portuguese to better assimilate there with the locals. I choose to remain in a small, rural community where I personally know my neighbors regardless of the rising costs. I will even sell & downsize to stay here in my older years. There may be one, last fight in me if progressives try to confiscate my guns and/or Islam rears it’s ugly head in my neighborhood. But I won’t tell anyone if I do fight back to increase my chances of a successful outcome or victory.

    • @ CL North

      I like your comment. It’s good to discover via sites like Gates of Vienna ( one of my favorites ) that people like you still exist in the world…

      As for the Unabomber I think he was caught not by some sleuthing by the police, but because one of his relatives turned him in.

      For myself, I have finally decided not to run away but to stay and see what’s happening when TSHTF as you Yankees say.

  9. This is an outstanding summary of the aspects that have contributed to the defeat at last Sunday’s local elections here in Hungary and especially in Budapest.
    Hatred against Orban and envy have certainly played a significant role besides all other factors mentioned in this analysis.
    Maybe, it would be worthwhile taking a look at why exactly teachers – and not only in higher education – are predominantly leftist? An important reason behind this is the failed reform of the education with the establishment of the so called ’Tankerület’s i.e. centralized operating bodies of the local elementary and secondary schools, – which have been entrusted to this body from the very local municipalities – stufed with incompetent managers and underpaid assistants and lacking the financial means to stand up for the role passed onto them from competent and caring local municipalities. Also, the extremely low pay for ordinary teachers (as low as 600 euros net per month after 38 yrs of teaching and even less for young teachers starting their carreers) and the mistaken way the government wanted to resolve this issue by introducing the so called ’Életpályamodell’, Life long carreer model instead of just bringing up the pay to a level sufficient to live on.
    Fidesz has unfortunately, no allies left on the right. With the incorporation of KDNP, the Christian Democratic Party as a long standing ally, this latter has lost momentum. There is hardly any distinction between the policies of these two allies allowing for no space for voters to distinct. For those, who oppose to abortion, the acknowledgement of the cohabitation of non-married couples, LMBTQ march on the streets of Budapest, corruption etc. there’s basically no platform to express their views and no party to represent their values. The governing party has always insisted that any further mid-right or right wing parties would only take votes from them, despite the fact that there is still a 40 percent of voters who could be mobilized was there any other option on the right than Fidesz.
    Finally, widepsread corruption has taken a significant amount if votes from the ruling party, too. It is time to acknowledge and address these issues. (Many people of good will have voted for Momentum, one of the newly established leftist parties who promise they will end corruption).

    We are facing tough years, I’m afraid.

  10. The battle was lost when the modern media penetrated out world and made manipulation so effective and simple. Now my grandkids are bombarded by propaganda of any sort and if I try to save them, the state will sue me and give them to foster drag queens. I have some experience living in Communism and I swear the modern propaganda is 100time worse. Communists wanted the power, but they didn’t want destruction of nations, families (except for some period in their beginnings) and now the aim is destruction of man himself. After bursting state, nation, society, family into atoms, the guys are now after our very souls, destroying even the most basic truths: am I a man, or a woman? Am I a human, or a monkey with a faster processor in my head? Is it good or bad to kill a baby (because it is “unborn”?) Should I love my neighbour first, or should I hate him because he doesn’t care enough for the frog species on some island 5000 miles away? Is it the same to have a granddad who discovered a medicine or one who was a cannibal? We are finished. And there is no surprise in this. Thesalonians 2:2, 2 Peter 3:10…

    • What you write about is the Marxism 2.0, the Critical Theory by the Frankfurt school. When the expected worldwide Communist revolution not happened these Communists devised a new plan. They acknowledged that western civilization is too good for even the worker class to ever mount a revolt. To achieve this goal, first they have to destroy that civilization and not longer build on the classic worker-capitalist struggle. They infiltrated the western civilization, education, media and now you can see the result…

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